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We are looking for 10 MyGolfSpy Forum members to test the Super Stroke TX1 club grips.  Many of you have tried Super Stroke putter grips and now they are making a play to get on the rest of the clubs in your bag.  The Super Stroke TX1 is a multi-material grip, with the upper section being soft, tacky cord and the bottom section being soft rubber.


As usual, we're looking for readers who can put the grips through their paces and be willing to write coherently about your experience and provide good quality photographs. 


To apply for testing, reply to this thread with the following information:

  • Your handicap
  • What grip you are currently playing
  • How often you regrip your clubs
  • Why you would be an awesome grip tester

This testing is open to those in the Continental US.  If selected, you will receive a full set of 13 Super Stroke TX1 club grips.








Good luck

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  • Your handicap - 7.5

  • What grip you are currently playing - GP Tour Wrap
  • How often you regrip your clubs - once a season
  • Why you would be an awesome grip tester - besides being just and awesome guy I've been looking at re-gripping and soon. I play a lot meaning probably + - 75 rounds a year. I also use a SS grip on my putter. Those SS grips look similar to the GP grips I'm currently considering. I'll give you my best unbiased opinion. With Photos!!!

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  • Your handicap - 20
  • What grip you are currently playing - Golf Pride Tour Wraps
  • How often you regrip your clubs - every two seasons
  • Why you would be an awesome grip tester - While i may not be as awesome a guy as PlaidJacket I am training to be. Additionally, I wore the largest gloves the Army made while in the service. I have plenty of surface area on my mitts to put the Super Strokes to the test. Last, but certainly not least, if they are in fact the Red blend shown in the photo above, they will go perfectly with my red paintfill and the rest of my Covert red.


Many moons ago before Uncle Sam sent me back overseas, I was a journalist. If you want the full blown ABC News treatment (my old employer) I would be glad to provide it. Starting as a photojournalist and then becoming an on air journalist, I will give you the full meal deal if that is what you are looking for. 

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Your handicap: 12 and climbing

What grip you are currently playing: Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound Cord Midsize (I see the TX1 is now available in midsize)

How often you regrip your clubs:2 times a year

Why you would be an awesome grip tester: because I'm an equipment ***** and I take great pictures. I'm picky about equipment too and I'm honest in reviews I do.

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Your handicap: Currently 20

What grip you are currently playing: Lamkin REL 360 and Pure P2 Wraps

How often you regrip your clubs: Just started doing my own, usually re grip once a year.

Why you would be an awesome grip tester: As I just started re gripping, I am very interested in trying different grips that I can install with air pressure.

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Handicap: 11


Current grip: Golf Pride NDMC standard size


How of do you regrip? Once a year typically. I do them myself.


Why would you be an awesome grip tester: I typically hit 1000 balls per week on the range and play at least twice a week. Durability would be tested rather quickly. Grips would be tested in various conditions - hot, humid, cold, rain etc.

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Handicap: 4


Current grips: usually golf pride NDMC or sharpro dual compound if I'm in a pinch.


How often do you regrip? About twice per year although it depends if how quick the grips wear out. I do all my own grip work.


Why would you be an awesome grip tester? I'm an awesome individual all the way around ;) Seriously though I am very touchy about grips and have very sweaty hands that seem to only work with some form of multi compound grips. Grips are huge for me, I can rarely test a club fairly if it doesn't have a grip that I like on it.

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Handicap: 30


Current grips: Golf Pride z-grip


How often do you regrip? Every couple years previously. I just wasn't playing often enough. Now that I'm playing every week, I suspect I'll be regripping twice a season.


Good news is I'm totally due for a regrip. I've been testing a bunch the last few weeks looking for what I like. I'd be a great tester because I haven't settled into a grip I love. I'm kind of like a fresh slate. No preconceived notions! I'll also write an absurdly over the top review that gives each of the 13 grips a name and back story.

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Handicap +0.3

Grips Lamkin Utx

I regrip 2-3 times a year depending on number of rounds

I would be a great tester because I am very particular it how a grip feels and performs. I tend to find one grip and never change. I play a lot of golf and put my grips to the test

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Apprenti23's Submission


Handicap: Who's asking? Anywhere from a 0 to a 6 depending upon which baggers I'm playing with!


Current Grip: Grip Master Stitchback


Frequency of Regrip: Haven't played enough combined with frequent club hoing has lead to a lack of requiring a regrip, but when I used to play a lot it was 3-4 times a year. Hoping that will be the case in 2015.


Why me: Guaranteed to provide a thorough unbiased review much akin to that of the mission statement of MGS. I have used/sold/installed every grip from Winn Excels and Boccieri's to New Decade MCC's and Iomics. Personal favorite grip is Tour Velvet cords, but my tendinitis hates them. Early 30's scratch golfer and currently unemployed PGA Professional who used to own his own shop. Frequently plays with other PGA Pros and plus handy's to whats-a-handy.

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  • Your handicap  14
  • What grip you are currently playing   Lampkin uTX
  • How often you regrip your clubs   once a year
  • Why you would be an awesome grip tester   - I love seeing how products compare to others and see how they match to others I have used to give other people a fair comparison to help them make a great decision for their golf game.

