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1 in 10 swings may reach 104, 2 or 3 may drop to 95, but 7-8 in 10 swing will be 99 to 101. At least last I checked. I have become more consistent lately with the driver. I have travel through 3 states now. I am sure I could stop early in the morning at a golf shop and collect data off their launch monitor.


Driver:      :mizuno-small:  ST190G on Fujikura ATMOS Black

Fairway:   :mizuno-small:  ST190TS 15° on Fujikura ATMOS Black

Hybrids     :mizuno-small:  CLK 22 & 25 (set to 20° & 23°) on Fujikura SPEEDER

Irons:     :mizuno-small:  MP5 5-P on True Temper Dynamic Gold

Wedges: :mizuno-small: MP-T5 52*, 56* & 60* on True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge

Putter:    :cameron-small: 2018 Select Newport 2

Balls:      :titelist-small: Pro V1X

Shoes:     :footjoy-small:

Range Finder: Precision Pro  NX7 Pro

All grips are BestGrips Micro-Perforated


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The testers have been selected.  If your name appears below, please PM me your contact information (name, address, phone number).  If you don't see your name below, be patient, more testing opportunit

I did a launch monitor session today just for kicks.  Got warmed up, hit 35 drivers with my SLDR at its current setting and with its current shaft - avg. ball speed 129, launch 16.7, spin 2348, side s

Still needing testers for the Ben Hogan Precision Experimentals?   http://persimmongolftoday.org/archives/1090

Posted Images

There is no bigger club/equipment junkie than me. However, I hope you are confident in your shaft if you pick me. It would compete against a Mitsubishi Ahina and a Montore Speeder 661 in a Ping i25 and G25.


I have a launch monitor (Ernest Sports) and all of the needed adaptors.

age 48

SS 100-105

Handicap - mental - 4


I would need a high kick , low spin shaft.


Thanks for the chance to enter and win !

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I'd love the opportunity to test the Paterson Shafts!


I'm a 10 HC, 64yrs old, currently hitting a Miyazaki lightweight shaft in my driver.  

Having been though several brands have found Miyazaki to be the most consistent at lower weights.


Im always open to testing and reporting on new products and technologies.


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So i have access to a launch monitor and i currently have a Speeder and V2 shaft for my R1 which you could argue are the two staples that many shafts are compared to. And im a lefty so you got to have at least one lefty representing :)

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My swing speed is 92 to 98 mph, with a smooth transition and late release.


I have access to a launch monitor, and currently have several shafts for my fairway woods and driver.   Among them, I have the Veylix, and the rogue as well as the motore speeder and oban kiyoshi white.

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I may have the highest swing speed on this forum and would objectively review your shaft offering in the X or XX variant.  121 - 128 SS @ Impact


I won the Tiger Woods Gatorade Long Drive Challenge (Texas) 336 and 2nd in the Nation in New York with 361 to the First Place winner 363.


I own a Zelocity Pure Launch, Zepp and Ernest Sports ES14. 


I have data points of more than 1500 swings with 35 different drivers and 20 different shafts over the course of 2 years.


I'm currently in the 98th percentile of Zepp golf averaging 450 - 500 golf shots a week.


I currently play to a +2 handicap and average 12 Corporate events and 20 other tournaments in the Dallas, Tx area.


If selected, I will promise to do my very best to wear your shafts out.


Thanks in advance for the opportunity to review your products.




Denny Lindsay


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I would love to use these in my next batch of Driver testing. I usually take 2 days at the beginning of each year on the Trackman dialing in a shafthead combo for the next season. My swing speed averages around 119mph on a normal swing.


