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Handicap: 12


Hogan is the, THE Gold Standard of golf. Class, integrity, and tradition. A few words that describe my feelings on the name and company.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 8.54.21 AM.png

Twitter: @EdmundCruz 



What's In The Bag:

Driver:  Tour Edge Golf EX9 10 degrees, UST Mamiya ATTAS COOOL Stiff Flex
Hybrid:  Tour Edge Golf Exotics EX9 #3 Hybrid, UST MAMIYA RECOIL 670 F4 Stiff Flex
:benhogan-small: Ft. Worth 15 Irons, 23, 27, 31, 35, 39, 43, 47 KBS Tour 90 S-Flex Shaft
:benhogan-small: TK 15 Wedges, 51, 55, 59. KBS Tour 90 S-Flex Shaft
Putter: Buzelli Golf STA-1, Standard Loft/Lie
Ball:  Snell Golf My Tour Ball 


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 Handicap: 9


When I was 13 years old, I took a lesson with an instructor here in Atlanta. Whenever he would record my swing, he would always do a side by side comparison with Ben Hogan. I was still young and new to the game at that point so I didn't really understand the Hogan mystique. Soon after, however, I began to read up on Hogan and I became enthralled with his swing and his story.


To me, the Hogan name is almost nostalgic. It represents the game in its purest form. There are no "speed slots" or "turbulators", it is only the finest forged golf clubs that can be made. When I think of a Hogan club, I think of one thing: ballstriking. It is all about precision and control. I would be honored to put the new Ft. Worth irons in my bag. 


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Handicap - 11.5

Hogan means a great deal.  My 1st set of "decent" clubs were Hogan Edge (not a low handicapper).  Next set was Hogan Apex/Edge.  I always liked the feel of forges and the Hogan versions have always screamed precision.  Grand you, I am not accomplished enough to use muscle back but these Ft. Worth irons look like they have potential.  Currently play Mizunoi 925 pro but would love to move back to Hogan.  Interesting that the HoganFit folks feel I could use basically a 3 & 4 iron.  Not sure about that but I'm game.  Thanks!




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HoganFit experience: Very easy to use and it makes sense. The only question/concern I had was when it was all said and done and gave me my club recommendations, it gave me 11 total irons which doesn't work because that leaves me with 15 total clubs. It says it will fill in between your driver and putter, has you record you FW and hybrid (I have one of each) but then gives me 11 irons. So then I have to drop or change the lofts of their recommendations which kinda makes the process not work for me in my case.



Your handicap: 2


What the Hogan name means to you: Pure, simple, elegant. I played with the Apex Pro irons and LOVED everything about them. I was so excited to see them making a comeback and it would be absolutely amazing to win these and I would give an honest,thorough, and great review for MyGolfSpy. I could even do some video review too which I think everyone would appreciate. Thanks for the opportunity Hogan Golf and MyGolfSpy!!!






Ping G30 9* (set to 10*)- Ping Tour 60 X


Ping G20 15* - Aldila RIP Alpha 80 X


Cobra Bio Cell Pro 19* (set to 20*) - Graphite Design Deep Impact 80H X


Adams CMB 4-GW - TT Dynamic Gold Tour X100


Cobra Trusty Rusty 55* and 61* - TT S200


Taylormade New Spider Mallet 35"


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Hogan Fit Results:  See attached image

Handicap: 3.5

What Hogan means to me:  I've been fascinated with a clean set of irons for quite a while now, but that started with a set of Hogan Apex II's that I played years ago.  I've never had a set of clubs that has felt so smooth at contact, and likely would still play them today if they weren't stolen.  To me, Hogan - more than just a club manufacturer - was always a culture within golf which meant heritage, passion, true to form, and doing things the right way.  The simple look of the Hogan name written in cursive is a true standard of quality and success.  I always felt that having those Hogan irons made me stand out against those I played with, they tied me to the culture of Hogan and gave me confidence that I was a better player than I actually am.  Although I play once per week or more, I'm someone who loves to spend time at the range hitting balls and trying things out.  The feeling of pure ball strike brings me back time after time.  I'd be honored to have the opportunity to try the FW15 clubs and share my opinions as you rebuild the brand.

Hogan Fit_Clockwork.png

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My HoganFit is attached. I liked the system and how it goes about figuring out appropriate gaps for the clubs. My only concern (and it is an understandable one from a marketing standpoint) is how it will arbitrarily say that I do not have enough clubs for the scoring distances. I went back and played at the whole variety of ranges for my 8-iron and the final response never changed. If I have proper control on my gaps from 150 in with 6 clubs, and most of my shots are from 135 in with my current distance off the tee unless I am playing a 6800+ course. I do not see why it is necessary for me to have that extra club. My go to club for 85 and less is my 56, I carry a 61 with a different grind with more heel and toe relief to play more specialty shots not because that is the club I can comfortably hit 70. Just my two cents on the HoganFit process.


