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Tony Covey MGS

#MediaKitMonday - Nike Golf X2 Sunglasses

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Here's the first of 4 for another installment of #MediaKitMonday.




Nike is apparently back in the golf-specific eyewear category with their new X2 lens. According to the enclosed card...


"The Golf X2 is further enhanced by Nike Max Golf Tint, A Patented technology that enhances the critical details of the fairway and green by suppressing unnecessary visual details, and amplifying the contrast between highlights and shadows on the green".


I'm a huge fan of Oakley's G30 iridium (I don't play without them unless it's raining), and so I'm very curious about the new Prizm lenses as well. That said, the noticeable difference thus far (still snow, so no course time yet) is that the X2 doesn't bring the same warming effect as the Oakley lenses. It's certainly more neutral, and may even be cooling (again, not a ton of time with them yet). 


Anyway, until I get them on the course, here's a peak at the simple kit Nike put together.









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I tried these on. Indoors so I can't comment on lighting. My only input is that these are pretty wide. They fit my huge head.


Unless they have different size models, the ones they let me try at the Philippine launch compare favorably to Oakley Asian fit sizing.

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