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Handicap: 4


Current Grip: Golf Pride 1/2 cords


How often do you change them: As needed, generally one a year.


Why would you be an awesome tester: I believe I have a good track record as a tester. I don't throw my name in the hat for every test either, only those items where I may be of assistance to the company needing the test. I would do an awesome job for Super Stroke. I play 50 plus rounds a season, the test would take place in Florida during hot and often wet conditions and being in my late 50's I'm struggling with the onset of arthritis so grips are an extremely important equipment piece for my game.


Thanks for the opportunity to submit an application. I hope that I am chosen but also know that any testers chosen from within the MGS community will do a great job.

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Handicap: 11


Current Grip: All my woods have Golf Pride NDMC's either Whiteouts or Platinums, and all my irons have Golf Pride Dual Durometers


How often I re-grip: I re-grip as needed, which is usually about every other year. With the short golf season here in ND that's about equal to southerners that re-grip every year.


Why Me: Well, I love re-gripping my clubs to try out new grips. I use my air compressor, so for me it is a painless task that takes just minutes to do. I also like to test my club's grips with and without a glove to know how that affects feel and play. Now that the season here in ND is starting, I will be playing Men's league weekly, couples league every other week, and rounds with buddies occasionally on weekends. I will have plenty of time to get a feel for these grips and tell everyone here how I felt about them. I love SuperStroke putter grips and was just about to re-grip my irons with the Splash grips over the winter before I heard rumors of these new grips coming out. I planned to have a trial between the TX1 and Golf Pride's new MCC+4 this season. This would be a great way to initiate that showdown.

Thanks for the consideration!

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Your handicap

- I currebtly play between a 13-14


What grip you are currently playing

- I have Pure P2 Wraps on one set of irons, and Golf Pride NDMCs on my most recent set


How often you regrip your clubs

- generally once a year unless I find a grip I like after trying and switch my set over


Why you would be an awesome grip tester

- i tend to have a strong grip on the club. This usually means I wear a grip out more often than I'd like. I enjoy check out grips for durability and also comfort. As a review writer, I feel I am articulate and thorough. I will always include as much information as I possibly can. In this case, I would try to simulate different condition (stick a club in the freezer to simulate cold conditions, spray with water for rain and sweat, etc.). I enjoy tinkering with my equipment and grips are especially fun to work with since I do my own install work and could even comment on that aspect of the grip.

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  • Your handicap: Grint Index - 6, but with my first baby here that is going up...baby!
  • What grip you are currently playing: Lamkin Crossline Full Cord
  • How often you regrip your clubs: Every Six Months
  • Why you would be an awesome grip tester:

  • I play and practice weekly and in a variety of locations and conditions. I travel weekly for work and I typically lug my clubs with me.  Over the last few months my sticks have scraped grass in VA (Home), PA (prior home), FL and the UK.  I'm a committed range-rat during the week while I'm working and that gives me ample time to put these grips through their paces and provide a thoughtful review to the MGS Community.  Let's do this MGS!

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  • Your handicap  9

  • What grip you are currently playing  GolfPride MultiCompound black/black
  • How often you regrip your clubs  I regrip my clubs 3-4 times each year
  • Why you would be an awesome grip tester
  • I would be an awesome grip tester because I play in absolutely every conditions here in Hammerfest, Norway (Hammerfest is the northernmost city in the world, at 70 degrees north).  In may we play in 54 degree FH, in june around 60, july in 65 in august 70-80 and in september we play until ten days after it has begun to snow.  June and july we got the midnight sun, so I do around 100 rounds a year.  

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My handicap: 7.2


My current choice of grip is the GP MCC, I have switched back and forth between these and the iomic sticky 2.3s


I change my grips once a year, past couple years I have done it twice switching sets and liking a different grip in the process.


I think I would be an awesome grip tester because I feel I put more into the grip than I should. Going between the sticky's and the MCC got me thinking about how those different grips could change my swing. It got me curious, and I have been tinkering with grip details ever since. I feel that the grip is an extremely important factor in providing a golfer with the ability to feel how their shots react to minor changes in the swing and hands. I would love to see these new Super Strokes and get a feel for how these will effect my shots. To top it all off, I am in a position to be able to test them directly against the others in the wonderful steamy conditions of South Florida.

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  • Your handicap 10.4

  • What grip you are currently playing Golf Pride VDR (midsize)
  • How often you regrip your clubs Start of each season (getting ready to do it for this year)
  • Why you would be an awesome grip tester I hit the range twice a week and get in at least 2 rounds per week.  I travel quite a bit, so I play all over the country and abroad so I am always facing different conditions.  

