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    • By Will_the_thrill
      Been a good golf year and I’m getting pumped for next year.  For now it’s clean the clubs and practice putting in the garage.
      Curious to see if anyone plays or has opinions about my clubs.
      Driver-Ping G410LST 9* ping tour 65 x-stiff
      3 wood-Titleist ts3 15* hzrdus smoke 70 stiff
      5 wood- Ping g410 17.5* accra tz5 55 m4
      3 iron - tm gapr lo 19* Tensei ck 90hy stiff
      4-p Callaway apex MB dynamic gold tour issue x100
      56* 60* Taylor made milled grind 2
      Odyssey Toulon Las Vegas stroke lab shaft
      Ball- Srixon z star xv

    • By Will_the_thrill
      Brand new
      35” Scotty Cameron Phantom X6
      won from a member/guest 
      open to trades but prefer $
      $350 obo, will ship to anywhere in US

    • By Golfspy_CG2
      So today culminated my couple day visit to Carlsbad, and what a way to wrap it up.  I spent over 1/2 the day at TPI getting fit then meeting with some of the Titleist brand people.
      It was simply the best fitting experience I've ever had, and some of you know I've had some pretty darn good ones before.  But from the expanse of the facility, over 30 acres of hitting areas from a 400 yard hole with actual fairway bunkers and lining it to replicate the actual teeing off on a hole, to multiple putting greens, a couple short game areas, it was incredible to take in.  That's not even mentioning the full fledged fitness center inside where the performance evaluation is done. 
      I was met at the entry by Joey, who knew my name and welcomed me and showed me to the locker room, where a locker with my name awaited.  After dropping a few things off in the locker we made our way through the tour.   In addition to the above, i was able to watch a bit of some ball testing that was going  on...and guess what they were using a robot just like the MGS Study did.   I can't say much about that testing but it was pretty cool to see the high arching perfectly struck 5 irons going 200 yards down range right at the target.    Needless to say, I didn't see any more of those type  shots during the day. 
      After I got warmed up by hitting some shots with my clubs we began getting some trackman numbers.  I had my usual pedestrian numbers that were as follows
      My current Irons   G700 with Alta CB Sr Flx  1/2 over and 3 degrees up.
      SS 73.6 ball speed 94 mph for a 1.29 smash 😞  Spin was low at 4182 carry of 134 peak height of 68 and landing angle of 43.  As has been discussed in some threads here, we amateurs often say we hit the ball too high or at the very least, high enough.  Then when at times we will see numbers like that 68 feet and realize we aren't hitting it high enough.
      We started with the T300 and also tried the CNCPT 01.  There wasn't a huge number difference in the number between the two and my contact with the T300 was much more consistent as the CNCPT has an even wider sole than the T300 and that works against me. 
      The overall numbers for the T300 were
      SS 71.3 ball speed 95.1 for a smash factor of 1.33.  Spin was up to 5790 carry of 136 height was 72 and landing angle of 44.5.   So not a huge difference except for one area, the smash factor.    If you noticed my swing speed dropped but ball  speed went up a bit due to the better contact.  
      There was a reason for the decreased ball speed.   The specs of the T300 are standard length and standard lie.  The 1/2 over was causing too inconsistent of a strike and i hit some shots fat, leaving them 10 or more yards short.   With the stock length I was hitting it much more flush.   The 2 degrees upright was causing the heel to hit the turf first on some shots, causing the face to shut down and result in a smothered pull hook.   I had wondered where that shot came from on occasions..ha  Glen feels as I get more confident with the T300 I might regain that 1mph or so in club speed, he sensed I was trying to be too precise in my strike with the T300.   He was probably right.
      Going  with a stock lie, again allowed for much cleaner and more consistent contact. We even flirted with a 1/2 inch SHORT shaft and 1 degree Flat.  But the shaft felt a bit heavy--unbeknownst to me he had put a heavier shaft in to account for the shorter length, and there was a bit too much fade for both of our liking,  So I'm now stock/stock/stock...Yee haw, that make buying selling much easier...LOL
      Current Driver TS1 10.5 Fubuki 45g Sr. Flex.
      Most know I've loved this driver since getting it in June.   I'll save all the details, It's the right driver for me, but I did better with a 9.5 loft and changed the setting from A3 to  B3, which is a bit more closed.   My spin in the original setup was in the mid 4500's.  and too much fade.   The changes lowered the spin to 2700 and was a straight to very slight cut shot.   I picked up 8 yards of carry and 17 yards total.   Here's the part that blew me away.   Glen said to me, "You just bought a driver this summer, I don't want to  tell you to turn around and buy another new one.   If you will  leave this driver with me, I'll  find a home for it, and send you a new 9.5 out with the same shaft."   He looked to see if he had a new 9.5 on hand and he didn't only the fitting ones.    How awesome is that.
      Fairway Wood  & Hybrids
      Current Setup G410 3,7 and 9 and 5 hybrid.
      Again anyone who followed my posts or progress in the PING Long Game Testing, knows how much these have helped my game this year and how confident I am in them.
      Well to make this section short and sweet, after gathering numbers from my 7 and 9 woods, Glen had me hit a Titleist 7 wood just for  Sh$%^and Giggles, as I was getting 1.49 smash factor consistently with the 7w and my ball speed had stayed within 1.5 mph on each shot, the perfect consistency he said.   So after hitting a few good shots with the TS2 7W that had pretty much identical  numbers, he  told me the only reason for me to get that would be if I wanted a Titleist, but said my current set up was as good as I could  get.   How's that for honesty, no  trying  to  spin the numbers or tweak anything to show the Titliest is better.  He just commented that I am a very good  FW player and what currently have works for me. 
      Current SM7 54 and 58, and PING Glide 50
      This one was fun and interesting.  He had determined my  pitching wedge distance was probably right at 100 to 105 yards based on my iron data.   So we went to a different teeing area across the complex and set up on a tee box 100 yards from a flag on the front  part of a green.   I hit 3 very solid  shots with my set PW and  he was impressed.   He gave me the PW to the T300 and I hit two pin high within 5 to 10 feet and pulled the third one a bit.   He said enough there. ha
      Then we moved up about 15 yards to 85 and he gave me the GW and more of the same.  I was feeling  it with these wedges.   
      Then this part was interesting.  He gave me a ball told to walk up to a spot short of the green and drop the ball at a distance I  get a lot of.   I waked to  a shot I eyed balled that I have a lot and dropped the ball.   He asked what club I would hit with this shot, I said the 54 and he gave it to me, lasered it at 45 yards.  He asked how  I  would play it, I said probably fly it 3/4 of the way and let it hit stop and release the last few yards.  
      I hit the first two practically perfect but  then I hit 3 in a row fat...egads!!   He said, ok we can fix that. 
      Then he asked me other than bunker or flop shots over  a bunker what do  I use the 58 for.   I told him when I'm about 10 yards off the green and there is a front pin about 5 yards or so.   So I like to hit a little 15 or 20 yard hit and stop shot.   He  said, OK I want to  see that.  
      When I hit the first two exactly as I  described to  2 feet.  He turned  to Josh and Corey who were watching and said..."Looks whose teaching the short game clinic"   
      So the only change we made with the  wedges is he felt  my 54 with the M grind and 8 degrees bounce wasn''t  forgiving enough.   He said to quote Bob Vokey's favorite saying..."Bounce is our friend"   He said we need to go  F grind and 12 degrees bounce.   I hit that from the 40 yard shot and it felt much better and I didn't have  any fat shots. 
      So that concluded it.  And I was pretty spent after hitting shots for going on 3 hours.   But the time literally flew.  We chatted a bit, then Josh and Corey took me out to what they said was a well earned lunch
      Best Day Ever!
      Here's a bunch of random shots.   One thing that I failed at and anyone who has done a fitting can probably relate, and that was getting photos during the fitting. I got so  wrapped up in hitting the  shots then listening to  Glen dissect them, I just didn't think about it. 
      Don't know who the other two are, but that's ok, they probably had no  idea who I was 🙂

