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The testers for the Paderson shafts were broken into two groups, below 100mph swing speed and above 100mph swing speed. Below you will find the testers and their swing speeds, as well as quick links to their respective reviews.

Paderson testers.jpg

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Paderson IMRT Shaft Review

By Wbealsd



PHASE 1: Unboxing/Initial Impressions




Getting selected by MGS to review a product, while exciting, brings with it a high standard to live up to. I was first drawn to MGS by their product reviews because they're written by REAL golfers, not just the low handicappers that drive the ball 300 yards+, or a select group that regularly has the opportunities to test all the “latest and greatest” equipment.


Being a “Senior Golfer,” I can't expect any shaft to provide me with 300 yard drives but distance off the tee is always important, as long as I can maintain accuracy and avoid losing a stoke in the woods or with a penalty.


I'd never heard of Paderson shafts before MGS requested testers and, even after getting selected, found little beyond their website for information about their shafts. Apparently, their shafts are used by Long Drive competitors and at least on pro on the Champions Tour, but I'll just have to wait (and wait) for the shaft to arrive to find out for myself, so I don't really have any built in preconceptions built up before my package is delivered.


Once my package arrived, I was anxious to take a look at it, although I still needed to get my local fitter to install it in my extra adapter for my Titleist 913D2 driver.






Jason Horodezky from Paderson contacted me before my shaft was delivered, to ensure I received the correct shaft (KINETIXx Loaded KEVLAR BLUE driver shaft:1@KB972-D20-1 ("R")) and the special instructions for shaft installation. The tip is “pre-prepped” and could be damaged if not installed correctly!




As you can see in the following picture, the shafts are very distinctive, not just in their bold green color (the Blue model shaft has blue lettering, but all their shafts are green) but in the “weave” in the butt section.




My understanding for the woven pattern in the butt section is that it increases stability with less mass, keeping the shaft light, but stable. I could be wrong, but that makes sense to me.


I consider the shaft attractive and believe the color matches well with my Titleist driver head. If this shaft performs well for me, I'll be happy no matter what color the shaft is, although I suspect that some people with drivers that have bold colors might rule out using a shaft that's only available in the color green I'm not that guy.




Now that the shaft is in my hands, the next step is a trip to my fitter to get ready to find out just how this pretty shaft will actually perform for me!

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Phase 2: The Official Review




FINALLY, there's been a few (too few) days when the courses are open and available to use the shafts for the purpose they're intended for, hitting golf balls as long and straight as possible OUTSIDE ON A GOLF COURSE!


I was able to get the necessary launch monitor testing done a few weeks ago, but it's been pure agony watching the weather reports and waiting for those rare days when it's possible to tee up on a real golf course. Not to knock the technical data one gets from launch monitors, but that's not the ultimate test. No matter what testing equipment used, or what the numbers are inside, the equipment has to perform on the courses we actually play. Taking performance from inside to outside is like taking a great range session to the course, and that doesn't always work out the way it's supposed to.


Of course, that doesn't mean the numbers aren't important, so that's still the starting point.


I gathered my launch monitor data using a Foresight GC2 in my indoor “Golf Lab” while the snow was still on the ground. For testing, I used two near identical heads (Titleist 910 D2 & 913 D2) both set to my normal 11.35* loft at neutral lie. The shaft I've been gaming the past year is a Fujikura EXS 6.0-S. I switched shafts between the heads during testing, just in case there was any noticeable difference in results, although the data didn't show any. Shaft results were consistent regardless of which head was used.


In my case, the weather delay was beneficial, since the Kevlar Blue shaft I received for the review turned out not to fit my swing, since it was selected solely on swing speed. I was having to adjust my swing to try and “fit to the shaft” to get results even close to what I was getting with my Fujikura. I contacted Jason with Paderson and sent him my initial results and answered a questionnaire about my swing. Once Jason and I reviewed the results, he sent me the Kevlar Green model to replace the Kevlar Blue. You'll be able to see the difference in the lab results.



While I'm not a fitter, the specs for the shafts used in this review all look pretty similar to me. What I understood, discussing the shaft differences between the Kevlar Blue and Kevlar Green shafts with Jason, is that the difference in the Bend Profiles are what make them perform so much differently for me. The Kevlar Blue, while fit for my swing speed, is designed for a slow speed/smooth transition, where my swing is more of a slow speed/aggressive transition.


Whatever the difference is, I'm able to swing my “normal” swing without trying to adjust to the shaft and it “feels right!”


Shaft Specs





KB972-D20 D20 ( R ) 46" 67g 240cpm 4.4° . 335" 3.00" . 610" 13.00" MID MEDIUM* SOFT* 40T.30T, KEVLAR, 3K Fiber



KG860-D20 D20 ( R ) 46" 69g 240cpm 4.7° 335" 3.00" . 610" 6.00" MID MEDIUM* MED/SOFT* 40T.30T, KEVLAR, 3K Fiber





6.0 S 46 64 120 80 4.5 .335 3.5 600 L/M M/H H


Launch Monitor Results

Club Club Head Speed Ball Speed Launch Angle Azimuth Side Spin Back Spin Total Spin Descent Angle Carry Total Distance Offline Peak Height

Fujikura EXS 6.0

Average 83 121 11.9 2.3 -236 2350 2382 31 190.23 220.77 1.32 20.8

Paderson Blue

Average 81.95 119.38 14.03 0.9 -208.43 2424 2458.1 35.14 189.72 215.88 -3.66 24.49

Paderson Green

Average 84.25 122.63 12.55 0.28 -57.38 2294.19 2354.38 32.5 195.05 224.41 -1.65 22.27


While the differences in my test results may not look dramatic, they're significant. I'll never be considered a long ball hitter, so getting the ball in play is critical. I was never able to swing the Kevlar Blue without thinking about adjustments and, while I liked the ball flight and my spin numbers were good, I lost almost 5 yards total distance compared to my “gamer.” However, with the Paderson Kevlar Green, I GAINED 5 yards of carry distance and about 3.5 yards total!!. Most importantly, the distance gains didn't result in a loss of accuracy.


