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Watch or no watch?


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While I think watches look very cool I am not a watch wearer. The main reason being I have a cell phone always on me so I have zero need for it.


Are you a watch wearer or not? And what is your favorite watch?

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Driver:   :callaway-small: Epic 10.5 set to 9.5 w/ Tour AD-DI 44.5

FW:   :cobra-small: F6 baffler set at 16º

Hybrid:  NONE
Irons:   :taylormade-small:  3i 2014 TP CB  4-PW 2011 TP MC w/ TT S400

Wedges:   :nike-small: 52º :nike-small: 56º  :edel-golf-1: 60 º w/ KBS C-Taper XS Soft-stepped

Putter:   :ping-small: Sigma G Tyne 34 inches Gold dot



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I am a watch guy and right now my favorite is a Tag Heuer Aquaracer that I got a few months ago.


:titleist-small: TSR3 10* Project X HC Yellow 76g 6.5

:titleist-small: TSR2+ 13* Diamana Blueboard 83x

:callaway-small: Apex UW 17* UST Elements Wind 9f5

:titleist-small: TSI3 20* AD DI 95x

:PXG: 0311 ST 5 -PW KBS $Taper 130

:PXG: Sugar Daddy 50* KBS $Taper 130

:bettinardi-small: HLX 3.0 54* & 58* TTDG S400

:odyssey-small: Toulon Madison BGT Fire 34"

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I used to be, but since my shattered left wrist 15 years ago, I seldom wear anything on my left wrist......so now I game a Nike Fuel on my right wrist.....and it functions for a watch.


My drawer still holds several Seikos, a Raymond Weil and a couple gimick watches(U of KY watch etc.).....they all need batteries.

Driver: image.png.6ba1c8a254ad57aa05e527b74c2e04ba.png0211 w/Evenflo Riptide CB Regular shaft & 0811 XF w/Evenflo Riptide CB Senior shaft

Fairways:  image.png.80321f01fc46450b6f428c7daf7b3471.png0211 5W & 7W w/ Evenflo Riptide CB  regular shaft and Tour Edge E521 9W w/Fubuki HD50 regular shaft

Hybrid: None in bag at the moment

IronsTitleist T300 5-PW w/Fubuki MV Senior graphite shafts w/Golf Pride Tour

Wedges: Titleist T300 48* GW w/Fubuki MV Senior shaft and SCOR 4161 54*/57* wedges V sole & Genius 10 shafts…Cleveland RTX Zipcore (54*/58*) w/DG Spinner wedge shafts on back burner for now.

Putter: 33”   Evnroll ER2 w/Evnroll Gravity Grip 

Bag: Vice cart bag(Black/Lime). 

Ball: Maxfli Tour CG & Titleist Pro V1x.

Using Shot Scope V3 and MG4000 Rangefinder


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Never have been, was very excited once the cell phone came about and I could do time that way.  Loved the GPS feature of the watch but couldn't get used to it and had to abandon it for play.


Not a watch person!

Taylor Made Stealth 10.5  Aldila Ascent Red R flex

Ping G410 5, 7, 9 wood  Alta 65 R flex

Wilson D7 forged 5-GW -  Mamiya recoil 460 R flex

SCOR 52, 56  

Ping Glide 3.0  Ping Eye 2 grind 58.8

L.A.B. Mezz.1 32.5"

Titleist Pro VIx optic yellow with revkev stamped on them


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I wear a watch every day, stainless Seiko Sports 150 I bought in San Francisco in 1997. I don't, however, wear it when I play. Keys, wallet and watch go into the valuables pocket of my bag. 

In the bag:
Driver: :titelist-small: TSi2 Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Black 6.0
Hybrid: :mizuno-small: Fli Hi 3 & 4 Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Black 80 6.0

Irons: :mizuno-small: JPX 923 HMP 5-PW UST Mamiya Recoil 95 F4
Wedges: :mizuno-small: T-22 Denim Copper 48°, 52° & 56° UST Mamiya Recoil 95 F4
Putter :Sub70: Sycamore 005 Wide Blade
:Ogio: Alpha Convoy 514
Balls: :mizuno-small: RB Tour or RB Tour X

Cart: :CaddyTek: CaddyLite ONE Ver. 8

God Bless America🇺🇸, God save the King🇬🇧, God defend New Zealand🇳🇿 and thank Christ for Australia🇦🇺!

