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Ace of Clubs Golf Co.

Official Post: Ace of Clubs Golf Co. Handmade Putter Grip Process Revealed

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In this post, we wanted to give everyone an inside look into our handmade putter grip process. From start to finish it takes our professionally trained staff about 20-25 minutes to fully assemble each putter grip. 


1. First, we begin by selecting which size grip underlist we are going to need for theorder. For this project we have chosen a midsize grip underlist.

ACE's underlists-1.jpg

2. Next, we select the leather pattern and color that we are going to use to make our grip. For this project we have selected a Brown Alligator leather.


3. We then cut our selected leather into the appropriate midsize pattern and punch holes along the edges to prepare for the hand stitching.


4. Next, we use a mild adhesive to secure the leather section into the proper position for the hand stitching process.


5. We then proceed to lace the leather piece together by hand using a brown stitch that matches the leather color.


6. Now that we have the hand stitching in place, we are ready to clean up the leather edges and any extra stitch by tucking the excess leather under the grip caps and trimming off any excess stitching.


7. At last, the grip is complete. It is then packaged and shipped out to the customer.



The Ace of Clubs Golf Co., the exotic look without the exotic price.



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