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What's your 2014 season highlight

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Highlight of the year...finally feeling proper coil in my swing. After quite a lot of lessons my teacher has got me to the stage where I can build a swing that stores power in my lower half.

The change from loopy, unsecured, over-swinging slice to a more compact, wider, more zingy, straighter ball-flight has made an enormous difference to my game. Though not my mentality, now I'm even harder on myself for bad shots:(

Two 9 hole wanders over the weekend, 38 & 35, par 36. I'm still to break 80 for a full 18 though, that's for next season. An off-season of putting and short-game beckons...and maybe some fitness...we'll see. :)

Oh and picking up a Ketsch after a Ping fitting, walking in a putting imbecile, hitting the 5 putts with the Ketsch and finding out my putting handicap was 0.1! Beginners luck...though it's not performing badly either...overly deep grooves...? Thank you MGS for the UMT '14

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