I had FAR too much time to gather stats from hitting a screen, waiting for the snow to melt, so I was eager to get outside to see if these results would translate to the course.


For course testing, I carried both drivers and hit two drives on each hole I normally use a driver on, as well as some with really narrow fairways I usually use a fairway wood or hybrid off the tee.


What I found on the course was even better than my expectations. On virtually ever hole I used driver on, the Paderson matched or exceeded the performance of the EXS. On the occasions it didn't, it was “user error” that made the difference.


On layouts with hazards I often have trouble carrying, or would normally lay up, I was able to carry them with the Paderson. I was closer to the green on most holes and I was better able to position my drives, the more I grew accustomed to playing with it.


Of all the clubs in my bag, the one I was least likely to consider replacing was my driver. I didn't even consider volunteering to test the Paderson shaft, since I had been fitted for the EXS about a year ago and was pleased with the improvement I gained over the stock shaft that came with my Titleist. I really glad they requested some “slowpokes” for the test, or I wouldn't have realized the improvement I'm getting from this shaft.


While the differences don't LOOK dramatic “by the numbers,” the gains off the tee and the CONSISTENCY I'm gaining is building confidence the more I'm able to play with it.


I'd never heard of Paderson shafts before this evaluation, but now that I have, I'd consider their shafts for every club in my bag.


I hope fitters in my area become aware of this brand, as it's one that should be seriously looked at by anyone wanting to upgrade.


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Despite all the hoopla, the raves during the evaluations and the reviews, the ultimate test for any golf gear is:  IS IT STILL IN THE BAG???


I'll admit, I've taken it out a few times, particularly if I've had trouble keeping my drives in the fairway.  If I'm struggling in some aspect of my game, it's OBVIOUSLY an equipment problem, right? - lol  I've made some progress in clearing out my golf club museum, but at heart, I'll always be in search of "The Perfect Club" (or shaft) and frankly, I'll probably always be a "Ho" at heart.


In the past 6 months, I've taken the Paderson out for a Fujikura Speeder 569, EXS, Aldila RIP for brief periods of time and even gamed my my old Cleveland Launcher with a Diamana for a couple of rounds.


In the end though, I keep putting the Paderson back in its proper place at the top of my bag, since nothing else has equaled, let alone bettered, the results for both distance and accuracy I get from the Paderson when I strike the ball the way I'm supposed to.  Side by side testing, on the range and round after round, the Paderson outperforms them all.


I can't say the Paderson shaft will be the best fit for everyone, since I'm sure that's not true.  Everybody's swing is different and "one size, can't fit all."


I CAN say that the Paderson/Titleist 910 combo performs for ME, better than anything I've ever played before.


It's in the bag, there's nothing really more to say.


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Kevlar!  The shaft is made of Kevlar! Kevlar is used to build fighter jets, bullet proof vests, stab proof vests, Formula One racing cars, cut proof gloves......did I mention fighter jets?  Now it has found its way into golf shafts. Seriously, how cool is that?




The sturdy, white, triangular, unassuming box with a company envelope taped up on it arrived with no damage via UPS. While there was nothing wrong with this box, there was nothing special about it either.  If I could only use one word to sum up any preconceived thoughts about Paderson, I would have to use the word quality.  So while I wasn't expecting a Kevlar wrapped shipping tube I was expecting something that was at least custom printed. But hey, it's just a box. The shaft, I liked.




Very cool graphics, good looking shaft. I was surprised at how ultra thin the shaft wall is near the butt.




The spine came pre-marked from Paderson, and I installed the shaft to play with the spine. This is a quality feature as most people cannot spine their own shafts. I do believe it makes a difference in both accuracy and consistency. I'm looking forward to testing this shaft out and see if there are any increases to performance and feel.

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Paderson Shafts

Official MGS Forum Review by BK in TEXAS


Good looking shafts aren't they?

For this review I'm comparing 3 shafts; all played in a COBRA BIO CELL driver head.

The contenders:

Paderson KINETIXx IMRT (test shaft)

Fujikura Fuel (shaft I've wanted to try)

ProjectX PxV (stock shaft and current gamer)

All shafts were spine aligned and cut to 45" playing length. Spines were installed to be aligned when adapter was at the 10.5Ëš loft I typically play. There will be a little more about the spine finding later on.

More than a dozen rounds of golf were played with the Paderson shaft along with countless balls at the driving range utilizing a Voice Caddy SC100 personal launch monitor as well as a half-dozen trips to Golfsmith to use their Foresight Launch Monitor.


Visually both at the range and on the course you could see no difference in the flight of the PxV and the Paderson. However, the FUEL appeared to balloon just a touch. Looking at the Foresight numbers showed just how high the spin was compared to the other shafts.


Launch / Spin

The launch angle was pretty close for all 3 shafts, with the Paderson launching about a degree higher. While the launch differences were nothing that could be seen with the naked eye, when plotted on a graph with spin, it begins to paint a picture.



Center of the clubface is always the key.

While I was all over the place with the Fujikura FUEL, I was good with the PxV (my gamer), pretty tight really, just slightly towards the heel. The Paderson tightened things up very nicely.

f31c4154-7f40-4a34-85d4-2ba947d70419_zps c9b6895b-2144-45b8-984d-f1523a510f6b_zps 5b04290e-f79d-41a9-9ee6-1113bf522545_zps

Clubface results translated directly to the Foresight Launch Monitor. Although honestly, all 3 circles are acceptable to me, but the PxV and Paderson are clearly a nicer choice..



