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Favorite Club in Bag & Why?


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I am always interested in bag set-ups and sometimes the lack of thought that goes into them by golfers. So I wanted to do somewhat of an experiment and find out what club YOU like the best in your bag and why you like it the best.


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For me, I would have to go with the club that's a combination of something with which I make the least mistakes and can make up for a mistake. Depending on the situation, it's either my 15* hybrid or my sand wedge.

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Very tough call. My favorite club is my putter. I finally figured out what I need and want in a putter (after many many dollars of experiments) and my copper plated 006 is it. It's also been my best club for most rounds lately. In second is my 60* wedge. It's definitely not first because I don't care that it's a Vokey (soon to be Scratch), I'm not emotionally invested in it, but I do love to hit a 60*, I use it a ton, and it works very well. In a close third (closer to second than second is to first) is....my driver?!?!?! I've never driven the ball as well as I have since I got my R9 460. Longer and straighter than anything else I've had or hit. There are days when, were it not for my driver, I couldn't play golf at all.

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I'd have to say my 4 Hybrid... on days I'm feeling off I can hit it off the tee, I can hit it from the rough and fairway... I just feel comfortable with it in my hands...

My Bag:
Driver - 
:cobra-small:  King F6+

3 Wood -  :callaway-small: XR16
Hybrids -  :srixon-small:  ZH45
Irons -  :mizuno-small:  JPX 850 Pro

Wedges -  :callaway-small: Mac Daddy 2
Putter -   :taylormade-small: Spider Tour Red
Bag - Ogio Grom Stand

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Putter. We understand each other. Misses are not WTF misses like some other clubs.


I really want to love the 58*. I talk to it all the time, clean it when it is dirty, and it still gives me attitude on the course. It is voted most likely to be thrown at this point...

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I know it sounds ridiculous, but I've been putting a ton of time in short game practice to become comfortable with the new clubs I received from the contest and I have to say that I've never been more confident in my short game than right now.


So, I'd say my two favorite clubs in my bag are my 58* CG15 DSG wedge and my Byron DH-89 putter. Other than maybe a deep bunker (never been a great bunker player), I feel like right now I have a good chance to get up and down from pretty much anywhere. I'm not sure I could say that before I got the new clubs.


Why is that? Two reasons.


First, the laser milled face on the wedges are giving me unprecedented spin and the DSG grind on the 58* allows me to open up the face almost at will without a huge risk of skulling shots over the green. That makes for a pretty lethal combination.


Second, the balance and soft feel of the Byron has improved my touch to the point where I'm dying balls into the cup. That may change, but right now my distance control is spot on even on lag putts. I've played 36 holes with the Byron so far and have only three putted once.

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Wilson FYbrid 19* UST Proforce AXIV Core

Cobra Baffler Rail H Hybrid 22* Fujikura Motore

Ping I15 Irons 5-UW AWT

Ping Tour-W 56*,60* DG Spinner

Ping Redwood ZB Putter, WRX Starshot, 35"

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