My handicap is a 6 and lowering. (I have been taking up the game more seriously the past 2 years and have dropped from a 18 to a 6 in that time period).


Hogan has a special place in my heart with clubs. I am a believer of the "no such thing as a game improvement iron" mentality. I started playing with a set of Hogan Apex II blades. Yes a big cavity iron would be helpful in getting a better result on my mishits, but I liked playing the blade to really get the feedback in what I am doing wrong. There was nothing like the feeling of catching one of those Apex blades flush; pure bliss. There was also nothing like smacking one off the toe, thin, on a chilly Florida winter morning that made me think I broke my finger. I became a sniper with that "E" blade from 100 yards in. Since those clubs, I have yet to find another set that had the same rewarding feel; that includes: Callaway, Mizuno (MP-53), TMag, Cleveland, and Ping. I currently game a set of Vapor Pro (7-PW) and Vapor Pro Combo (4-6) which feel pretty stellar. I was in between these and the Hogans, but I could not find anywhere to really try the Hogan's out. Sidetrack aside, to me, Hogan has always represented the golfer's club to me. The other weekend warriors can keep their chunky, wide-soled, shovels. I want a precision instrument designed around making real golf shots. Hogan and very few others, mainly in the JDM market, can hold that place in my mental picture at the current state of the game. 


I think I would be a great selection for testing because I feel I resonate with the goals that Hogan set forth when making his clubs. The clubs you play should be designed for when you are playing your best, not to give you the clubs best because you aren't at yours. You should not be settling for hitting the ball improperly because the results are "okay" when they come off the club. I will provide a true unbiased review. I do not like to think of brands when I test clubs out at the range and shops. The Trackman and feedback cannot read that logo. I will be more than happy to give a very detailed response to all of the aspects that I feel are important in a club: appearance (say what you want, but how a club looks will shape your mentality when preparing for a shot if it gives you confidence), feel, and of course shot-results. Last but not least, I have the camera to take pictures if needed.




Cobra FlyZ+ 8.5* w/ Kuro Kage TiNi 70X

TourEdge XCG7 Beta 3w w/ Matrix OZIK 7M3 X-flex

Ping G30 19* Hybrid w/ Ping Tour 90 X-Flex

Vapor Pro Combo (4-6) and Vapor Pro (7-PW) [1*strong] w/ KBS C-Taper S+ Flex

Mizuno Yoro Craft custom MP-R4 53*,56*,61* w/ KBS C-Taper S-Flex

Ping Anser Milled - Anser 1

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Hogan Fit Results: hoganfit%20klar.jpg


Hadicap: 23

What Hogan means to me: Hogan brings up History, A name that speaks about integrity, quality, and a step back to the true love of the game.

Mizuno JPX850 Irons |  Cobra F9 | iPad and Pencil

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Results posted in the attachments below.


Ben Hogan is the most pure ball striker of all time. We are still trying to figure out how he did what he did. As for his name it carrys a crown, the sort of thing that belongs to a Legend.


The fitting process seemed solid enough for an internet fitting. With my expirience I wouldn't use it if I were buying a set for 1800 dollars. Vague questions, basic info and nothing that can give you nimbers a proper fit can get you.


With that said I would be honored to test these clubs. I love to flight the ball which is how Hogan rated a club himself.


Handicap: n/a last carried was a +4




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I would love to test these irons. My USGA handicap is 1.0. I attached the Hogan Fit prescription. Email is patrickbraun90@gmail.com.

Ben Hogan is the quintessential name associated with great ball striking and pure class. I used to play Hogan Apex blade irons 15 years ago and really would like to experience the new version.

Thank you for the opportunity.


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Please see HoganFit details below.


My Handicap: 8


What the name Hogan means to me?

Not knowing the man personally I can only rely on stories iv read and base my opinion on his character on those, and since I can't remember anyone writing anything bad about the man I would say hes a stand up guy.  The word "Swing" comes to mind when I hear the name Hogan, smooth, rhythmic and oh so pretty, it would be wise for more people to look at his swing and try to incorporate some if not the whole swing into their own.  As far as the equipment goes, these were the twigs the guy that always took your money was playing the same irons that he was playing back in college and refuses to get ride of 10 years later no matter how many dings and scratches from the years of bag chatter and use.  If I was to be one of the lucky ones chosen to test these clubs I would really enjoy getting into both the numbers (simulator) and real world flight these peaces of art can produce.


Thank you for the opportunity MyGolfSpy and Ben Hogan Golf.


