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Player's cavity backs


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Hi everyone


I've narrowed it down to three irons: Callaway x-forged 09, mp-62's and the cobra pro cb's. I've tested them on their own on several occasions but will be testing all three of them tonight. Just wondering if there is any suggestions or advice on any of these three sets. Any help would be great! Thanks :)


Just an update and a thanks for the responses so far! SO I was only able to try the 6 irons in the 09 x forged in project x 6.0 and the dgs300 mp-62's tonight. Out of the two here are some thoughts:


- I thought the mp-62's was a little more forgiving than the x-forged's...it went about 10 yds farther on average

- ball flight was lower with the mp62's and I imagine that the shafts play a big factor in that...I averaged 175-180yds with a 19-21 degree flight with the 62's and 180-185yds and 23-24 degree flight with the x-forged in the project x's

- When struck well, the x-forged's were super super soft, the mp 62's had a soft, yet solid click...but the x-forged's were like hitting golf balls with marshmallows...the feeling reminded me of when I hit the mp 68's dead center...which is what I prefer

- I would agree that the mp 68's are a forgiving blade, but I already own a set of fg 59's so that's the main reason why I'm looking at a player's cavity back for those bad days :D

- I noticed that I really didn't like the feel of the project x shafts...I think or feel that if the x-forged's were in dgs300's, it might be the one...


For some reason, I kept favoring the mp 62's. over the x-forged's and that may be due to the dead feeling I was getting with the project x shaft (personal opinion)..I kept hitting them harder to see if they would get softer, but the x-forged's just felt softer...I remember hitting the cobra's and if I remember correctly, they were a tad softer and more solid than the 62's and they had the project x 5.5's.


I asked the people at my golf store and the only way to try the x-forged's in a dgs300 is to buy a new set...hopefully, I will be able to try out these sets some more...any thoughts guys???

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whats ur handicap are u hitting good flush/pure shots?



i got the x forged 07 know it aint exactly the same but if i miss with em they are gross feeling.


the project x is it flighted or not i never used them before a stright shaft so that takes gettin use to also id say play a few holes with just the six irons and try to pure em all for a good opinion for urself


as i always so in my foursome we aint pros and if u cant be confident in whats in ur hands ur already behind dont worry what anyone tells u just pull the trigger on the one that feels best for you .

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well. they are all good clubs. in my opinion i think that the mp 62 and the cobra cb look better than the x forged. to me, looks play a great deal in deciding. i currently have the mp 68 and love them. and i see why you'd favor that soft feel, but tell me this. if these cavity backs are for off days, do you really think you will be hitting the center that often and getting that soft feel? if you have a set for you on days that are soft i think that you should focus on forgiveness because isn't that what you want on a bad day?


if it were me, i would get either the cb or mp. really tough decision for me, but i would prob. lean towards the mp.

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I'll tell you right now that I have the mp 62's with 1/2 in. long project x shafts and love them. They have a soft feel and slight forgiveness with great workability. I would have to say that it does take a good iron striker to hit the 62's well. I have had several of my friends (mid to low handicappers) try out these clubs and haven't liked the low forgiveness that they offer. Personally, I would say to go with either the mp-62 or x forged because they are made by companies with solid reputations of making good, forged players irons.


Whatever you do though, choose the club that looks and feels the best to you and be confident that it is the right choice. ;)

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I would say the best player cavity back right now is Titleist 710 CB for forged, and R9 TP for cast.


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Id say mizuno hands down.

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You already play the fg59's (a gorgeous club), of the clubs you mention I'd lean towards the Mizuno. I've tried most of the players CB's (except the Titleist) and went with the FG Forged. If price is no object, then the Mizuno's come into play. There are no BAD forged CB's that I've encountered. It comes down to personal preference and what seems to work best for you. The Mizzy's are the best looking clubs out there and it's a quality forging. You can't go wrong. On the used market, you're going to have resale with the Mizuno's also...if that's a factor.

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one name you might wanna throw in there to try out if you havent already are the new Wilson FG Tour Forged irons. I hit these the other day when I was bored at the pro shop and all I could say was "oh my god". They are FANTASTIC cavity back players irons that Ricky Barnes and Padraig currently game. Honestly all I can say is at least give them a try to see what you think before you decide on a set.

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Ping Glide Wedges, 50*, 54*, 58*, SS Bounce
Nike Method Putter Model #004
Callaway Chrome Soft balls

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