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KP Mallet - The finished product

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Here is two of many KP mallet's Bobby just finished for KP. He is gonna let him decide what one he wants to sink puts with and buy did Bobby do a fantastic job on these. KP wanted something similar to the CRAZ-E he was using and is hoping that one of these will get him back to putting solid again. I am pretty sure the original CRAZ-E KP was using was a retail version that a friend gave him but heard that he broke it and the tour van could not duplicate the feel of and that is when his putting woes came about. These putters are not for sale but more less a tease and a example of what Bobby is capable of. The model with the insert actually has a insert from one the old Fat Lady putters made in 1994 and Bobby cut it out and placed it in the face of this putter per KP's request. This is just the beginning of what is going the coming out of Bobby Grace's Tour Shop. I have some more photo's of some amazing stuff I will post this weekend. Thank you, Mark B










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Can you request some "from address" pictures? I'd love to see it from the bird's eye.

I don't remember any of the '94 Fat Lady putters having an insert. It wasn't until 1996 that the HSM saw retail putters and none of the original, retail models were black. Funny what Bobby has in his stash of goodies. That is one of the benefits of being the guy making the putters.

Cool to see it come together.

LaMont in AZ

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