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How To Refurb A Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1


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Hello People of MGS!


I just bought a Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1 this afternoon for the greatest price of the century (which I will not share as I was sworn to secrecy by my friend who works at the golf shop).  The reason why I received such a great deal on this putter was because it is a little beat up. The previous owner seems to have hit the ball off of the toe quite a lot, and it  did not come with a head cover so it is a bit rusted.  I will try and post pictures once my phone is working, but till then my description will have to do.  The black finish on sole is wearing away, and little speckles of rust are replacing it.  The back of the putter is fine, and the spin-milling on the face is still good but as I stated previously, the finish on the toe has faded away because the previous owner seems to have hit it off that side quite a bit.  I looked up how much it would cost to refurbish and authenticate the putter throughscottycameron.com, but it came out to about $408.00 (S+H included) and I don't have that kind of money.  So here are my questions: is there any way to get rid of the black finish and rust without destroying the spin milling on the face?  I also wanted to customize the paint a little on the back, face, and sole so I figured paint stripper and a cue-tip was the best way to get rid of the stock paint, but what should I use to repaint?  Thank you so much for reading, and any help is much appreciated.




What's in my red Sun Mountain Swift X stand bag...



:taylormade-small: .R1 TP white (set to 8.0*) with Aldila RIP Phenom Stiff Flex shaft


FWY Wood-

:taylormade-small:  R9 15* 3 wood



:taylormade-small:  Rescue11 4 hybrid 21*ish (lowered to play closer to a 3/4 hybrid).



:taylormade-small:  2014 Tour Preferred CB 5-PW



:taylormade-small:   Tour Preferred 51*

:vokey-small:  SM4 54*

:vokey-small:  SM4 58*



:cameron-small:  Studio Design 1 (I need a new Pistolero grip) -this is the club that I am currently gaming-

    :callaway-small:  Odyssey White Ice #7 with pink accents/orange Super Stroke 3.0



:taylormade-small:  Tour Preferred x

:titelist-small:           Pro V1x



:footjoy-small:  Sport Spike less [black],

:footjoy-small:  Sport [white w/ black saddle]


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