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I'm looking for a golf analyzer for Apple Ipad IOS.   I'm looking for a device which can analyze my swing path the best (accurately with good graphics).  Is it an inside out or out to in? By how much?   Any good recommendations?  

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So I bought the ZEPP analyzer to use for my son's baseball swing; and it works great.  Upon further research, I learned I could use the same sensor to analyze golf swings.  All I had to do was buy the rubber/plastic golf accessory to attach the sensor to my golf glove.  Then I simply downloaded the ZEPP golf app for free, registered  and I was good to go.  It measures tempo, swing speed, hand plane, and club plane, and a few more.  Also gives you 3d of your swing, and you can also video too.   I have only been using it for a couple of weeks, but so far so good!  You can also get a "personalized" training regiment based on your stats.  I definitely recommend it!

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