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Titleist Pulls Images of 910 Driver from USGA Website


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The images of the 910 Driver popped up just about everywhere on the web including on MGS but it looks like Titleist was not too keen on the idea of the pics showing uo so far ahead of its most likely release date. Here is a statement from a Titleist spokesman.


Titleist spokesman Joe Gomes: "An important part of our go-to-market blueprint calls for getting performance validation from the world's best players before we launch any new product. We asked the USGA to remove the new 910 drivers from the conforming list until we begin the seeding process, first on the PGA Tour, followed by the remaining worldwide professional tours. That should take place by the end of next month. The 910 driver will be re-listed at that time."


What are your thoughts?


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I cannot believe they didn't think pics on the USGA site would not leak out even without "tour validation".


I think they don't want people to stop buying their current line....


lesson next time only have the USGA test them after you have sold enough of your current line.

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dollars and cents or in this case what kind of sense does it make to give pics then pull them knowing they are still out there ?>


um k.

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If they didn't want them to show up on the list then why not tell them in the first place?


Because even though they aren't on the market yet, and won't be for a while. Some tour pro's use them on tour, and all drivers on tour have to be on the conforming list to be legal for use.

I have a revolving WITB policy.

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