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5 Questions with Matty Du Plessis (aka MD_18UndaPar)


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I recently caught up with Matty Du Plessis, who you may better know as MD_18UndaPar. He may be only 11 years old, but he's already somewhat of a celebrity with a significant following - and for good reason. As at the time of writing, Matty had 5,457 followers on Instagram (MD_18undapar), has been featured in print and on newscasts, and now he can add MyGolfSpy forum 5 Questions feature to his already impressive golfing resume.


We know you're busy so thanks for taking some time out to speak with us Matty!



How did you get into golf, and when did it get serious for you?


I have always been around the game. Got my first couple of clubs around 2 yrs old. Was just doing what was I guess normal golf stuff. Couple lessons, meet new friends, play 9 and have fun. I only got serious this spring, that doesn't mean I stopped having fun, it just means I got serious about having fun. I was in the back field hitting a couple balls. Each shot I would imagine was for a big trophy like Bubba at the masters from the pine straw. Or Phil at the Masters, from the pine straw. It then hit me, what if you play, could you birdie every hole. That's when the obsession began.



Tell us about the ‘12 foota' videos - is there something special about that distance for you? What made you decide to do the ‘Stop, Drop and make a 12 Foota' video?


Why 12 foota - cause for me it was the toughest distance mentally... and I wanted to own it. The season was over and had to run errands with my Mom who likes the shops so decided to get to work. Like dodge ball if you can dodge a spanner you can dodge a ball. So if I could make a 12 foota in a parking lot I could make it when on the course. I was finding that many times when hitting from the fairway or out of the bunker or pitching from thick rough I would land 12 feet from the hole.



You're home schooled. How do you balance your school work with golf and travel? What are the major challenges?


Have you met my mom? I fit in Bookwork where ever possible. Lots of projects, meeting with experts in their field. Like I am keen on robotics and engineering so spent sometime with Arnold Du Toit from RolleyGolf. Getting the swag game right and things like that I like, and have been fortunate to hang out with Rick Buchanan from Biionfootwear. Both great gentleman who really have passion for what they do. Each time I get to spend time with them, I feel like I have learnt a bunch. So I either gopro the time I am with them, make a vid, write a report, journal what I have learnt and when I need school credit, bam son it's already done! There is a syllabus that I must complete so a bunch of these things are extra. The fun part comes in doing the extra. Or at least that's what I am finding out right now.





You've clearly got some talent with the flatstick - how's the rest of your golf game? What's your handicap at the moment? Areas you need to focus on?


I need work on everything. But making everything work. I have just started to focus on hitting 6 shots. Low, medium and high draw and low, med, high fade. Draws are easier than fades for me. My fades are more like straight pushes. I am working on leveling my hips and shortening my backswing. Will start thinking about distance control probs around July. It's really fun making the ball move. It's like 3D puzzles for me - stuck behind a tree there is only one way out. You say this is what I have to do to have a chance and then bam! Out of jail. You find your way back to the fairway and go... did you see that? please God did anyone see that?! But you know what I am saying anyways. But if I can be a little better everyday then it has been a good day. Love the lab, love the links. I enjoy hanging at the short game area and now that I have time on my side I gotta get the most out of it.



What are your golf goals for this year and for further down the track?


For this year, I am getting ready so break my personal best of 108 holes in one day. I did this last year in summer solstice and raised a bunch of money for charity. That would be really cool if I can do that. The other thing I am working on this year is try and birdie every hole at my home course in less than 41 days, that's how long it took me last year, and see how close I can get it to 1 (day). I am hoping that some other golfer(s) who love the game and are charitable would join this challenge. Cause it doesn't matter if it takes all season, a month or a week. I am learning when you find something you love and can benefit others then it's like "gravy on a biscuit."


As for aspirations for golf, I wanna shoot 54 at home and the go try and shoot 54 on the best courses in the world - St Andrews, Pebble, Quechee and what other courses do you think should be on the list? I don't know about pro or college. If it happens or if I choose a different path, then I will be ok with that. I really just wanna focus on getting better everyday.


Videos, they're pretty cool. I like fooling around with my GoPro and trying different things. This Christmas I got a remote control car from my Uncle and a helicopter so gonna see what happens when you mount a gopro to them. I don't always know what is gonna happen when I pitch up and sometimes when I do, something cool happens. I first started taking pics and stuff so my family, in Capetown could see what I am up to and now with social media credit for school it just seems cool to try and use Vine, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube. Always keen for a banter as they say - that's where a lot of my ideas come from for vids or challenges.


Thanks for this opportunity. It's been great.




Thank you Matty - you're certainly an inspiration!

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Thanks Brad,


Hi Matty,


I just want to tell you how impressed I am with you.  You are very expressive, seem to be able to set reachable goals and are a genuine person.  You had me at "..... it's like "gravy on a biscuit.""  Keep up your studies, play golf & have fun.

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Hybrid: Ben Hogan VKTR 3 Hybrid(18*)w/Recoil ES regular shaft

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Bag: Vice cart bag(Black). 

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Using Shot Scope V3 and MG4000 Rangefinder

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