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Wilson Staff Announced the GolfSpy MBP neXus Stand Bag!

GolfSpy Barbajo

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Big news from Wilson Staff!!  


Do you guys remember last year's neXus Stand Bag Design contest? That contest was won by none other than our own GolfSpy MBP!! Well, Wilson announced yesterday the new "Mann Bag," as we're calling it, is finally ready for sale. This was posted on Wilson Social Media yesterday...


Wilson Mann bag.jpg


Nice bow tie!


Anyway, Dan's design was one of over 3,200 entries in Wilson's design competition. The three finalists were chosen by a committee of Wilson Staff staff, and the "Mann Bag" beat out two others in a week-long social media competition - edging out two other designs that were, quite frankly, nowhere near as cool as Dan's!  


"I really wanted a yellow bag," ways Dan, "and no one had a nice one. This was my chance to get exactly what I want. And I really wanted a Wilson bag since I saw a badass Ionix bag in a store.


"The color scheme really pops, but it's not offensive and should work for a broader range of golfers."


nexus-full-big.jpg  nexus-standing.jpg


Those of us lucky enough to know Dan know he's a stylin' dude. And since he's been showing off his neXus, he's getting even more attention,


"It's a head turner, that's for sure," says Dan. "Everyone wants to know where I got and where they can get one!"


The Wilson Staff neXus won the 2014 MyGolfSpy Stand Bag Most Wanted competition (click here), and finished a very strong 2nd in the 2015 competition (click here).  


The Mann Bag is now available on Wilson's website (click here).


And here are some shots of Dan's own version -- enjoy!












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What's in the bag:
Driver:  Sub 70 639D - 9.5; :cleveland-small: Launcher HB Turbo; :mizuno-small: ST 190 
FW Wood: :tour-edge: Tour Edge EXS 220 - 15*; :mizuno-small: ST 180 14*
Hybrids:  PXG 0311 22
Utility Irons: :wilson_staff_small: Staff Model Utilities 18, 21, 24*;  Lynx VT Stinger - 16*
Irons::wilson_staff_small: D7 Forged; :benhogan-small:PTx Pro, :macgregor-small: VIP 1025 V-Foil MB/CB; :wilson_staff_small: Progressives (circa 1993)

Wedges:  :cleveland-small: CBX -2, :benhogan-small:Riviera 52-56-60; :wilson_staff_small: Staff Model
Putter:   :edel-golf-1:  Willamette,  :bettinardi-small: BB8,  :benhogan-small:Baby Ben

Ball: :bridgestone-small: Tour B X (2020); :srixon-small: Z-STAR XV

Stat Tracker/GPS Watch: :ShotScope:

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it really is a good looking bag. That front pocket customization is sweet too!



Is it removable? 

Driver:   :taylormade-small: M3 Tensei CK Pro Blue
3-Metal:: :callaway-small: GBB EPIC, FujiKura Pro Green

5-Metal:  :cobra-small: F-7, FujiKura Pro

Irons:   :mizuno-small: MP-18 SC, KBS Tour 120

Wedges:  :cleveland-small:   RTX-3  52 - 56 - 60
Putter:  EVN-Roll ER-5

Ball :  :bridgestone-small: Tour B XS

Range Finder:  Busnnell Tour-X,  Garmin S20 


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Sharp. Headcover is sweet too.

HDCP: 12.0 (GHIN: 3143312)
In my bag, March 2021
:titelist-small: TS2 Driver Hzrdous Smoke Shaft (Stiff Flex)
:titelist-small: TS2 Hybrids  Mitsubishi Tensei Shaft (Stiff Flex)
:mizuno-small:  MP-59 5-PW; KBS Tour (Regular Flex)
 :callaway-small: PM Grind Wedges
:bettinardi-1:  Putter

:bridgestone-small: 2020 TOUR B XS
Sun Mountain Cart Bag
:Clicgear: 4.0 Push Cart (I'm walking 9 outta 10 rounds!!)

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Very nice!  How does it fit on a push cart and a riding cart?  Specifically, do cart straps cover zippers?  (I hate that in most bags).  It looks like the foot pivots quite a bit.  How does that work?


Love the look!!

We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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Very nice!  How does it fit on a push cart and a riding cart?  Specifically, do cart straps cover zippers?  (I hate that in most bags).  It looks like the foot pivots quite a bit.  How does that work?


Love the look!!

I have yet to cart it but plan to try on both the bagboy and bigmax blade

Yo #JustPlayBetter

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Congrats MBP I always knew you were a genius! BTW What is the weight on that bag? And darn it don't you have more than 3 clubs to put into it? Never mind on the weight I saw it on the first pic after I posted of course no one ever said I was a genius either

Driver ---- TM M-6 Evenflow 65 G R flex---- 3 wood TM V-Steel Aldila 65G R Flex--- 7 Wood TM V-Steel Ust Pro Force 65 R flex---  Irons 4 thru PW 1980 Macgregor VIP Hogan Apex #2 shafts-- SW Cleveland 588 56* S-400 Sensicore---- LW Cleveland 588 60* S-400 Sensicore--- Putter Rusty 1997 Scotty Cameron Santa Fe fluted Bulls Eye shaft- Bag My Old School Titleist Mini Staff





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