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Used to wear one everyday to work. My insulin pump has a clock on it, so I always have the time.

I like the watch though and wear it when I do get a little more dressed up. Seiko Kinetic all titanium. Very light.

Just have to shake it a few times to get it going and set the time if I haven't worn it for a long time.

I try to take as few things to be potentially stolen to the course with me as possible, so the watch stays home.

"Glute Activator"


*Please accept my contributions of participation and intellectual property sharing as substitute for monetary renumeration.

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I'm a watch geek! Right now its Invicta, Bullova, Tag and Wegner Swiss Army. Can't beat the Invicta's for the money though. I'm a big fan of the Russian Divers. But, way to big and heavy to wear while playing!

Driver: :adams-small: XTD Ti 9* Matrix Ozik Red Tie s flex                        

Fairway: :cobra-small: AMP 15* Aldila RIP s flex               

Hybrid:  :cleveland-small: 588 Custom 20.5* Matrix Ozik Altus

Irons: :taylormade-small:  2014 Tour Preferred MC 4-pw w/ KBS Tour s flex +1"  

Wedges:  :scatch-golf-1: 8620 50*DD w/ KBS Rev, 54* and 58* DD w/ KBS C-Taper  

Putter: :bridgestone-small:  TD-01 True Balance 34"




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Definitely a watch person. I only own two watches currently, both are quartz, but I would like to own a very nice mechanical watch one day. There are a too many that I like, Ball, Hamilton, IWC, Omega, Sinn and much more. I realize I could use a cell phone to look up time but there are many more reasons as to why I like watches, they are mechanical art. There are some nice quartz watches as well such as Swiss Army. 

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I used a pocket watch when I was in school to put on the desk when taking tests. Since school, I have only had two watches; Seiko and a G-Shock, both are in the dresser needing batteries. Went to the cell phone about 5 years ago, and haven't looked back. Watches and jewelry get in the way of golf.


So... thinking about it, I have had the same number of watches as I have had putters. 3 Amazing huh?

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We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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I never wear a watch when I play, but generally wear one off the course.  I only have two, one for everyday my daughter gave me years ago and my Dad's Bulova I wear for special occasions.

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What's In The Bag

Driver :titelist-small:

Titleist 913 D2 10.5* (set to 9.75* / Neutral) 46" Paderson KINETIXX Kevlar Green - R

Fairway Wood

Tom Wishon 949 MC 16.5* Fujikura Speeder 569-A

Hybrid  :cleveland-small: Hibore 22* Aldila VS Proto Blue

Irons  :ping-small: G series 5-P

Wedges :ping-small:Glide 54* SS / 60* TS - SCOR 53*

Putter     :nike-small: Nike Method 001 / P2 Reflex grip 35"


Master Grip Tour C4


Datrek DG Lite  

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Bought a watch when I graduated middle school. Wore it for a year or two but between batteries dying and my wrist becoming tree limb sized didn't wear one for a while.


Bought another watch last year but it fell apart on me within months, and just ordered a new one for cheap off Amazon two days ago.

 Driver:   :callaway-small:  Epic Flash 12 Degree

Wood: :callaway-small:  GBB 3 Wood
Hybrid: :callaway-small: Razr 4 hybriid stiff stock shaft.
Irons: :callaway-small: X2 Hot 4 iron (pro version) 5 iron - Gap Wedge (non pro version).  KBS 120g Shaft stiff cut 1/2  inch bent 1°upright
Wedges: :vokey-small: 52° 56° and 60°.
All grips are Golf pride grips midsized
Putter (lefty):  Odyssey Metal-X #8 34", stock shaft bent 2° Superstroke grip
Golf Balls:   :titelist-small: 2018-9 Pro-V1x and Prov1s
Shoes:  :footjoy-small:  Dryjoy tours

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I'm for sure a watch guy. Love my Citizen watches. Have a few cheaper Fossil watches too. However, I don't wear while playing. Watch, keys, and wallet all go into my bag. 

