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One-armed 3-year-old golfer Tommy Morrissey meets Tiger Woods

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    • By skeddy
      It's almost that time of the year, has any one seen or heard what TM has in store for 2018? 
    • By WittekInsurance
      Hey Everyone,
      My name is Terry Wittek. I am a local insurance agent in South Florida: business, home, auto and beyond. I play at many different private clubs in Palm Beach County, so if you are interested in getting an invite, let me know.
    • By Oudefart
      We know how much golf and the business of golf thinks they need TW. Those people might step back and realize "they" had him once and cruised to uncharted places. They were the Titanic to his iceberg; and now that ship ain't a floatin' up to the surface and... that iceberg has long since melted. Smaller boats, fewer passengers and iceberg free seas might just be the only course to navigate, as golf goes forward.
      To that end, a petition*, from those of us who wish him the best, and yet want him to do no further damage to himself or his reputation. Would you sign if there was such a thing? I'm interested in The Spy Community thoughts.
      The undersigned hereby absolve Eldrick "Tiger" Woods from any further embarrassment and ridicule, as a result of his continued attempts at returning to former glory as a sports and global public icon. From this point forward we collectively agree to no longer care what tournament, clinic, partner, golf club, golf ball, shirt, shoe, vitamin, domicile, boat, island, swing plane, golf course, facial hair and percentage of body fat Mr. Woods does or does not witness. Without a large constituency calling for your participation in the above activities, you are now free to stop your participation in them. The undersigned recognize Mr. Woods' former achievements AND failings as the past. Our wishes for his future success shall be finite and limited to a recognition of Mr. Woods as a breathing male human who holds the responsibilities as Father and record holding athlete. From this day forward, we the undersigned encourage Mr. Woods to cease all forced efforts to present himself as something he's not. We shall, in kind, no longer pursue the fantasy that Tiger Woods is a persona that requires our commentary and speculation to become something he cannot. Thank you for your existence, and good luck.

      ________________________________________________    Date _________________________________

      ________________________________________________    Date _________________________________

      ________________________________________________    Date _________________________________

      ________________________________________________    Date _________________________________

      ________________________________________________    Date _________________________________

      ________________________________________________    Date _________________________________

      ________________________________________________    Date _________________________________
      * All credit goes to the beloved Armitage Shanks
    • By JBones
      Could this be a sign that Tiger is officially done?  I don't think that will be determined until after The Masters.
    • By JBones
      Is this for real?   This would be MAJOR news if correct.
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