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Texas Open This Fall

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Plaid: for this one, BK is right. It's social.


That being said. I love your idea. Not because I have any chance in hell of winning. Rather, if an actual tournament and trophy (which I would happily furnish if that's what it took) would make more members willing to make a drive they normally wouldn't, I am for it.


The first step in that would be knowing what members would be interested. Second, where all who are interested reside. Then places could be determined.


Hell, I am willing to do the organizing if others will provide notice of interest and their location.

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Yes. I understand your fall outing is only social and fun. Sounds good. Wish I could play this year. I'm not suggesting a grind of a tournament either. Just something fun and to meet others. But with a Trophy perhaps. (nothing expensive) Maybe if something gets organized for 2016 MGS might provide us with one. Hmm? We'll have to think about it.

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