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GolfGym's PowerSWING Plus - FIRST LOOK and a Question

GolfSpy Dave

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Resistance is NOT Futile

Let's take a quick moment to see what GolfGym's PowerSWING Plus is all about:


The quick take on the PowerSWING Plus is that it is a resistance band system that you hook up to your driver. If you have ever used resistance bands during a workout, you know that these little straps of elastic are deceptively punishing.


One rep, no problem. Then it's like What do you mean 24 more reps?


The elastic bands create great resistance, and when used correctly, they can give your muscles quite a workout. But what are the claims of the PowerSWING Plus? Here is the info from their site:

  • The PowerSWING Plus Attaches Easily to Any Standard Golf Grip
  • Teaches the “Feel” of Your Golf Swing
  • Eliminates “Casting” and “Over the Top”
  • Will Help To Add Power and Distance
  • Helps You Practice More Efficiently
  • You Receive Immediate Feedback

That is quite a list of claims. Many of those are the exact things that I have struggled with, and that you have probably struggled with as well. It would be great if the PowerSWING Plus could address all of these areas for $34.95


Swing trainers such as this are probably the most difficult things to review as their performance is almost impossible to objectively quantify. That being said, I will give you my initial take on the PowerSWING Plus and then open up the discussion for your questions and ideas about how I should run the PowerSWING Plus through it's paces.


The PowerSWING Plus will make you Stronger

This is an easy claim to agree with. I could tell right away that the muscles were getting some action as I swung the driver with the PowerSWING Plus attached. It starts easy, then gets more difficult as you work through the reps. As you are swinging a golf club while the PowerSWING Plus is attached, it stands to reason that you are working the muscles of the golf swing.


Granted, you will feel the muscles more when you pull on the elastic. That means that you are working the muscles as you take the club away from address, and then again after impact. When you return to the ball, the elastic is actually helping you move the club, rather than inhibiting it. This is different from say using a cable machine and engaging the weight as you pull toward the ball.


The GolfGym site has a couple of excellent instructional videos showing the progression of using the PowerSWING Plus. Here is one showing how to warm up using the PowerSWING Plus:


FWIW, Martin Chuck, the inventor of the Tour Striker, also has a video praising the benefits of the PowerSWING Plus


Obviously, your current level of health/strength will determine just how tough a workout the PowerSWING Plus represents for you. I see this really benefiting those on the lower end of average strength. If need to get stronger, this will help.


Can the PowerSWING Plus Fix Your Swing?

This is where I get a little less confident in the PowerSWING Plus. I'd like to "eliminate casting" and stop coming "over the top" while I "add power and distance". Who wouldn't want these things?




My concern with the PowerSWING Plus being used as a swing trainer rather than a strength trainer is that I don't necessarily trust that the movements that I am performing are correct for the golf swing. I worry that I am actually grooving bad habits. I know that many of us have those concerns.


So how can I trust that the PowerSWING Plus is teaching me correct feel?


Well, I cheated a bit and used it under the watchful eye of my instructor. He told me when my body was in the right position, and when I was off in bad swing land. I think that this kind of third-party observation is critical for any new training aid. You need the confidence that the aid is actually helping.


Once I was doing good golf movements, I could appreciate how the PowerSWING Plus could help a golf swing. It definitely provides you some feedback when you move the club around. Though I have not used it a ton, I can see how this feedback can reenforce good movements. Again, get an instructor to help you dial in the good movements though.


Using The PowerSWING Plus is Easy

It is easy to use. Velcro the plastic part to the grip on your driver and then stand on the elastic loop. Not many moving parts here...





The grip end does have an interesting geometry, with a ridge running down the length of the underside. It's not going to feel like your normal driver grip. The ridge and larger size were weird at first, but really not overtly noticeable once I started swinging the unit. At that point it was all about feeling the bands.




The whole thing is small, light, and easily fits in the golf bag.


The Big Question: Strength vs. Timing

As I was using the PowerSWING Plus, one question came to mind.


Is strength or timing more important for generating power?


You see, I am currently the strongest that I have been, perhaps ever. I have been working with a physical trainer for a year, and I know that my fitness is peaking. I frequently surprise myself with physical feats that in the past would have been difficult, or impossible. Plain truth, I'm a beast.