The meat and potatoes. The pork and kraut. The corned beef and cabbage.
However you want to say it...........distance matters.

My apologies for the math lesson, but anyone who has driven a golf ball knows this equation:


You can't have one without the other.

No, wait. Actually you can't have roll without carry, but you can have carry without roll. This is where the shafts begin to separate themselves.

The SC100 only shows carry distance. It does not factor in roll. Surprisingly, all 3 shafts had pretty darn close carry distances. The PxV having the slight edge by a few yards.

dbc64f7d-b609-4c45-9f26-8eaa4ad29780_zps c2ad1589-972d-41c8-be28-7dfca7cde81e_zps e91395ee-c311-4064-900e-5395faced940_zps

Factoring in roll on soft fairways gives a slight edge to the Paderson over the PxV while the FUEL (with it's higher spin) begins to lag behind. Remember the math from before? Carry + Roll.


Rock hard baked out TEXAS fairways.

You may not live in Texas. You may never play rock hard fairways, but if you do, this is where you want the Paderson shaft in your bag. The significantly lower spin produced a significantly larger amount of roll. This not only showed up on the Foresight Launch Monitor, but on a real-life rock hard baked out Texas fairway. The balls just kept on rolling.


In Summary

Excellent graphics.
Lowest spin of the 3
Highest launch of the 3.
Longest roll of the 3.
Excellent dispersion.

Speaking of dispersion, I'm a firm believer that a properly spined/FLO'd shaft will have a tighter dispersion. It's not uncommon to find shafts with one clear and obvious spine. The Paderson really impressed me that it was one of...if not the...most uniform shaft through it's entire circumference. In other words: the shaft flexed nearly the same regardless of how you aligned the spine. That is a big advantage if you are one who constantly tweaks their adjustable adapter.

Kinda hard not to like this shaft. I'm keeping it.


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Ho No More

For the first time since I can remember......I have gone 6 months without searching for another driver or shaft.  For me that's a milestone....but then I haven't needed too.



All the numbers in my review stand.  I'm still.....6 months later.....hitting it just as good and just as far. It's still in my bag.


On the course

The 2 most common comments from random playing partners:

---Wow, that ball is STILL rolling.

---What shaft is in that again?


Hats off to Paderson and MGS for giving us the opportunity to try out this shaft.

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The Unboxing – Box was just a normal white triangular shipping container.  No special wooden case or awe inspiring packaging.  It was just a white box with a shaft in a plastic bag sleeve and some crumpled up packing paper so keep it from moving too much.   This is the first shaft I have ever had delivered so that may be the norm.  I just expected a bit more packaging – maybe a hard plastic tube or some foam padding. But like I said, this may be the way everyone ships golf shafts.  Now on to the first impressions of the shaft.



This is the first review I have done so my first thoughts may seem a bit different from a more experienced reviewer.  Out of the box this shaft just looks mesmerizing.  The first thing I noticed about the shaft was the color.   Not exactly green, but not really yellow either.  Whatever Paderson wants to call it, it is definitely eye catching.


The second thing you will notice (may be the first for many people) is the weaving in the shaft.  At first glance it almost seems like a decal and not actually the strands that create the shaft.




Even though the tip comes prepped, my club guy had to do a little more prep work to get the adapter to fit.  He followed the instructions that we were given and had no issues with the install.  I will say I got quite a few questions about the shaft from guys around the shop, the PGA instructors and customers, when I dropped it off.  Everyone seems to really like the weave pattern and the overall aesthetics.









I really like the look and feel of the shaft, but if I can't hit it those things don't really matter.   So now it is time for the As much as real test…..

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Paderson KINETIXx Kevlar Green Regular Flex– Official Product Review by Fivesome

My current gamer: AccuFlex JLG Ultra Boom – Regular flex


My Paderson Test Shaft:  Paderson KINETIXx Kevlar Green - Regular flex


My current gamer is the AccuFlex JLG Ultra Boom.   I was fitted for it about 10 years ago when I got my KZG GF4 driver.  I had always thought about upgrading driver shafts but thought that was just a waste of money and time and everyone says spend money on lessons before equipment.  Well, I don't have the patience for lessons, but I do have the ability to make my swing (the “How the hell do you even hit the ball” swing as my son calls it) over and over again.  That shaft is now in my Taylor Made RBZ Stage2 – henceforth simply referred to as the TM driver.  It may look ugly but this isn't a beauty pageant, its golf.  I always thought about getting another shaft but didn't think it would make that much of a difference.  Then I got to take part in the Paderson shaft review.  I mean seriously, who hadn't heard of Paderson and all of the technology that was going into their shafts?  Simple answer – no one knew who they were. Not a single person I asked had ever heard the name, not the pro shops, the golf instructors, hell not even the guy at work who knows everything.  So I did some research.  I found out they seem to know what they are doing.  Or at least they made one hell of a fancy website showing Kevlar weaving videos, pics of some cool looking shafts and lots of technical info.  Of course none of that matters if the ball doesn't go where it is suppose to go.  Paderson KINETIXx is a great looking shaft, but does it work?


Performance at the Range:  Full disclosure – I could not hit this shaft the first 2 times I took it to the range.  The ball went everywhere.  Put my shaft back in and ball flight and results were back to normal.  Come to find out the bond between the shaft and adapter did not hold.  The shaft was installed with the label facing down -out of line of sight at address. During the 2nd range session I noticed (actually my son) that the shaft label was now facing upward – it had done a full 180 in the adapter.  Once that was corrected things started to change. 

