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Quik Pics of latest customer's putter, MiniMKGW


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:) Wow! Nice work Sir

"The more I practice the luckier I get" - Gary Player

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RBZ, 14.5, Matrix Black Tie 7M3 S flex
R11 17 & 22 Rescues, Motore F3 S flex
Rocketbladez Tour irons, 5 - PW,
ATV 50,54,Tour preferred 58 wedges
Daddy Long Legs 33-35"
Tour Preferred X
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I love the look of this putter. Especially the uniqueness of the twisted hosel. I've never seen that before. I'm definitely a rookie when it comes to this custom one off stuff, and I'm wondering what something like that would set a guy back. I understand each order would be different, but just curious about a ballpark figure that I could set my sights on. Thanks for sharing the pics!

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