And yet, my pounded drive was coming up about 220. I know that my body has changed drastically in the past year. My strength and balance are way better, but my timing and golf swing coordination are still synced with the older, heavier me. I don't need more strength, I need better sequence.


As such, I am really leaning toward the timing side of the power equation. I've been working with my golf instructor on this, and when the sync is there, the power is too.


So with the PowerSWING Plus, there could be a huge benefit for one looking to build muscle, but what about for the already-muscled like myself? 


Moving Forward...

What are your thoughts on the PowerSWING Plus?


Do you see potential benefits after watching the videos? Are there concerns?


What else would you like me to look into with this little trainer? In other words, how would you test the PowerSWING Plus, and how would you know if it was helping your game or not?

Volvo Intorqueo

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I like the idea but would certainly prefer a donut weight or gym training over this.


The donut weight or simply swinging two clubs together in my opinion would be a better warm up prior to the round along with stretching, and gym training to increase general strength and flexibility.


My biggest gripe with this is that it will create huge tension in areas where there is not meant to be tension within the golf swing, for example I can easily see people develope really flat swing plans when using this thing due to the resistance within the backswing and follow through. Hell you can even see it in the images above for the full swing.


The best application I can see for it is use during lessons where you can get the student to really feel where the hands and club are meant to be by increasing the resistance of getting them there which would be incredibly usefull, espicially during a large swing change


As a straight forward strength trainer without someone watching over you, I feel it may do more harm then good.

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Dave @ MyGolfSpy, Since I created the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer back in 1986, I have never had anyone give as thorough a test and a review to any of our products as I just read. Thank you for your great writing and your detailed descriptions.

Thank you also to Salmon for your comments. I will be sending one to Salmon for him to actually feel the benefits. It is difficult to get a real feel for this unit through just pictures.


The PowerSWING Plus is the next generation of the PowerSwing Trainer. The PST has been used by thousands of golfers, teachers, coaches and trainers around the world since 1986. We took the concept of resistance cords attached to a molded training grip and created the PowerSWING Plus which attaches to a golf club (preferrably to the driver) to not only give a golfer the resistance to devlop and strengthen their "golf muscles", but also to help ingrain the swing Motor Pattern Memory for a consistent and repeatable golf swing.


A firm "Lag" position can be created at the top of the swing and down through impact because of the way the resistance cord is attached to the unit.  This will help to prevent the dreaded Over the Top and Casting moves that are death to consistent ball striking.


Please contact me if you are interested in trying the GolfGym PowerSWING Plus and adding your own review. Ken@GolfGym.com.


Thanks again to MyGolfSpy.


Ken Pierce


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Nice Review.......actually, I like this training aide.  As a 63 yr old golfer who is struggling with SS (currently 90-97 mph), I like the strengthening concept.

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Any more review on this?? Does seem interesting but being out in Asia I don't get to try this anywhere....

Ed, Sorry about the shipping cost from Florida to Asia, but we can ship it anywhere internationally (without retail packaging) for $26.95 via International Priority Flat Rate Padded envelope.

We are finalizing a distributor agreement in Asia, and will follow up with you in a day or so with the contact info.

Thank you for your interest in the PowerSWING Plus.

Ken Pierce

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Nice Review.......actually, I like this training aide.  As a 63 yr old golfer who is struggling with SS (currently 90-97 mph), I like the strengthening concept.

GrandMaster Spy,

Thank you for the compliment on the PowerSWING Plus.

I am 65 now and work on my swing almost daily with with the PSP...along with the Orange Whip Trainer and the PowerSwing Fan (as well as our PowerBall & PowerSwing Trainer).


I encourage you to visit our YouTube Channel to see some videos on using the PSP with those other trainers to "double" the effectiveness.


Please shoot me an email with your contact info:  Ken@GolfGym.com

Again, thanks for the compliment.

Ken Pierce

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Hi Ken - Im in Hong Kong....

Ed, sorry for the late reply.  Please contact Edmund Wu at Sports Life Asia. They carry the PowerSWING Plus there in Hong Kong.  Here is his email:  Edmond Wu (edmondwu@sportslifeasia.com).  Please tell him we talked and what you are interested in.  Thanks for the interest in GolfGym Products.  Happy Holidays to you.  Ken

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