   Accuracy:  The range is not my favorite place but I still manage to go hit balls 2 or 3 times a week.  Comparing the Paderson to my gamer at the range proved to be a difficult task.  The range is wide open and difficult to compare if a ball is too far left or right to be playable.  What I can tell at the range is that a good swing feels like a good swing and a bad swing feels like a bad swing.  The Paderson feels solid and smooth when I put a good swing on it.  With a bad swing it feels no better than any stock shaft I have ever hit and at times feels worse.  One of those swings where you just hope the ball stays in play.  With my gamer the bad swings are still in play. Advantage – AccuFlex

   Distance:  When working on distance numbers, using range balls are only good for comparing distances between clubs/shafts and not actual yardage numbers.  Good thing that is what I am doing.  The distance on the range wasn't noticeable enough to give the edge to one shaft over the other. Advantage – PUSH

  Forgiveness: I use the trusty Dr. Scholl's foot powder to see impact position on my driver face so I know which bad shot was hit where.  I know what my gamer will do on good and bad hits and how much distance and accuracy I lose.  With the Paderson it was a crap shoot.  I could hit it off the toe and hook it or slice it, same with the heel.  Not sure of the cause, but it is frustrating not having the same results for same bad hits. Advantage – AccuFlex

  Trajectory: My gamer is a high launch with hardly any rollout.  I might get 10 yards of rollout but nothing more.  The Paderson is lower launching and that gives me anywhere from 10-20 yards of rollout which comes in handy around here.  I haven't been able to get the Paderson to launch as high as my gamer so even bad swings still result in more rollout – It's just that sometimes that rollout is right and that gets in trouble. Advantage – Paderson

   Getting this thing out on the course is where I hope the numbers really come alive and give me a great perspective on how much a custom shaft really is worth.


The Tee Box is about 250-260 yards from my target area – all I can get with the range balls.  But the dispersion is all I am looking at here.  The Paderson just doesn't have the consistency of the AccuFlex for me.




Performance on the Course

Accuracy:  My typical ball flight is pretty high launch with a slight to moderate fade – not an all out slice.  The Paderson gave me a lower ball flight than my original shaft, but the fade was still there.  I can tell when I hit a ball clean and the dispersion on the Paderson was not as tight as with mu current gamer.  The Paderson was not as consistent on clean hits either.  Most were my typical fade, but on occasion I would hit a solid shot and Jack the Ripper would have been jealous of my slice.  Accuracy according to Grint is 52% fairways hit 9% missed left and 39% missed right with the AccuFlex and 44% hit 10% missed left and 46% missed right with the Paderson.  I only used data from the same course over 5 rounds for each shaft.  The misses right were not all bad, just not in the fairway.  The numbers on the course simply prove that my thoughts on the range were correct.  The Paderson is not quite as accurate as my gamer and that is a disappointment. If I go all out with both shafts and try to just see how far I can hit the ball, the Paderson is unplayable and my gamer keeps the ball in the park.   Advantage - AccuFlex

   Distance:  My average drive according to Grint is 251 yards with the AccuFlex and 262 with the Paderson.  The lower flight and more rollout are very beneficial to the hard fairways and a definite plus for the Paderson.  With the same swing I can get 10+ yards and that is always a good feeling.  With a straight shot I can grab my gamer and go all out and occasionally keep the ball in the fairway.  That is not possible with the Paderson.  I lose so much accuracy that the distance gain is rendered useless. FYI  (going all out is just for fun when the round has gone to hell) ADVANTAGE – PADERSON

    Shot Shaping:  (said in my best Allen Iverson voice “Shot Shaping? We're talking about shot shaping?)  I do not have the ability do to anything other hit the ball fairly straight on occasion and with a slight to moderate fade all the other times.  It will go left every once in a while just to prove that it can.  I would love to say that I can hit a nice baby draw with the Paderson when the hole calls for it, but I can't.  That has nothing to do with the shaft; it's just my lack of ability. ADVANTAGE - PUSH

  Carry vs Roll:  My gamer will hit and stop within 10 yards of where it makes contact.  The Paderson will hit and roll along the fairway and come to rest 10+ yards further than my gamer.  The roll is beneficial to my courses and a welcome sight.  ADVANTAGE – PADERSON

Performance Notes:

I was hoping the Paderson shaft would be a huge upgrade over my current gamer, but that just isn't the case.  It feels great on center hit shots and the results are a definite improvement on my current gamer.  The problem is the bad shots.  If bad shots were a little part of my game I would be all out for the Paderson. But they aren't.   My confidence in the shaft is low because of those shots.  I need to be able to keep the ball in play and my gamer give me that confidence but not the Paderson.



 Looks:  The Paderson is very appealing to the eye when pulling it out of the bag or showing it off.  I get asked all the time what kind of shaft it is and what is with all the weaving.  A definite plus compared to other shafts I have seen.  At address, it was just a golf club (did you read the apart about not noticing the logo moving around the club?)  I never paid any attention to the color or design.

Likelihood of Purchase (LOP):

Would I buy this club?  Based upon my hitting the club I would not.  There was not enough of a difference between this shaft and my gamer to warrant a change. 


Subjective Notes:

I like everything about this club but the results.  The added distance isn't worth the loss of accuracy for my type of play and the courses I play (tight).  If I played wide open courses I could see myself adding it to my bag, but with my current courses and level of play I don't get enough extra out of it to make it a worthwhile purchase.

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Paderson Shaft Followup:


The Paderson shaft has not been in the bag for a month.  It is not consistent enough to stay in my bag.  I decided to take it to a club fitter and have it tested against the AccuFlex.  The AccuFlex actually plays to a stiff flex and the Paderson is a regular as it is listed.  That explains the inconsistencies with the Paderson results.  Could that have been discovered sooner and fixed for the review?  Possibly.  But I wanted to test what was sent and that is what was done. 

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Unboxing and Initial Impressions



When I heard MGS and Paderson wanted to give 12 guys the shaft, Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity. Originally, I was not one of the 12 selected. But, much to my surprise, I received an Email from Bones asking me if I would still be interested in reviewing the Paderson golf shaft.......


