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XCG7 Beta - Profit from my faile experiment

Mike Z

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I have two Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta drivers that I bought and don't like. 


I bought one with a Red Tie shaft (Stiff) that I had a midsize grip put on.  Total rounds on it are 5.  No serious flaws.  Looks like you would expect for the limited use.


I bought one with a Black Tie shaft and left the original grip.  I was thinking somehow I would like this set-up more...  I was wrong.  No serious flaws.  Total rounds are 3. Looks like you would expect for the limited use.


Both have headcover and wrench.


I will add or send pictures if there is interest.  Asking $80 or best offer within reason.  This looks to be what they are selling for on ebay,  I see some higher buy it now prices but I'm not looking to maximize.  I just want to get out of a club ho disaster with a lower loss.  I'm not interested in lowball offers nor am I interested in holding out to squeak an extra buck out of this.


Shipping will be extra and will be charged at actual cost - you determine the method.  Shipping will be from 48154.


UPDATE: Fixed my typo so you can actually see what the club is.....  and willing to entertain reasonable offers.

Driver Ping Anser 8.5 deg Diamana 'ahina X
3 Wood Adams LS Stock S or TM 14 deg MiniDriver stock S
Irons Ben Hogan FW 15 KBS Tour V S
Wedges Ben Hogan TK 15 KBS Tour V S
Putter Nike Method Concept
Launch Monitor: SkyTrak


Play Right-handed

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