Driver - Tour Edge Exotics XCG 7 Beta w/ Paderson shaft 44"

Fairway Metal - :nike-small: Vapor Fly 15* w/ Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 65F 43"

Irons - :taylormade-small: SLDR 4i-pw w/ KBS Tour C-Taper 90S

Wedges - :edel-golf-1: 54* and 58* Digger grind

Putter - :scotty-cameron-1: 2015 GoLo 3 33"

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I used to never be a watch guy until a couple years ago.  Im a watch wearer now though and I like it.  No other reason just because I like the way it feels.  I dont have an expensive watch, just a cheapie $50 Casio G-Shock from Target.  Id love to have a nice Seiko or Citizen but right now spending money on other, more practical things take a higher priority.

"I suppose its better to be a master of 7 than to be vaguely familiar with 14." - Chick Evans

Whats in my Sun Mountain 2.5+ stand bag?

Woods: Tommy Armour Atomic 10.5* 

Hybrid: Mizuno MP Fli-Hi 3H

Irons: Mizuno T-Zoid True 5, 7 and 9-irons

Wedge: Mizuno S18 54* and Top Flite chipper

Putter: Mizuno Bettinardi A-02

Ball: Maxfli Tour X

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On the golf course you can tell it's time to quit when the sun starts going down.  Getting up in the middle of the night to pee is the only time I HAVE to know what time it is.  

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We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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A throwback Friday thread!

I have a new watch arriving on Monday (if FedEx behaves properly). It's a Fossil hybrid watch: it has real hands, but the face of the watch is also an e-ink display, so it can show notifications.

This thread was started five years ago: presumably, the ubiquity of smart phones has made watch-wearing even less common. So how about it: how many of you are watch-wearers?

And though this thread isn't specifically about golf, thinking about watches made me recall this post from Andrew Rice on the effect of wearing a watch on the course: https://www.andrewricegolf.com/andrew-rice-golf/2012/09/when-you-play-watch-or-no-watch. This test showed a noticeable effect on swing speed. I tweeted to him today asking if he's ever tried replicating that effect.

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:titelist-small: TS3
:callaway-small: Mavrik Sub Zero 15°, Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 70 S
:cobra-small: F6 5-6W, 18.5°, Fujikura Motore 6.3
:callaway-small: XR Pro 20°, Project X 75 Black HYB S
:755178188_TourEdge: CBX Iron-Wood 22°, Project X HZRDUS Black 6.0 85g
:Sub70: 699 Pro, Modus3 105, 6–PW
:Sub70: Forged Black 50°, 54°, and 58°
:edel-golf-1: EAS 4.0
:taylormade-small: TP5x

Full WITB with pictures

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I have a Fitbit I wear on a daily basis but my nicer Tissot watch hardly ever gets worn anymore. Unfortunately a watch that only shows the date/time seems pretty lacking these days.

For golf I’d much rather have an Arccos Link than mess with a watch like the Shot Scope. Maybe the smaller V3 will change that but I’m just not much of a watch while golfing person.

Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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Driver: :cobra-small: RADSPEED 10.5°, Project X Even Flow RIPTIDE 60 6.5
Fairway Wood:  :cobra-small: RADSPEED, Fujikura Motore 70 X
3 Hybrid: :cobra-small:F9, LA Golf Tour AXS Red 85 X
4 Hybrid: :cobra-small:F9, LA Golf Tour AXS Red 85 X
5-PW: :mizuno-small: JPX 919 Forged, KBS Tour Stiff
Wedges: :vokey-small: Jet Black 50°08F, 54°12D, 58°08M, True Temper Dynamic Gold Black S200
Putter: :odyssey-small: Stroke Lab Black 7

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