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5 Questions with GolfTec's Andy Hilts

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5 Question with GolfTEC Vice President of Instruction and Education and Master PGA Professional

Andy Hilts




For the past 20 years, GolfTEC has been training and educating golfers globally from Denver to Tokyo. Our very own Mr. Theoo is a GolfTEC student and the progression his game over the last year is a testament to what GolfTEC strives to accomplish with it's players.


It's very exciting to have the opportunity to do a 5 questions with GolfTEC Vice President of Instruction and Education and Master PGA Professional, Andy Hills, to learn a little more of what's made GolfTEC the success it is over the past 20 years.



GolfTEC In Bay (1).jpg


How is GolfTEC different from taking lessons from a pro at the club or range? What is your teaching philosophy?


GolfTEC differs from a typical golf lesson in several key ways. First, we don't just observe a swing, form an opinion and immediately try to “fix” it. We begin with a thorough analysis of a student's swing, using technology to measure the critical body positions in the swing. Combining video with the motion measurement data, the student can clearly see the current state of their swing. By then comparing the key metrics (Shoulder Turn or Hip Turn, for example) to an acceptable range-of-motion based on tour averages, we have a fact-based foundation for measurable improvement.


To pursue our mission to help people play better golf, we believe in a comprehensive approach to game improvement. Because of the many factors involved in both the swing and the results, we don't believe in a “quick fix” or encourage one-off lessons. We prefer to create a thorough GolfTEC Game Plan, incorporating all aspects of improvement, from in-bay to on-course lessons, to build more lasting results.


GolfTEC and our Certified Personal Coaches deliver on a proven system of game improvement, developed over millions of lessons with hundreds of thousands of students of every level. As noted, it starts with a fact-based diagnosis. It includes a series of sequential lessons with your own personal, highly experienced coach. It incorporates video-based practice sessions and includes fitting for precision-matched clubs. By consistently utilizing all these factors, throughout the course of a complete Game Plan, we have achieved a 96% success rate.



GolfTEC In Bay (2).jpg


Can a player be fit for equipment at any time in their development or does their swing need to hit key points before you can?


We believe every golfer should always have properly fitted equipment to maximize their game. That is why we include a TECfit club fitting as part of every GolfTEC Game Plan.


The wrong clubs can have their own impact on a swing. So while swings will evolve, the enjoyment, confidence and fit of new clubs will always have a beneficial impact.



GolfTEC In Bay (3).jpg


Where did GolfTEC get its beginnings? What niche do you see filling? What does the TEC in GolfTEC stand for?


GolfTEC was originated in 1995 by Clayton Cole, then the Director of Golf at Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver, Colorado. Cole was among the first to recognize the opportunity to enhance golf instruction by using the capabilities for capturing data that the era's computers could provide. In that year, he hired Joe Assell as his first teaching professional and manager of the company he called Driving Obsession. Joe helped implement the technology and opened the first indoor location in Denver.


In 1996 a second location was opened in Chicago, and in 1997 it was renamed GolfTEC. By 2002, GolfTEC had nine locations and a patent for its g-SWING technology.


By 2004 GolfTEC had 22 total locations and hired its 100th coach. Three years later it opened its 100th location and had given its 1 millionth lesson.


In 2010 GolfTEC opened in Canada and was named to the Inc 500 list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies. In 2012 it opened locations in Japan and Korea.


Today GolfTEC has given over 5 million lessons and has

grown to almost 200 centers in four countries with over 600 Certified Personal Coaches.

Our mission is to help people play better golf. Our niche is one of dependable, high quality instruction, with highly trained coaches consistent in their approach and results wherever you take a GolfTEC lesson. GolfTEC is also unique in that our Improvement Centers are located near business centers rather than golf course locations. By making it convenient for our students to enjoy regular lessons and practice, we see greater improvement.

The T-E-C in GolfTEC stand for Technique, Equipment and Conditioning. At GolfTEC we believe if you have fundamentally sound TECHNIQUE, properly fit EQUIPMENT and are in good physical and mental CONDITION you will play your best golf. 



GolfTEC CEO Joe Assell.jpg

GolfTEC CEO Joe Assell


What should every golfer know before starting lessons?


We think it is vitally important to find the right coach for you. He or she should understand and be committed to your goals. Have coaching credibility and a history of success. Be able to communicate effectively in a way that YOU understand. (We all have different learning styles) Have access to the technology and training aids that can accelerate your improvement. And have an enthusiasm for every aspect of the game, not just swing mechanics, so you don't just get better, but have a great experience doing it.