Hell Yes!!!

Now What???

Who the heck is Paderson???

Besides stock offerings, I've never really been fitted for a driver shaft!!!

Can I write an informative review that others will be interested in reading???

Calm down Adam, calm down.

You got this!


So, about a month after we were picked to do this review the shipping notices were starting to arrive.


The Shafts are coming! The shafts are coming!


Tester's shafts were arriving and the excitement was starting to brew. The forum was a-buzz with the oohs and aahs of those who had received theirs. While the rest of us, were still patiently waiting for that brown truck to roll up. When finally, I get the notification


“Your package is on the truck and out for delivery”..............YESSSS!!!!!!


So, that evening I hurry home from work, pull in the driveway, and there she is! A four foot tall white triangle propped up against my side door.




Elated, I grab the package and run into the house ready to tear into this cardboard triangle to see what awaits inside!




I carefully remove the end cap. The inside is packed with brown paper and a long thin bag containing the Paderson driver shaft. I'm Starting to feel like how I would imagine Ralphie, from the movie "A Christmas Story" must have felt when unwrapping his Red Ryder BB gun. I gingerly slide the shaft from it's packing, and.............




This thing is gorgeous! A real work of art! 46 inches of Kevlar wrapped awesomeness! Honestly, unlike any driver shaft I have ever seen.




I received the PADERSON KINETIXx IMRT Green Shaft in R-Flex. Again, this shaft is beautiful from tip to butt. The Kevlar weave is perfect and very pronounced, almost 3D. The overall finish is a high gloss clear coat. The center of the shaft is painted a neon yellow/green, (depending on the lighting), and the chrome graphics are a nice touch. The visible technology is awesome. It is a very impressive looking shaft and should inspire confidence in the one yielding it! Based on looks and craftsmanship alone, this shaft appears to be a bargain at it's price point.




As I stated earlier, I have never really been fit for a driver shaft, I've just hit the stock offerings in store and see what gives the best feel and results. Up until now, I have also never played an R-Flex. I've tried a few R-Flex shafts and never cared for the feel. They have always felt uncontrollable to me. So, needless to say I was a little apprehensive about receiving an R-Flex. However, after doing a little more research, looking at some numbers, and giving this shaft the ol' bend between the hands, it feels like to me, that it may play slightly stiffer than it's flex code may indicate, when compared to the other shafts I currently game. I suppose time and testing will tell. After all that's what MGS is all about.


The Numbers.


Data-cratic. Right?


Let me also say that Jason Horodezky, CEO of KINETIXX Golf, has been more than helpful with all of our questions, comments, and concerns throughout the early stages of these reviews. Between that and the quality of his product gives me the feeling that his, is an excellent company to deal with.


Well, to wrap this up, since we are in the midst of a “Polar Vortex” here in upstate NY, the next phase of this review (for me) will be some indoor and launch monitor testing.


I will be putting this shaft to the test against the Matrix Ozik Red Tie 6Q3 S-Flex, and pairing it with an Adams XTD Ti 9* driver head. Hoping this shaft performs as good as it looks. I am looking forward to swinging this bad boy and reading the reviews of the other testers.


Stay tuned.

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Unboxing, Initial Impression




Upon receiving the new shaft I was immediately struck by the woven pattern. I haven't been out looking at every shaft I can find, but it's by far the most striking design visually that I've seen. The pictures truly don't do it justice. I didn't think I would really care for the color when I saw them online and in the forum pictures, but somehow it really works in person.


20150214_094914_zpsxgh09lbz.jpg  DSC_5533_zpsxto6krod.jpg


The logo is OK, something about it color wise doesn't fit for me. I think it's the darker shade of green used for the Kinetix IMRT part of the logo. It seems out of place with the yellow/green color of the rest of the shaft.



Looking down on the club during address you don't see this though so it's not a problem for me.
Can't wait for our weather to warm up a bit so I can hit some balls with it.
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Official Review


This review is late, and I apologize to the community and the MyGolfSpy staff. I didn't intend for it to take this long to get the information online but alas things happen.


In the Spring of 2014 I was fitted by a PING nFlight fitter in Houston Texas and they put me into the i25 with an Aldila Tour Blue 65 shaft. I will say that this driver is probably the best fit for me I've ever played. It's longer than anything I've ever hit and for the most part allows me to hit a consistent pull. This is the shaft I am comparing the Paderson to as I had it setup with the same sleeve for my driver so I could switch them out.


Range Session

I hit about 100 balls over two nights on the local range before taking it to the course and the initial results were very promising. For whatever reason, instead of my normal pull shot I hit with the other shaft I was hitting this with a super consistent 10 yard fade. I don't enjoy this kind of consistency with the Aldila as I will throw in a pull hook or super fade with it on bad swings. I either didn't have any bad swings in 100 balls (highly unlikely) or the Paderson was keeping these from altering the shot better than the Aldila.


Some might consider this an issue, but I would take the ability to hit the same shot over and over again any day. Throwing out the obvious duds from the range balls I was very impressed with the way it felt and performed. Not to mention the looks I was getting with such a unique shaft (if you like that kind of thing).


I do not have access to a launch monitor so I was not able to get any real numbers from the comparison. I did feel like even though it felt good and was super consistent on shot shape that the ball just wasn't flying as far as normal. Since it's so hard to judge distance at our range I just didn't know for sure.


After the these two sessions I was very excited to get it onto the course.


Course Results


I played about 8 rounds with the Paderson total over the course of three weeks. I switched out my Aldila for another two rounds among those as kind of a comparison. Again, I didn't have any type of launch monitor or data other than what I saw and my normal playing partner saw.


We both agreed that my shot shape was definitely altered by this shaft. On the course the 10 yard fade was consistent and predictable. I gained confidence that when I hit the club with this shaft it would do the same thing every time which allowed me to enjoy some great driving accuracy during the time I played the shaft.