      One of the fairways getting some early morning acquaintance 
      An indoor hitting bay that hits out to the fairways, only used on the rare days the weather doesn't permit. 
      A recently over-seeded fairway,  they will  alternate fairways to keep them all pristine. 
      This is where they will do the 4D motion capture as part of the Performance Evaluation Fitting, 27 high speed cameras capture everything you do and the ball does 
      These are some members of the player testing panel.  Much like our Most Wanted Testing, local area guys who  have signed up to come in and test new and prototype equipment and balls to give them real world  feedback.   So when MGS tells the doubters that they use real golfers for club tests as do most of the OEM's they meant  what they say. 
      The nicest boardroom I've ever seen.  How  does anyone concentrate on the meeting in a room like this...ha
      The most pristine putting and practice bunker green I've ever  seen. 
      The area where my fitting will be done   
      My first target...easy eough 🙂
      This is taken from a balcony on top of the clubhouse area where they will  entertain or just generally hang out and realize it doesn't get much better than this. 

      My new best friend...Josh Talge VP of Marketing for Clubs
      Glen Mahler...the man is a legend at Titleist

      The obligatory Ocean View Selfie!!
    • By bzielinski
      Recently purchased some 5A Titleist balls on Ebay.
      Ordered 48 yellow AVX, every ball looked like they were fresh from package, no player marks, not even the slightest nick or scuff. Every Ball had the same number. When i questioned the vendor he said if I was nervous I could return the balls. Wwhich I did .
      Bought some of the new Yellow Prov 1X from another vendor. Again every ball looked just like brand new, No player marks or any evidence that had ever  been hit.
      Cut one open and tweeted image it to #finditcutit and also to @titleist.
      Both vendors claim THEY do not repaint or rebrand either of these orders. It is my suspicion that they are buying new yellow unbranded balls and having the Titleist logo and info applied. Both vendors have over 1000 positive feedback.
      I have emailed Titleist with the vendor info for them to investigate.

    • By Golfspy_CG2
      So my two favorite golf destinations are Whistling Straits and Pinehurst.   I've been lucky enough to visit both multiple times.   I was doubly lucky that one of the trips to Pinehurst in 2016 was as part of the Team Titleist event, which I chronicled here, right after I joined the site.
      Well I'll complete the TeamTitleist DoubePlay....if you will,  this week.  On Wednesday I'll be headed to Kohler to spend three days and nights with some great TeamTitleist members that I have met over the years at the events, and several members of Titleist staff.   They are litteraly among the best people in the industry that I've met and put on a great event for the attendees. 

      Highlights this year will include:
      Playing Blackwolf Run--Home of a couple of Women's US Opens Playing WS Straits course, site of the 202 Ryder Cup and has hosted the PGA Championship three times!  An afternoon demo/fitting session of the entire Titleist line, including the new T Series irons and TS FW's and Hybrids Titleist Ball Fitting and Demo A hands on instructional clinic from Cameron McCormick Based on previous events..A huge bag full of Titleist and Team Titleist swag And best of all three days of meals and great memories with other passionate golfers!  And probably unfortunately spending more money than I need to in the pro shop on 2020 Ryder Cup merchandise 🙄 I'll be filling this thread as much as I can with pictures throughout the three days starting tomorrow.  
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