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US Open at Chambers Bay is fast approaching

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Chambers Bay Golf Course, 09.03.2013-10-L.jpg

106 sleeps to go! 106 sleeps to go!


I was really looking forward to Chambers Bay being my first US Open experience (spectator, not player, in case you were wondering). Alas, work schedule looks like I won't be able to make the voyage to the Pacific Northwest in time for what should be an amazing tournament in an even more amazing setting.


I'm sure some of you have visited Chambers Bay - though it has undergone somewhat of a reconfiguration in recent times. I thought I'd provide the details of what the course looks like now and the changes that have been made:




Want an indication of the excitement of the locals in hosting this tournament? The USGA says it normally takes 3-6 months to recruit thousands of volunteers to help conduct a successful U.S. Open... it look less than two days last year for 5,000 people to sign up (registration closed within a matter of weeks, not months).


Yeah, the Pacific Northwest is kind of excited about its first U.S. Open!


I love the fact that this is going to be a Major on a links course in the US - and that you and I can head along and play this public course at our leisure.

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That's nothing Kenny they tripled at Bethpage Black for non-residents.  It's still a bargain though!  Both the US Open and PGA sites this year are public courses albeit very costly ones.

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Great course I can't wait to move back to WA next year and play it again

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      From the news feed today.
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      Hi Everyone,

      Join a Free U.S. Open Public League I set up - Pick any 6 players - 


      And let's see who comes out on Top 
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