And remember, to achieve the results you desire requires a certain level of commitment from you, too. It can be fun and very exciting, but there is no easy, quick fix.



Could you fix Tiger's game?


We're not sure if we can help Tiger or not, but we HAVE helped thousands of golfers of every level to play better and enjoy the game more. Feel free to give Tiger our number.




Once again thank you to Andy Hilts, Vice President of Instruction and Education and Master PGA Professional for his time.


GolfTEC Logo.jpg

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This article has become for me an authoritative source of motivation and inspiration because learning is a continuous process, but it requires regular training. It is a pity that there is not always enough time and you have to go to https://au.edubirdie.com/mla-citation-generator to somehow get out of the cycle of life. Just yesterday, I was looking at the mla citation generator, but with all my thoughts, I was playing golf and improving skills.

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Posted (edited)

And I also want to emphasize the idea of choosing the right coach.

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      Great forum, great community, and I am sure one of the knowledgeable members has come across this question before (or, can point me in the right direction).  I have used the search bar some to pin point this topic to some effect, but haven't come across the answer that satisfies my curiosity.  I already know and understand a dynamic fitting and static fitting work best for shaft fitting and it's hard to beat a good (and patient) fitter.  
      My question pertains to online iron shaft fitting/recommendations from most of the shaft manufacturers and/or online fitting services: How relevant is a question regarding iron distance (say, 6i carry) when your current 6i loft and the set you are interested in purchasing is different?  I could ,theoretically, hit my 6i 170 yards using a 26* loft but only hit my buddies 6i 155 yards using 29*...these are just relative numbers to express a questionable point... with all other variables being the same (relatively speaking) but loft.
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      Matt Saternus (used to be with MGS) of PluggedInGolf.com posted an interesting article...
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      As an avid MGS'er, you know doubt have read about, or even tried, TrueGolfFit - Adam and Tony's personalized online golf fitting engine. You give TrueGolfFit what amounts to your swing DNA, and the engine's algorithms search and filter the mountain of data MyGolfSpy has collected over the years to deliver to you your best fit and first alternative driver. And the fit is guaranteed!
      Now, what if you combine that online fitting with Global Golf's U-try driver demo program? For $25 Global Golf will send you the driver of your choice, brand-new and unopened, to try on your home course for two weeks. If you like it, keep and and the $25 goes toward your purchase price. Don't like it? Send it back. The shipping is all taken care of.
      At MyGolfSpy we're all about having forum members put things to real live tests to experience for themselves what a club/device/program etc does, and to bring honest, unbiased feedback to the rest of the forum.
      This testing was a bit unique as it involved two separate entities that MGS combined into one experience.   As such it took a bit of patience to get all the pieces moving in the correct direction but in the end I think our testers will be able to give some solid feedback on, TrueGolfFit, Global U Try and most fun of all the drivers they were fit for.
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    • By Calypso55
      Usually, when I find that my swing in out of sync, I go back to hitting balls on the practice tee with my feet together.  And, almost always, the drill results in pure shots.
      So, my questions are, what is it about this drill that works so well?  What positive aspects of the golf swing are resulting from this exercise?  And, most importantly, how do I take those aspects and apply them to a standard set-up position and golf swing?
      Thanks, group!!!  Always wanting to learn more!!!
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      Hi everyone, I just joined, and I appreciate the forum.  Cool, just what I was looking for. 
      I am trying to understand why I am hooking my new Apex Pro Irons.  
      My previous irons, Taylor Made, I couldn't draw to save my life, payed them straight or with a slight fade.  I was fitted with the Callaway irons and they looked pretty good on the monitor, good feel, 4,000 rpm, pretty straight.
      The issue I am 6'6" and I play 2 degrees upright, 1.5 inches longer, and jumbo grips.  So what I test isn't exactly what I get.  The shaft is True Temper XP 95, S300.
      I received the production clubs, and now if I hit a 3/4 shot it goes straight; if I hit a stock stock it draws left of the flag even if I am aligned correctly, and if I hit a full shot, the ball draws well left of the flag.
      I am a 4 handicap player and generally a very good iron player.  I can't tell if the irons have a draw bias, or if the shaft is wrong.  
      Any suggestions on what to try, or any experience with Apex Pro irons?  Thanks much,  Rob
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