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Cork Tree Putter Grips

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December 15, 2014




SAO BRAS DE ALPORTEL, PORTUGAL - There's a brand-new golf grip material quickly gaining popularity. The Cork Tree has debuted four new putter grips made of cork leather.1595.jpg


Why cork? It's proven to be the perfect complement to leather in a grip. Cork leather putter grips provide an overall user experience that cannot be achieved with any other putter grip material known to man. Cork is 100% natural, feels soft in the hands, and improves its playability well beyond other materials when a golfer's hands are hot or sweaty -- as well as in humid playing conditions.

"That means the grip won't slip in your hands -- regardless of how moist your hands are," says company co-founder Marc Boggia, a British PGA member. "That lets you confidently putt away without any tension in your hands and arms, promoting a more fluid stroke. Once you try it, I know you'll agree that it feels amazing. Plus, it cleans very easily -- dirt wipes away with a wet cloth." 

Cork Tree putter grips are designed and used by Championship winning Tour professionals who make their living from playing golf. There are currently more than twenty PGA Tour players using Cork Tree cork leather putter grips including the winner of the recent Nedbank Golf Challenge in South Africa.  A multiple major winner on the PGA Tour is also using the Cork Tree putter grip.  


Cork's honeycomb cell structure is key. Each cell is a 14-sided polyhedron filled with air, making it an extremely strong and flexible membrane that's waterproof and airtight. Cork bark is about 89% air, giving it a low density. But when it's compressed, air isn't squeezed out, because the cell membranes won't release it. So it returns to its original shape when the compression is removed.

1596.jpgThe four initial putter grips include the Midsize ($39.95), Feather Light ($39.95), Parallel ($39.95) and Tour ($39.95) models. They're all extremely durable, absorb any impact vibration and are impermeable to water.

About Cork Tree

The Cork Tree -- the world's first company to produce golf products in cork leather -- was co-founded by Nuno Nascimento and Marc Boggia. From an early age, Nascimento went with his grandfather to the Portuguese family cork oak forest learning all the tricks that nature presents. He studied and tested trees to find the best cork bark, and then transformed it into cork products suitable for commercialization.

The Cork Tree mission is to maximize performance, increase confidence and ultimately improve putting statistics for every golfer using the Cork Tree putter grip.  Cork Tree also strives to be a contributor to a more eco-friendly world and cork leather offers this while adding functionality, durability and quality. 

Today, the Nascimento family continues to sell cork bark to the cork stopper industry from its own 500 hectares cork plantation. Conscious of its hereditary property, The Cork Tree family continues to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in developing, protecting and maintenance of the properties. Beyond cleaning and fertilizing the cork oak forest, the plantation continues to grow with some 40,000 new cork trees being planted in the past eight years.

Boggia, an Englishman, has been a member of the British PGA since 1981. He's a golf course owner, partner and creator of Asia's largest indoor golf teaching facilities, managing director of a made-for-TV golf tournament, distributor of golf product and head instructor of the John Jacobs' Golf Schools. As a youngster, he practiced, played and competed near the very cork forest that's now become the source of raw material that fuels his business venture.

The Cork Tree's golf bag was awarded the first place award at the Golf Europe 2013 show in the golf bag category and lead to the launch of the cork putter grips.

See all products from The Cork Tree at www.corkputtergrips.com






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Interesting, Do you know how they are different from Salty Grips?

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Hybrid: :cleveland-small: 22 deg. Launcher HB w/ HZRDUS Black

Irons: :ping-small: 5i-UW G700 w/ X100 soft stepped once

Wedges: :cleveland-small: 54 & 58 CBX w/ Nippon Modus 3 125

Putter: :odyssey-small: Red 7s

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Looks like these may be cork on a rubber under listing. I liked the feel of the Salty but wished they offered it in a pistol. Looks like this may fit that wish. Anyone know the story behind this company? Is it one of the founders of Salty that split and formed his own company or what?

In The Bag
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Putter: Nike Method Prototype 006 at 34"

Have a ton of back-ups in all categories, but there are always 14 clubs in the bag that differ depending on the course and set-up. Bomb and gouge. Yes, I'm a club gigolo.

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Interesting, Do you know how they are different from Salty Grips?

They use cork leather with several different cores. This enables all players to choose the model they like while cork leather creates a really great feel. Natural cork is very soft and smooth and promotes a good grip sensation


Natural cork rings ( used by Salty Grips) limits the options in terms of product development because natural cork has to have a minimum diameter otherwise will broke when assembling on the shaft. Also they have to add a finishing to the product to create the feeling while cork leather is pure cork and don't need that type of finishing

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Interesting, so these guys were the first to produce cork grips followed by Salty?


Salty started to produce cork putter grips using the concept of "old fishing rods". They started to buy the cork in Portugal but today i don't know if they still do it.


The Cork Tree started to produced golf bags and headcovers in 2011 and they won the prize winning award for best golf bag in 2013 in Golf Europe.


This guys are attached to the cork industry and they know very well the raw material and what they are doing. They just develop golf stuff in cork leather and not natural cork rings. Cork leather is natural cork (+- 3mm thickness) with a fabric backing.


They started to produce putter grips in cork leather and they already won with Danny Willet this season. I think Willett first used a prototype Cork Tree leather putter grip in US PGA Championship.


They have nothing to do with Salty

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Welcome to the forum TCT!  Thanks for the info.  


So, is the Cork Tree leather similar to the Corque leather in another thread?  Curious why we have a bunch of cork grips showing up all of a sudden.  

We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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Welcome to the forum TCT!  Thanks for the info.  


So, is the Cork Tree leather similar to the Corque leather in another thread?  Curious why we have a bunch of cork grips showing up all of a sudden.


Thanks Kenny B.

Cork Tree was the first company in world to develop and produce golf products in cork leather.

They use proprietery cork leather because they also are cork producers.

Corque just copy them. They belong to a Dutch family that live in Portugal and has nothing to do with cork. Also cork leather that corque uses on their grips looks similar but completly diferent from the Cork Tree putter grips.


Well you know when good ideias come up there are always someone ready to copy. I think Cork Tree have already 35 tour players using their grips.

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