Unfortunately, as accurate as it was, the loss of distance was real and negatively affected my approach shots. The course I usually play isn't log, I normally hit 8 iron or shorter into all but one of the par 4/5's. With the Paderson shaft I was hitting 7 and in some case 6 irons instead. I didn't chart the numbers, but I would say my drives were probably 15 to 20 yards shorter with the new shaft. I would guess that this is due partly to the fade vs the normally straight pull I hit with the Aldila. Especially into the wind it just would not go at all.


So my scoring actually suffered with this shaft in my driver due to my longer irons into the greens. I confirmed this after moving back to my Aldila and regaining my normal scoring averages. While the Paderson was more consistent, the loss of distance was too much to make up for me.


Possible Explanation


After all of this I wanted to figure out why I couldn't hit a straight shot or draw with this shaft. When I was fitted for my PING driver I didn't pay attention to my swing speed. The swing speed of 97mph that I gave when I signed up for this test came from my swingbyte that I have. About a month after going back to my Aldila I was at a golf shop out of town that had a launch monitor. I jumped on and hit some balls with three different drivers. I was surprised to find that my swing speed averaged 107 on their launch monitor.


At this point I realized that I had probably misfit myself when I put my swing speed in my post. The shaft I was sent was probably not meant for my swing speed and that might explain the shot shape I was experiencing. It was too late to try and switch it out so I didn't ask.


I did however allow my regular playing partner who does have a 94mph swing speed try it in his PING Anser driver. Not surprisingly he enjoyed the same consistency that I did with an actual gain in distance of about 5 to 10 yards. His old shaft was a Blur that he was not fit for. So the gain could have been just because he wasn't properly fit in the first place.




Overall I am impressed by the shaft. I am curious to know what might have been if I had fitted myself correctly for it instead of making the swing speed mistake. I have never hit a driver as consistently as I hit mine with the Paderson shaft. While I am not going to be using it in my driver going forward, I will definitely make sure that they are in the mix the next time I go looking.


I will also report that my playing partner has the shaft in his driver to this day!

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Follow Up


For my follow up I had my playing partner write a quick review of the shaft in order to give his impressions of it since it worked far better for him than me.




First Impression

Well in this aspect... I'm kind of biased for the simple fact that I really like bright and shiny things, so of course 
this shaft caught my eye right away!!! I mean come on, this thing is Yellow with red flames and has a carbon 
fiber slash fiberglass with an interweaving pattern going on ……In short, it's cool look factor is really 
My swing speed is in the mid to low 90's with my driver.
The current shaft in my Ping Anser was a Blur and I really was not disappointed in its performance… I could 
work the ball either way but I honestly had no Idea how much changing the shaft could improve the overall 
performance of my driver and confidence in shot placement off the tee. One of the first things that I noticed is 
how solid it felt (which is a big improvement from the Ping Anser shaft) just by taking a few practice swings. 
The weight of the shaft seemed to be very balanced and evenly distributed, not whippy or light on the tip. From 
the first ball that I hit I could tell this was a completely different animal and I had to adjust the timing of my 
swing a bit, but once I figured it out I instantly was in love. 
I can honestly say that as I move forward with club purchases in the future….at my wifes dismay I intend to 
work with whomever to include (Paderson Shafts in combination with which ever driver head I look to purchase 
next). I would also be interested to know if Paderson shafts will be available for my 5 wood and hybrids…. I am 
truly impressed with the performance of this shaft.
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RoverRick Unboxing

Pederson and Ball.jpg

I was very excited to be selected to test this shaft. I knew nothing about Paderson, and putting it mildly, the web site is “a little vague” when it comes to specs.


Fear not, I was told, we will be contacted and fill out a questionnaire about our swing and the correct shaft will be matched to our swing. So I waited, as patiently as possible, to be contacted. Eventually, some guys were contacted and ended up with different flex graphs that showed the different shafts, and they were kind enough to send me a copy. There seems to be at least 3 different shafts; Red, Blue, and Green.


Soon the word was out that some of the guys were receiving their shafts. I still had not talked to anyone about it and these guys are already getting theirs? About all I knew other than what I gleaned from perusing the flex profiles was that we were not supposed to tip trim them.


I was reading about this when at 8 pm there was a knock on the door, and I checked and UPS was delivering my shaft. Holy smokes, they must have an Ouija Board or an out of work meteorologist or something to pick out my shaft because I still hadn't spoken to anyone about this, and it already arrived.


Paderson Logo Snow.jpg

I already had my shaft adaptor and had read others saying “do not tip trim this shaft”. So 15 minutes after it arrived at my door, it was installed in the sleeve and trimmed to length with a grip installed. Although, I should mention, I trimmed this a bit long in case I needed to blow the grip off and tip trim it later. This was not an issue, and the longer length is not a detriment at all.


The next day after I had played 27 holes with it. Upon returning home, I found an email telling me they had shipped me a shaft and instructions on how to install it.


Paderson ITB.jpg

So now, I have the TMag SLDR mounted on the Paderson KINETIXx IMRT R Flex, in  the bag and I am ready to give it a go. Compared to these old Proforce V2 shafts, the Paderson, at least in the bag, looks very subdued.


Paderson DTS.jpg

Looks.  First off, the weave on this shaft is much different from the weave shown on the Paderson website. The looks of this weave remind me of a snake, where the website looked more like carbon fiber. This had wider lines on the cross hatches and look more “natural”.  The “Kiss My Butt” yellow color, so dominant on the website, but is only in the middle of the shaft and overall, it is much more subdued than I was expecting. Not that the looks are bad at all, to the contrary, it is a great looking shaft, however, I would have been happier with even more of the KMB Yellow.

