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Looking at the hole... or not

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There's no way I could ever look at the hole. I have to stare at a spot on the ball and either listen to it go in or count to three before I look up.


Takes incredible confidence and trust in your stroke to do that in a tournament or when you're making a stroke that really counts. Doesn't take much to look at the hole while you're practicing or playing in your standard foursome.

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I'm the opposite of Spieth, I have been looking at the hole on longer putts for several years, seven or eight now. I look at the ball on all putts inside my 50/50 mark, about 8 feet. Remember that S

We have had discussions in a putting problems thread about looking a the hole when putting. Jordan Spieth does this for short putts, and how can you argue with his putting results!!   So, today I w

I have been looking at the hole since Spieth was a kid. Well, a little kid. At least several years. When I am putting poorly, it is because I am trying to steer the ball while looking at the hole. But

I have never tried that method of looking at the hole only, but I guess I am close to putting that way I have always kinda turned my head slightly in between the hole and the ball or my target/break line so both are in my peripheral vision.

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