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TESTERS ANNOUNCED - Cobra FLyZ, FlyZ+ Fairway Woods!

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I have been looking for a fairway wood so this would be a opportunity!


I'm a 12.0 handicap.

I don't really have a true fairway wood in my bag. My fairway wood is a Tour Edge CB3 Tour 13* with Voodoo XVS7 shaft and is mostly used as a mini driver (barely used off the deck). And I have a 17* Adams 9031 Pro Black hybrid with Voodoo XNVS that I guess I consider my fairway. 


Thanks for the chance!


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I'm a 8.0 index.


Currently game Taylor Made Rocket Ballz Tour 3 Wood with a Matrix Ozik 7M3 Stiff Shaft.


I also have a Callaway XHot Pro 3 wood with a Tour AD-I shaft in my out of town bag.


I actually am shopping for a new fairway wood, I'd love to try this and report back to the Golf Spy readers.



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1. 4 handicap; index 3.6

2. Bio Cell+ 3 wood with Diamana D+ 72 stiff

3. My full bag:

Bio Cell Pro w/Pro Force V2 76g
            Bio Cell+ 3/4 Diamana S
            Adams A12 18 w/Pro Force V2
            Cobra Amp Cell Pro 4-P Steelfiber i110 cw
            Odyssey Tank 7 w/17" Flatso
            Titleist Vokey SM4 50, 54, 60
            Titleist Pro V1x



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10.1 handicap, play 1-2 times a week - need to find a new fairway wood, mines getting a little "old in the tooth".


Driver:  GigaGolf P3 10.5 degree w/Grafalloy Blue Prolaunch stiff shaft

Fairway Woods:  Sonartec 16 degree w/UST ProForce V2 stiff, Sonartec NP 19 degree w/factory stiff

Hybrids:  Adams Gold Pro 20 degree w/Matrix Ozik stiff, Nickent 23 degree w/factory stiff

Irons:  GigaGolf 4-GW TR11, GigaGolf SGS 56 degree SW

Odyssey Putter


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handicap- 20+ (mostly due to really bad putting)

current 3wood(s)- tmagag rbz2 15deg, stock regular shaft/ callaway xhot pro 3deep 14.5deg project X 6.0 stiff shaft


 this sounds nice- ive always liked Cobra drivers (except for Long Tom) and would love to give one of their fairways a shot. probably would like the + more but would  be open to anything....

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I play 50-60X yearly and have a 8.3 hdcp index.  Have been playing with the same Sonartec 2.5SS fairway for probably 10 years.....only fairway wood in bag along with two Adams Idea pro rescues.  I've attended every demo day at my club for the past several years and haven't found anything that can knock this 10 year old Sonartec out of my bag.  It is 17 degree with a stiff oem Fujikura Tour Platform series shaft....plays more like a 3 wood.  Love to give the Cobra a try.golf bag 2.jpg

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This would be awesome! Currently playing a 915fd 15deg with a Tour AD-DI 8X shaft and am a 5 handicap! Play 36 holes a day on a tight tree lined course and use my fairway wood way more than the driver. 

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Hi, I am currently sporting a 15.4 handicap, was as low as 11.1 last year and lifetime been as low As a 6 so I know the fifference. I am now 65 yrs old and due to my new Cobra Fly Z driver am hitting my driver as long as I was 20 yrs. ago. I am playing calllaway fairways 3+5 (X HOT) with project X graphite regular shafts. As we all know 3 woods are tough clubs to hit especially off the deck! I would love a chance to try out the Fly Z 3 wood because the driver has been such a great addition. I am sure my handicap will be moving downward as I get used to my new clubs, oh ya the irons are new too this spring, so most of my practice has not been around the greens so short game is suffering.


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Hi there! Thanks for considering me. My current fairway woods are 3 and 5 wood, Taylor Made Rocketballz, stiff shaft. Current USGA handicap is 1.7.


Thanks again!



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Hi. I'm a 1.7 handicap and would love to be considered as a tester. I am currently playing TaylorMade Rocketballz 3 and 5 woods, with standard stock stiff shafts.



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Okay, finally out of the cell so I'm ready to be in!  Thanks so much MGS and Cobra for this awesome opportunity.


Current Handicap Index:   4.0

Current Fairway Woods:   Callaway Rzr Fit Extreme 15,19

Shaft Flex R








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My handicap is 11.7 and I use Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 4-Wood and 5-Wood both regular flex. I do own the Cobra Fly-Z Driver and love it!!  I'd love to get more distance out of my 4-wood without going to a 3-Wood.

Here is my bag:


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I am a 14 handicap.


Currently playing Taylormade Jetspeed 3W with a 72 gram stiff shaft.



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I have an 8 handicap.  I game a 15* Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 beta, Matrix Red Tie stiff shaft.  


Thanks for the reads!

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  1. Your handicap - 14
  2. Your current fairway wood and shaft flex - Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 Stiff
  3. A picture of your current bagIMG_1430_zpsfin0ragw.jpg

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Handicap: 24 (Began playing regularly in the last 2 years and am finally showing signs of this dropping significantly this year :-)


Current Woods: Ping G25 3 Wood and 5 Wood w/ Ping stock stiff shaft


If it's not too late, would love a shot at the Cobra Woods - Cobra intrigues me as a company

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Hi gang ---


Thanks for all the great applications!  We'll keep this open until next Sunday night - and will announce the testers Monday!  


Keep 'em coming!!!

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    • By GolfSpy Barbajo

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      That beats a weekend in Vegas all day, every day and twice on Sundays!
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      We're looking for 8 of you to test and keep a custom-built (to your specs!) Cobra F7 or F7+ driver - but that's not the fun part.
      The Chosen 8 will take part in a month-and-a-half long competition using the unique Cobra Connect - the unique Arccos-fueled stat tracker built into the grip of every Cobra driver. 

      You'll be competing in teams and against each other in areas such as Driving Handicap, Smart Distance, Driving Accuracy, Fairways Hit, Longest Drive and Most Improvement. 
      You'll need have some social media skills, too - as prizes will be awarded based on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook interaction, as well.  
      Prizes include Cobra-PUMA hats, shirts, shoes and other swag - all leading up to one grand prize -
      A full COBRA-PUMA makeover!  
      That'll include apparel, shoes and a full bag of custom Cobra equipment - we're talking irons, wedges, hybrids and FW's (it won't include driver because, duh, you'll already have one. And it won't include putter, 'cause Cobra doesn't make one!).

      As we said, this one's a biggie, so PLEASE follow these instructions to the letter. 
      In this thread, tell us:
      Your first name & home state or province
      Your current driver/shaft combo
      Your driver swing speed and average distance
      Your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram names
      Your Smart Phone type (iPhone or Android)

      We'll announce the testers in this thread early next week. Good luck!!!
    • By GolfSpy Barbajo
      Official Forum Member Review

      Cobra F7/F7+ Drivers
      DawgDaddy        Stage 1               Stage 2              Stage 3
      Drewneddy         Stage 1               Stage 2              Stage 3
      Cobra Website
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