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Current grip-Lamkin

I regrip every year

I would be a good tester because I play at least 2-3 times a week and always with different players so would have a chance to get your grip in a majority of players hands so that they can see how your new grips feel. Thanks for the opportunity

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  • Your handicap - 13.8


  • What grip you are currently playing - Standard Callaway Grip


  • How often you regrip your clubs - Not often because I'm constantly purchasing new clubs almost every year or two. I practically never regrip my clubs 


  • Why you would be an awesome grip tester - I'm going into my third year with my much love Callaway Razr X Black Irons and I need to regrip them now. Since I'm very new to aftermarket grips. This will be a new experience for me and I have no preferrence to any particular style, feel or brand


    Thank you for your consideration,

  • Juan Ayala

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      I started this journey to become a Scratch golfer about two years ago.  Since then, I won a free full bag fitting through Club Champion and had a blast doing it.  My favorite part of the whole experience was the SAM PuttLab fitting.  According to the PuttLab, I’m a consistent slight puller of the putter.  My wonderful human of a fitter recommended mallet style with some toe hang.  He laid out a bunch of putters that fit this mold and I immediately started arching the putter rather than pulling it.  I had never really seen that arch path before and I thought I was going to push every putt 3 feet right of the hole.  Needless to say, I made 25 straight 8 foot putts before we re-tested with my favorite putter of the bunch (the Ping Sigma 2 Tyne 4, which also happened to be the cheapest, go figure).
      The thing that was instantly attractive about this putter was the fact that it could be adjusted for length.  I’m 5’8”, take an athletic posture with my putter, and have long arms.  Long story short, I need a short putter, but everything you can buy off the rack comes between 33-35” (or so it seems).  We cranked it down to 32.5” and bent the loft to 1 degree.  Oh……….my…………GAWD!!!  I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!!!
      Eye Candy (aka Looks)
      First off the looks.  This think is a beauty! 

      I love the tynes off the back, makes me think of a fighter jet’s wings.  Who doesn’t love fighter jets?!?  As an added bonus, they are very useful when picking the ball up after you just lagged that 40 footer to inside of 1 foot! 

      The stock pistol grip is phenomenal as well.  It really helps me to get my thumbs on top of the grip and parallel to each other. 

      People seem to either love or hate insert putters.  I get it, there is soft and then there is too soft.  Not many people want to feel like they are hitting the golf ball with a marshmallow attached to a shaft.  The dual insert on the Ping Sigma 2 putter line is perfect for me.  Soft enough to feel good at impact, but not soft enough to make you question if you hit it hard enough.

      I absolutely enjoy putting practice now!  Get this, you ready for it?  I’ve taken nothing but my putter to the golf course and spent over 1hr putting with my kids!?!  Crazy right? Who does that???  Not a single driver, iron, or wedge hit.  Pure putting. That’s how much I love this putter and how much confidence it gives me.
      I’ve only had two rounds with it, but I’ve had 30 and 31 putts with it so far.  Both of those rounds had at least 3 putts that either lipped out or stopped within 1” of the hole.  Only one 3-putt (and that was on a 60 foot putt, all of my playing partners 3-putted that horrible green lol).  From 5-8 feet, I feel like it is going in all the time.
      Had I the foresight to know that I would be joining MGS, I would have taken stats with my previous putters (yeah, I’m the guy who had like 7 putters all on the bench ready to get in the game whenever the starter started 3-putting) and run an ANOVA on putting metrics to see if this new putter is significantly better or if it is all in my head.  I have since sold those putters and am on the road to a single putter relationship.  You have to give this putter a try if you like the looks of a mallet style fang putter.  It also scored well this year and the previous model as well last year in the MSG putter tests.
      Give this thing a look!!!!  I think I’m going to go roll some putts on my carpet!!!
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      Stay tuned for more great cigar products, and if you find something worthy of taking a look at, shoot me a PM. -Dave

    • By RWankles8
      RW's one word review - FIRM 
      Hopefully you like calluses!

      I've been playing the Lamkin UTx Midsize Reminder for the last season or so, and wanted to see how the Golf Pride Z Grip Align's compare.  My biggest issue with the UTx is the loss of tackiness and grip texture mid round.  I've realized I must have extremely dirty hands because to keep them tacky, I have to clean the grips during my round.  I play in the south, so the necessity for a cord grip is a must.  Hence my gravitation to the Z Grip. Golf Pride hails the Z Grip as the firmest grip model with "heavy cord texture and moisture management."  And indeed it is firm.  I mean really firm, like don't hit one thin.  Ever.
      Its also noticeably thinner than the UTx Midsize.  My 6 iron was gripped first with no additional wraps, and that's when I noticed the size difference.  Not to make the same mistake twice, my Fairway Metal was wrapped with 3 additional wraps of tape.  These additional wraps made the grip closest to the size of the UTx Midsize.

      Reminder grips have been around forever, and in Golf Pride's eyes, what's old is new right?  I enjoy a reminder.  I've had grip issues forever, and they help me place my hands where they should be.  Does the Align tech help - Yes.  Is it any better than a standard reminder grip - No.  One downside to reminder grips is they really shouldn't be played with wedges in my opinion.  If you open the club face at all the "Align strip" gets all out of whack and really throws your "align"ment off.  (Currently waiting on the Lamkin Players Cord to come in)
      Final Thoughts
      The Golf Pride Z Cord Align is a great grip if you enjoy a firm feel and need to be "reminded" where your hands go.  I'll play these until the wear out, or want something new, but will not be purchasing again.  
      3 out of 5
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