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Would anyone recommend a KRANK driver?


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Exactly what the title says. Im in the market for a new driver (although I have just purchased a TourEdge as well). I'm interested to know if anyone has had any great experience with these. I do like the Formula's rather than the Rage (just going by looks of course. There are A LOT of them up on ebay which make me wonder, If these things are so great... why are there so many people getting rid of them?


So... are they all that they are advertised to be?

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Krank was in the 2014 MGS Most Wanted Driver. Here is the link:




They didn't enter this year.


Thanks Kenny. I guess they are off and running and don't need anymore publicity. The new Formula 6 looks absolutely stellar!!! Im going to try to pick one up cheap. Here's to hoping.

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