Paderson Weave.jpg

 Feel.  Also, while it feels ok on the highly technical initial waggle test, I am concerned about the full swing. It has a different feel. There is a definite kick to it. Not a bad feel at all, just that there is a kick to it and you need to have the face pointed in the proper direction.

Initial Overall Impression. So my initial impression and expectation were “subdued” at best when I arrived at the range the next morning. I had been expecting the Red writing in Stiff flex, and got the Green in R Flex. So, I go out to the range with an open mind, and apparently an open face. The first few hits were push fades. So after strengthening my grip and some minor set up adjustments, problem solved.


I have played several rounds with this shaft by now, and will save it for the review, but in spite of course conditions and cold weather, I am having great results.

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RoverRick's Paderson Kinetixx IMRT Review

“You ought to give it a good review, you've been knocking the hell out of it.”-AJ

Paderson Logo Snow.jpg

When I last wrote about this shaft, I said I was not expecting this shaft to be the answer to all my hopes and dreams as far as the driver goes. I have decided to include quotes from guys who have commented about this shaft since I have been playing it.
The Contenders.
The Contenders.jpg
I am a low ball hitter, and while I have made tremendous strides lately to hit the ball higher with the driver, I still need a high-launch low-spinning shaft. The shaft of my dreams was a Fujikura Motore F1 75S. This was my gamer since 2011, and I had that in my 3 wood, and 2 hybrids as well as my driver. However, the driver shaft broke a few months ago. Simple fatigue at the tip, I guess. So I was having to replace it. The top performers, but still not as good as the Motore F1, were the Miyazaki C Kua 39 Special S, the Mitsubishi Rayon Corp. Fubuki Z 50 S. And the Paderson Kinetixx IMRT R Flex. Can the Paderson replace my F1?
On the Launch Monitor.
First, I admit that this is cherry picked data off the launch monitor. Since I had already hit these shafts numerous times on the course and had an idea of how they performed, I only counted those swings that closely associated what my total yards were on the course. I have a swing meter and use both a phone app and GPS watch so I know what the numbers should be on good drive. This was about getting launch, spin, roll and carry information, not to get how well or often I hit a good drive. My swing speed can range from 90, if I allow my body to slide, killing real speed, to 105. However, since the 105 is only accomplished maybe once or twice a week, there is no reason to look for that data. I averaged 97 to 100 mph so that is the numbers I kept.

While the Fubuki Z is supposed to be a high launching shaft, it does not work that way for me. Even when the driver is adjusted, I hit this pretty low. The benefit of that is it demonstrates very little effect in the wind and runs like a deer when it reaches the ground. Not bad attributes in windy, hard-baked, Texas. That is provided you don't need a 230 carry.

The C Kua is surprisingly stable for an ultra light shaft. I get a higher launch and more spin causes it to carry more than the Fubuki but run less and be a tad bit shorter overall.

The Paderson, however, shows to spin a bit more, but launches higher still. This shaft not only had the best numbers but the worst also. It seemed to be just as capable of high spin as low spin. It is slightly longer, because I thought I might have to tip trim it, and it is an R Flex. If I swing easy, this is a beast. If I over-swing, well, not only does it perform poorly, but I hurt my back. All the more reason to be smooth.
On The Range.
On The Range.jpg
The Feel on that first morning.
“Man, I thought I broke it.”-Iron Mike
So, that first morning, I went to the range to get this dialed in and warmed up. I wished I could say it was love at first swing, but it felt weird. A friend of mine hit it on the range and said he thought he had broken it when he felt the head coming through the impact zone. I have not really felt a kick this pronounced since the Talimonti. This kick is both awesome and a swing killer. I say swing killer because you have to let it kick. When you “force” it to kick, this generally comes at the wrong part of the arc and the outcome is not pretty.

After a few hits on the range, I discovered I did not need the extra loft, adjusted the club, and made a few minor set up changes and, before long, I was dialed in and used to the feel. I was starting to develop a strong like with this shaft at this point. However, there is no score on the range and besides, Wilson Staff Limited Range balls are not the best judge for driver performance.
On the Course:
The Looks.
“Whoa! What a wicked @$$ looking shaft…”-Staffer
That first morning, while waiting to tee off, one of the young guys from the Pro Shop happened by and saw the shaft and made the above comment. The looks really attract attention. In spite of my initial disappointment, I was hoping it would all be “Kiss-my-@$$ yellow” but the middle part is yellow, or green, depending on the lighting, with the “carbon fiber” weave in a woodland camo color ends on it. The full quote was “Whoa! What a wicked-@$$ looking shaft! Who the hell is Paderson?”

My playing partners really began to notice it when I teed off and not just for the look.
The Performance.
364 yard drives.jpg
“I have a 364 yard driving average with this shaft!”-me
Well, this is true, IF you only count two drives, that were actually weeks apart. I hit a 365 and a 363 thus on those two drives I averaged 364. (Isn't that how you calculate average driving distance? Take the longest two ever hit, divide by 2 and disregard all others?)

In the case of the 365-yard-drive on number 1 at my course, I had about a 250 carry with a tailwind of 20 mph and saw it take at least 3 big hops down the cart path and disappear over the hill. The ball came to a stop just off the cart path even with the green.

In the case of the 363-yard-drive, hole 15, just last weekend, I hit an awesome drive that carried the top of the next hill, 250 yards and went over the hill and apparently rolled on to the cart path heading for the number 5 tee box. It is 280 to the cart path so that is a great drive with a good roll if it would have stopped there. We, eventually, found it on the cart path, after someone pointed it out having seen it rolling down the path.

