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Time for a women's masters?


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I personally would love to see this. I think it would be good for the lpga and golf in general.


What do you think? Time for the women to get a shot at Augusta?

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I'd love to see this!  Hold it the week after the men's tourney and keep the conditions as close to the same as possible. 


The LPGA would have to drop one of the their other major's though, 5 is already too many.

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Won't happen but I wish it would....I heard Paula's comments on this today and think she is spot on.

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I don't think Augusta has tee boxes to support an LPGA event, do they? There's the tournament tees and the member tees. I think the member tees are 6800. That may be too long. So maybe they do have the tees.

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I honestly couldnt care less either way.  The LPGA has plenty of majors already and I personally dont buy into the hype that Augusta is the greatest golf course in the world.

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I honestly couldnt care less either way.  The LPGA has plenty of majors already and I personally dont buy into the hype that Augusta is the greatest golf course in the world.


Sacrilege!! just kidding. Dont think its about the Greatest Place to Play as much as it is the historical angle of the Masters. When it comes to golf history, Augusta is second only to St. Andrews in my humble opinion. 


As for the LPGA, I agree that they have too many majors already. If Augusta gave them a shot, they would need to get rid of one, if not two. If they want to follow the mens tour, then pattern the majors that way too. 

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I don't see an issue with it. Not sure that they need 6 majors, however.


My thoughts too. Nothing wrong with the idea on paper, but you can't force a "major" into the schedule of any golf tour. The majors as they stand evolved into their current status in a more organic way - nobody suddenly woke up one day and a major was created. It needs time to get a level of acceptance - not just from the players, but also from the fans, the sponsors and not least the course (or courses) where you intend to play it.  It needs time to achieve some sort of "heritage" - however contrived and manufactured it seems to be.

That was certainly true for a many events on the LPGA Tour, not least the British Open which failed to achieve major stars from the outset. The Dinah Shore (aka ANA Ispiration) had similar issues - including it's title. The ANA is (sort of) the version of the Masters for the LPGA already IMO.

The biggest hurdle is certainly the title of "Masters" associated with ANGC - it's certainly protected to a level far beyond the annual tournament - nobody can just "bully their way in or invite themselves". If it really were that easy, then expect more tourneys there in general - not really feasible because each current Masters is planned a year in advance for a very small window of opportunity for the course conditions. Since it's also an invitation only event, it makes somewhat of a mystery where to start from.

Like I said, maybe a good idea on paper - but trying to organise the deal at ANGC is probably harder to achieve than hosting a tourney on the moon for the gals.

Nice try, but maybe Paula needs a reality check - I'd be more than willing to elaborate further with her over dinner.

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I'm somewhat torn on this subject. The idea of the LPGA playing a "masters" at Augusta sounds really good, but on the other side of it, do they really need this? Women's golf has come a very long way in the last 5 years or so, I think they need to keep going their own direction and not try to be the PGA.

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And I'd like a date with Megan Fox.   Put 'em both on a list of things that are never going to happen.


Sure Paula and lots of others would like to see it come about, but the reasons it hasn't happened yet have nothing to "neat" or "fair" or "sure would help the LPGA". There's no money or prestige in it for the club,  but many more hassles.   Just ask Pinehurst.   That wasn't a "by-design" duplex venue, that was the USGA not finding any other suitable place to take the ladies with time running out.

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They asked Billy Payne that very question during the Masters, and he flat out said "no". 


I think it would be cool though!

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She is just jealous because Lydia Ko can play there the Sunday before the Masters and she is too old. Hehehe

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It's a nice thought but the reality is that the course is open a limited amount of time and now they want to take another week away from member play?  Same reason numerous private clubs aren't interested in hosting tour events.

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It's a nice thought but the reality is that the course is open a limited amount of time and now they want to take another week away from member play?  Same reason numerous private clubs aren't interested in hosting tour events.


Exactly why the private CC in my area stopped hosting the Hogan/Nike/Buy.com/Nationwide/web.com tour.  I miss not being able to go watch the touring pros come to town, but the members voted, and wanted their course back for that week.  

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Life isn't fair, you can't just demand to play at Augusta and get it. They don't have tees to support them for one. And they're not giving up a second 2 weeks for their members in what is already a short season there. What justifies them "deserving" to play there anyway, as many of them have suggested. Augusta makes more money off of pimento cheese sandwich sales during the masters than one of their events makes. They're not going to give up a week or two of their members course availability for the limited money an LPGA tournament would make, sorry .

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I would probably watch it if they did but they never will unless he'll freezes over. As others have said bc short season, not making enough casheesh and the master's members not huge fans of extreme change.

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