I also saw they have a new Long Drive shaft out that I might be giving a try also


Thanks for the opportunity

 Ping G410 LST 10.5 set -1* Flat Accra TZ5 65 M5

Callaway Epic Flash 15* set -1 Aldila ATX Blue 75TX

Ben Hogan FT Worth Hi 19* KBS Tour V X

Ben Hogan PTX Pro 4-P KBS Tour V X 2* Flat 4* loft increments

Hogan Equalizer 50* KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 X 2* Flat

Hogan Equalizer 56* KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 2* Flat

Hogan Equalizer 62* KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 2* Flat

EVNROLL ER7 P2 Aware Tour
Scotty Cameron Newport2 Buttonback P2 Aware Tour Grip
Snell MTB-X

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Fuggin shenanigans... I'm watching the Seahawks and drinking anything I can find in the house... I didn't see any rules against submitting more than one inquiry... Go Hawks!!! RIP Phenom...2.5° 70g... Tour Stiff... 127mph avg with driver... 3hdcp... LH... Boxers... Biter... Blondes AND Brunettes... Can't decide on a name for my first born.. Boy in April

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I do not know very much about this company or their products but I would enjoy learning about and reviewing them. My swing speed averages around 120 mph and I have access to 2 separate launch monitors. It would be a good time for me to do some shaft testing as I'm in the market for a new driver. Thanks and I hope I get to give these things a shot.



Driver- Tmag 2017 M2 tour issue 8.5* actual loft 7.8* w/ Diamana Ahina 80X 44"
Fairway Metal- Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta 3W 13* w/ Matrix 7m4 X 42.5"

Utility- Mizuno MPH5 1 iron w/ Aldila RIP 85X (depending on course/ conditions)

Irons- Mizuno MP-18 FLI HI 3i and 4i w/ KBS C-taper lite X
          Mizuno MP59 5i and 6I w/ PX 6.5

          Mizuno MP69 7i-PW w/ PX 6.5

Wedges- Scratch 8620 Driver/Slider set.  50*, 56* bent to 55* w/ rifle spinner shafts

                and Titleist Vokey 60* M grind

Putter- Never Compromise Dinero Mogul
Ball- Bridgestone Tour B XS

Bag- Ogio Aquatech Cart Bag

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Just in case you guys missed me.

I'm the number 2 1 armed golfer in north america

I swing it 90 + with the driver

I will normally miss 1 fairway a round...

my handicap is an 8

I have full access to a launch monitor

I have been testing shafts for months trying to tune a driver for the 2015 para world long drive championship

same grid they do the remax long drive at

Merry Christmas and CHOOSE ME!!!! :)

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I have access to a launch monitor.

Swing speed average is 112mph.

:titelist-small: Pro V1
Srixon Z565 9* Miyazaki Mizore Stiff
:titelist-small: 915Fd  15* Diamana D+ 80g Stiff
:titelist-small:  718 T-MB 2 iron Kuro Kage 85g Stiff
:ping-small: i E1 4-9 Iron Dynamic Gold S300
:vokey-small:   SM7 46*,54* & 58*
:scotty-small: Select Newport 2, Matador Grip 

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Hi. I do have access to a launch monitor. My swing speed is about 105. I'd need assistance getting a callaway Razer adaptor.

Driver: Callaway Optiforce 440 9.5* with Diamama Blue S+ 62g Stiff shaft

3 and 5 wood: Callaway Big Bertha with Fubuki Z65 Stiff

Hybrid: Wilson FG Tour 4 hybrid

Irons: 5 iron: Cleveland Altitude Stiff; 6 -PW Callaway Apex Pro, KBS Tour-V Stff

Wedges: 51*, 55* and 58* SCORE with Genius Stiff

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I have access to a launch monitor, have some extra time on my hands and live in FL, so I can test indoors or outdoors as needed. My swing speed is approx 89-94 (depending on launch monitor).

Hey I'm just up the road. We will have to get out and hit it sometime.

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Ping G410 - turned down to11.25 degrees, neutral setting - Fujikura Motore X R flex

Ping G410 5-9 wood

Wilson D7 forged 6-GW -  Mamiya recoil 460 R flex

SCOR 52,60

EVNRoll ER 5

Titleist Pro VIx optic yellow with revkev stamped on them

Currently testing Edison wedges to replace SCORS that are wearing out. Also auditions for the 14th spot in the bag.  Current possibilities are a Ping 26 degree hybrid - duplicates the 9 wood or 5 iron but would be used almost exclusively for chipping or Tour Exotics 3 wood simply because you can carry 14 clubs and I might occasionally hit it in certain unusual wind conditions once every four or five rounds. 

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