Now, back to reality. While I have on a number of drives that have achieved the magical 300 yard figure, it is not without wind, slope, concrete cart path or some combination of these. This morning, I averaged 268 yards on the 7 holes I used the driver.
The Feel on the Teebox.
On the Course.jpg
“If you let it do the work, it's a solid mother…..”-Chad
A friend of mine took hit my driver Sunday morning on the first tee and then 13 or 14 more times that round. He “accidentally” put it in his bag on 18. We were playing Wolf, and I had to tee off after him, so it was on purpose, knowing I was standing behind him waiting to hit it. That was an unspoken compliment to Paderson that he really liked the shaft.

If you relax and, “let it do the work” like Chad said, it will launch the ball very high, and judging from the amount of roll, relatively low spin. The “smooth” swing feels so powerful that it is addictive. It is so easy to “want” to feel the power of the “home-run-swing”, and over-swing. Mishits tends to be a low, left grounder to third base or a foul ball over the first base line and about as big of a slice as you want with 4000-5000 rpms.

But the true feel of this shaft is one of confidence. The more great drives I hit, the more I become accustomed to it. I realize I have the equipment that will give me great drives, and all I have to do is hit my marks and let it happen. This will be huge for me in the long run, because as I get older, it becomes more and more difficult to continue to “try” to crush the ball. This does the crushing for me.

The Conclusion.
After some initial misgivings, I love this shaft. It will stay in my bag for the foreseeable future. It looks great, is accurate, gives me a nice roll, penetrates the wind, launches high, and is by far the best match for my swing that I have come across. The heavier shaft may in fact aide me in not over swinging. I really have seen no down side to this shaft. Yeah, sure, I have hit some stinkers with it. But time after time, I go back to the basics and make a smooth swing, the ball just goes.

When compared to these other two shafts, the higher launch translates to a longer carry. The spin, while perhaps a touch high, is still not too much to adversely affect the roll. I can tee this up and launch it really high and can also launch it low and more penetrating. Either way, the ball flight is not affected by the wind too much. While I have hit some balloons, I would say that I am at fault more than the shaft.

It looks to me that like these Titleist 980F in this pic from January, the Paderon Kinetixx IMRT shaft is going to be in the bag for a long time, maybe not 11 years, but.....
Paderson ITB.jpg

One more thing, Yes, the Paderson Kinetixx IMRT is more than just a replacement for the Motore F1 75S.

Thanks Paderson.


Addendum: Even as I was writing this I had an issue. In order to make this do all the things I said, I had to hit draws only from a slightly closed stance. I have been working on hitting from a more open stance to relieve stress on my back. It simply does not work with the SLDR/IMRT combination.  It does work with the 910D3/Fubuki Combo, although slightly less distance. I may be back to it in a few weeks but, sadly, at least for now, this combo is sidelined.

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Follow up time on the Paderson shaft.


Paderson DTS.jpg


When I wrote the above review, it was truly a love/hate relationship. I was getting better distance with what I call the SLDR/IMRT combination then ever before. I had great results BUT only so long as I hit draws. Attempting to hit a fade turned into a slice. For me in order to hit the draw, I must come from the inside out with a slightly closed club face. In order to do that, I have to clear my hips out of the way before I start the down swing.


It turns out that with my back, I cannot clear the hips over and over again without my back hurting. At first,I thought this was no big deal, and I would it draws only. After all, how many times do I hit driver during a typical round? 14? 10?  Well, it is much more than that because there is practice swings, and warm up before the round so this number is probably closer to 30-40 times.


I continued to work on hitting the SLDR/IMRT draws and fades but simply did not have good results. I was able to hit fades with the SLDR and other shafts, but just could not do it with this shaft. I spent a few weeks with other shafts and had better fade results but no where near as good draw results. Finally, I decided to play this combo no matter what.


Mercifully, just two weeks into this line of thinking, the SLDR and sleeve flew off the IMRT. The "Factory Prep" could use a bit more sand paper.


I quickly went to the back up shaft and played that for a while but then, decided to rough up the end of the shaft better than the factory prep, and attach it to the Titleist 910D3.




So, now I have the 910D3/IMRT combo. I expected to have a decrease in distance from the SLDR. The SLDR is newer and less spin and Forward CG etc... It is supposed to be a much better head than the Titieist. But with the Titleist, I have always been able to hit the draw or fade on demand. But what I was really wanting was a combo where I could set up with a slightly open stance, cheating to have my hip already out of the way, and hit fades on most holes, yet still be able to hit the draw when I needed it to bend that way and need the extra few yards.


The 910D3/IMRT turned out to be the perfect combo for me. Much higher launching than the SLDR. I get plenty of roll with both the draw and the fade with the 910. In the 3-4 weeks since I put this together I have had phenomenal driving off the box. Of course, it has been over 100* and the fairways are baked pretty hard, but I know what is normal, and distance-wise, I am hitting the ball as long or longer than ever. I am also hitting more fairways and curving the ball at will.


The 910D3/IMRT is still in the bag, and it is staying in the bag.



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Going to keep this one short and sweet.


The only thing better than the feeling of waiting for it to be Christmas morning, is it actually being Christmas morning.  That's what it feels like waiting for a new shaft to arrive.  I got the UPS notification that it was coming and two days later a box showed up on the front porch.  I received the Paderson KINETIXx IMRT Kevlar Green in stiff. 




My first impression was that the green wasn't as bright as I was expecting it to be.  I was thinking neon based on the pictures I've seen around the forum and online.  While it's still a bright green, it doesn't quite pop as much as say the Nike Volt color.  The second thing that caught my eye is the graphite weave pattern.  I think it's very cool the way you can see the weave on the butt and tip end of the shaft and it helps it to stand out.  If you saw this shaft on TV there would be no mistaking it for anything else.  Overall it's a good looking shaft.  It stands out without being obnoxious, and it's distinctive without being distracting.  I would however be remiss if I didn't mention that I think it would look better in blue.  But that's just me and blue is my color :)  Stay tuned for the performance!

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