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Idaho Golf Course Guide - Need Opinions/Critiques


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After a night of fruitlessly trying to find contact info for multiple courses in Idaho in one easy location. I set out to make a resource that does just that.

http://golf-idaho.strikingly.com/blog/idaho-golf-courses (Updated this link due to some site rearranging)

This site has the golf courses organized by region and then I also developed an interactive Google map that has only the Idaho Golf Courses. In that Google map, it contains the contact info and current pricing when available.


What I am looking for from you guys is any recommendations or critiques to make this a better resource.

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What a great idea GP!  Nice website.  The map is a nice feature.  There is a card that you can buy in NE Washington (Spokane area) for reduced rates on certain courses that advertise on the NW Golf Pass website.  It has a similar map for all golf courses in the area, even those that don't offer deals.  It's a great place to look up course info, just like your website.  Idaho is so big and diverse with a lot of miles between sections of the State.  This map will be very useful when traveling through.


I like the personal info about your game and documenting your rounds.  I am not sure I would want to do that for my game, but I applaud you for doing so.  I don't have any comments that might be useful for improvements; I think it works for what you intended it for.


I have played a few courses in Idaho Falls, McCall, and many in and around Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls, and of course Spokane since my wife grew up there.  Her dad was club champion at Spokane CC, Manito CC, and Hayden Lake CC back in the 50's-60's.  My wife has been playing since 1963 but I have only been playing for 24 years.


Good luck with your project and nice that you are from Toppenish, WA.  Ever get back up to the Yakima area to play?

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