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How often do you get "the shanks"?

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I got one a little off the hosel this weekend while 3 under at the time. I blame this thread... Went on to make bogey that hole.

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Driver- Tmag 2017 M2 tour issue 8.5* actual loft 7.8* w/ Diamana Ahina 80X 44"
Fairway Metal- Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta 3W 13* w/ Matrix 7m4 X 42.5"

Utility- Mizuno MPH5 1 iron w/ Aldila RIP 85X (depending on course/ conditions)

Irons- Mizuno MP-18 FLI HI 3i and 4i w/ KBS C-taper lite X
          Mizuno MP59 5i and 6I w/ PX 6.5

          Mizuno MP69 7i-PW w/ PX 6.5

Wedges- Scratch 8620 Driver/Slider set.  50*, 56* bent to 55* w/ rifle spinner shafts

                and Titleist Vokey 60* M grind

Putter- Never Compromise Dinero Mogul
Ball- Bridgestone Tour B XS

Bag- Ogio Aquatech Cart Bag

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I get the shanks with my chips sometimes. Usually because I'm choking the ever loving s*** out of the club.





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3 Wood - Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tou
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Wedges -   :mizuno-small:
 MP-T4, 50.6, 56.14, 60.5
Putter - Odyssey White Hot Pro Rossie

Bag: Daltrek Carry-Lite Stand Bag

Shoes:   :nike-small: Lunar Swingtip Suede

Ball: Wilson Staff Duo

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I hadn't shanked a ball in oh 15 years, this goddamned post appears and I've had two shanks on consecutive days.  Who the hell puts up a post like this and inspires shankdom to appear! :mad:  Of course the first thing I think about after said shanks is this bloody post.


Some people are going to have a lot to answer for come judgement day is all I can say!

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My Bag


Driver:  :ping-small: G25 Stiff shaft
3 Wood:  :mizuno-small: JPX 850 16 degree. Fujikara Orichi 65 gram stiff shaft
Hybrids: 3 & 4 :mizuno-small: JPX 850 Fujikara Orichi 65 gram regular shafts
Irons:  :mizuno-small: MP- H5 3 - 6 iron dynamic gold XP 115 gram stiff soft stepped
Irons:  :mizuno-small: MP 54 4 - PW dynamic gold S300
Wedges:   :mizuno-small: MP T4 52 degree,  :titelist-small: :vokey-small: 56 degree 10 degree bounce, :titelist-small: :vokey-small: 60 degree 10 degree bounce.
Putter:  :ping-small: ZB S


Evil prospers when good men do nothing.


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I've had them that bad I didn't touch a club for 2 years.

I have a revolving WITB policy.

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Oh man I have had them so bad for the last 4 months with my irons seriously! I hit my driver an avg. 300 yrds. and my 5 wood 230-240 yrds. with a slight draw I never hit my 3 wood very good so I rarely play it , but put an iron in my hand and its shank city. I have lost all confidence in swing with the irons as soon as I get over the ball over. Had my  daughters swing coach help me out but then they creep back as soon as I get to the course.

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Dhayes, you have my complete sympathy. I went thru 6 months of hell early this year and was ready to quit golf forever. I was shanking every iron, every shot. I'd hit a great drive and shank a wedge into the woods. Instead of low 80s, I'd shoot upper 90s. I tried a lot of cures, but the best was to take a few lessons. Before you can cure the disease, you need a proper diagnosis. There are 3 types of shank, and if you don't know what's causing yours, you can't be sure of the cure. Mine still bite me once in a while. Good luck and God bless. Know you're a better golfer than this.

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Per my research, here are the three types of shank.

1. Hosel hits the ball instead of clubface. The face is pretty square, but somehow your upper body lunged closer to the ball, so the hosel strikes the ball.

2. Your toe of you club is catching the inside edge of the ball, shooting it off to the right. This type is rare.

3. Because you're trying to create lag, you're releasing the club too late. You're actually leading with the hosel as you swing down, so you're exposing the hosel instead of the face.

#3 was my problem. My pro said for me to start my release from the top of the swing, practically like casting. It feels weird, but gives me confidence I won't shank. I also set up with the ball on my toe, because I tend to lunge at the ball as well. These fixes has brought my game back. Hope this helps.

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