Ben Hogan.jpg

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Grip Size:





in Order


59 39$149

59.5 38.25$149

60 37.5$149

61 36.75$149

62 36.25$149

63 35.75$149

63.5 35.5$149

FW•15 Irons Subtotal: $1043




in OrderLoftLieLengthPrice

64 35.5$149

64 35.25$149

63 35.25$149

63 35$149

TK•15 Wedges Subtotal: $596


Growing up in a neighborhood with streets named after the greats like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Ben Hogan, I was introduced to the greats at a young age. Ben Hogan was more than a name, it was an image that stands for humility, passion, competition, and love. I'll always remember his swing and his signature cap.

My handicap is 15

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What does the name "Hogan" mean to me? 


Whenever I think of Hogan I think of the 1 iron at Merion.   In 1950 to hit a 1 Iron from 200 yards...to an uphill green...after playing 35 holes on a bad leg...to win the US Open...I mean, wow!


I had the pleasure of playing there last year and like everyone I took a drop and hit the same shot as he did (4 hybrid for me!).  Like all approach shots at Merion, the 18th is extremely tough.  I'm just happy it wasn't my live ball, because I pulled it so far left there was no chance for me to get up, down or around. 



hogan clubs.jpg

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Handicap index:9.2


Hogan means: Purist, Perfection, Beauty, Elegance, History, Tradition, How the game should be played. The Name Hogan embodies all things that make this game of golf the greatest game in the world.


Hogan Prescription: 



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Handicap: 1

What 'Hogan' means to me: Precision - Hogan was famous for his exact yardages. He wanted exact yardages, not estimates. He was so particular about the setup of his irons. No BS - these irons aren't filled with slots, inserts, or have insane lofts. Hogan doesn't profess added yardage or hot faces. Hogan makes an iron that rewards a great swing, as it should be. Quality - Hogan irons are synonymous with quality. When you buy a Hogan product, you know it's well worth the investment. Hogan isn't going to flood the market with new products every 6 months.

Cobra Connect 5 Competitor - Team Chad

  • :cobra-small: King Radspeed 10.5* w/ Hzrdus RDX Blue 60 6.5 tipped 1/2" - Peacoat/Red
  • :cobra-small: King Radspeed Big Tour 3 Wood w/ Hzrdus RDX Blue 70 6.5 Tipped 1/2"
  • :cobra-small: King Radspeed Tour 5 Wood w/ Motore X F1 70 X Flex 
  • :cobra-small: King Utility 4 21* w/ Tensei Pro White 100 X Flex
  • :cobra-small: King Tour MIM Copper Irons 5-G w/ AMT White X100 Onyx
  • :cobra-small: King MIM Black Wedges 55* & 60* w/ AMT White X100 Onyx
  • :taylormade-small: Spider SR
  • :titelist-small: Pro V1x Left Dash
  • Lefty
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Hogan is golf.  Hogan is the first name that pops in my head when I start talking about golf.  I'm so excited that Hogan is back as a leading company in club manufacturing.  I love the idea of customizing sets to an individual just like it used to be done.  Not everyone is standard and "off the shelf" in terms of not only lies and length, but lofts as well.  I think this is a brilliant idea and I can't wait to try them.


I play a couple of times a week minimum and my game is getting better every time out.  My handicap is currently about a 12 and dropping.


Loft   Lie    Length

22     59      39

26     59.5   38.25

30     60       37.5

34     61       36.75

38     62       36.25

42     63       35.75

46     63.5    35.5

50     64       35.5

54     64       35.25

58     63       35.25

62     63       35

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handicap 7.5


Hogan name: Unfortunately it doesnt mean alot to me.  I know he was good golfer from the old days.   From the looks of the clubs I can assume he was a perfectionist.   I'm willing to learn!



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23 27 31 35 39 43 47 51 55 59


KBS Tour V X-stiff

Length: -.25"

Lie: 2* Flat

Grip Size: Standard


Handicap: 2.8


Hogan: Hogan is iconic, his swing and the way he approached the game of golf made the game what it is today.  First set of Irons I bought were Hogan Apex irons.  

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Handicap 2


I STILL play the Hogan 1999 Apex irons, so the brand Ben Hogan means an awful lot to me. I haven't found any irons that compare to those. The quality, feel and craftsmanship of those clubs is unbelievable.  I was very excited when I heard Hogan was coming out with new clubs...then I heard about only using lofts instead of iron #'s and was intrigued. I would love to get my hands on these and try them out for myself.



Hogan Stats.png

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Holy freaking crap I'm in for this one! I will edit this with the requested info as soon as I can get to my computer. I've been searching for the closest places demo them and it isn't close the last I looked. lol

I have  three club demo coming my way anyday now. They sent me an email saying I was invited to try a free three club demo. I cannot wait to see them in person.

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Holy crap...talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity to test out some much anticipated irons!  My current handicap is at 8.7 and the word "Hogan" takes me back to my earlier years in golf when I took up the game.  These were my first set of irons handed down to me by my late grandfather and I would love to see how these new irons work for me.



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