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Wedge set?

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Hey I am in the market, ok will be buying, a set of wedges... and me being a 10-12 handicap player that plays 3-4 times a week during the summer and when I am not swamped with school work, has never ever had a set of wedges... I play a 56 callway tour and that is it... I realized this is ridiculous because i feel handcuffed at times from 120 in but never seem to make a huge deal out of it... until now that is!


So what would you recommend (I read the best wedge thing but that is so much info to absorb)also what degree set?


I would love to a have a ton of control,stop a ball for once in my life, shred some balls, and of course they have to be pretty!


I am a big guy and am distance and get a little wild with control and ball striking.


I play AP2's (prob should be AP1's but couldnt pass the deal)So if any of you guys play APs and love the feel of those what wedges might you play?


I understand that his is all feel and what you feel comfortable with but I constantly come on here to check stuff out and this board and you guys are my conscious with golf equipment!



Callaway FT-3/ Vodoo

Callaway Fusion/ Vodoo

Nickent 4dx hybrid 17 degree

Titleist AP2 4-pw/ project x

Callaway forged 56 degre

Rife island series "abaco"

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It really depends on what distances you want and how you want to fill your distance gaps. Shape and grind are important and depend on how you use them and what you like. First, figure out your distances with different lofts and then its all about the style you like and the money you want to spend.


If you like the feel of the AP2's you will probably prefer the feel of a forged wedge, I like Mizuno wedges, but there's plenty to choose from!

Ping I20 8.5* - Aldila NV 65g S
Adams XTD Super Hybrid 15* - Stock Fubuki S
Adams DHY 21* - Stock Matrix Ozik White Tie S
Mizuno MP58 4-8 Irons - Fujikura MCI 100 S
SCOR 42,46,50,54,58* - SCOR/KBS Genius S
STX Robert Ingman Envision TR 35", Iomic grip

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I like Callaway wedges but that is not to say they will work for you. I would go somewehre where you can hit all brands outside to see which works best for you. I think all of the major OEM's make good wedges, so the choice comes down to what works for you.

I like 4 degrees of loft gaps in my wedges and I only carry 3 right now, but I have been testing a 60 degree lob wedge. I like the newer Callaway wedges with the c-grind which allows them to be hit off of really tight lies without hitting a shot thin.

Driver: Titleist 915 D3 11.5* 42.50"
3 Wood: Titleist 915 F 15*  40.25"
5 Wood: Titleist 915 F 18* 39.50"
7 Wood: Titleist 915 F 21* 39.25"
Hybrids: Titleist 913 H 24* 38.50" & 27* 37.50" 
Irons: Titleist DCI 990 6 thru 9 -0.5"
Wedges: Titleist DCI 990 49* and Vokey SM 52.08 & 56.14 -0.5"
Ball: Titleist 2015 Pro V1x
Putter: Titleist Scotty Cameron 2014 Select Newport w/SS 3.0 34.00"

"Golf doesn't build character; it reveals it."



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I play the CG15's and they are the best wedges I've ever hit. Reasonably forgiving off almost any kind of lie (if you're smart about the loft and bounce you play in different situations) and I can even get some chips to check up. Highly recommended.


In terms of the set, I like a 50, 54, 58 combo. The 50 is a nice gap closer in most modern sets and the 54/58 sand and lob wedges are versatile around the green. I have no trouble getting the 54 up out of the sand and the 58 is a bit more forgiving than a 60.

Callaway FT-9 Driver 10.5* Grafalloy Prolaunch Axis Blue

Callaway FT-9 Driver 9.0* Grafalloy Prolaunch Platinum

Cobra Baffler Rail F Fairway 15.5* Fujikura Motore

Wilson FYbrid 19* UST Proforce AXIV Core

Cobra Baffler Rail H Hybrid 22* Fujikura Motore

Ping I15 Irons 5-UW AWT

Ping Tour-W 56*,60* DG Spinner

Ping Redwood ZB Putter, WRX Starshot, 35"

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LongShot, if you work with a coach or instructor, how about consulting with him/her first? He/she probably knows your game best - besides yourself - and can advise you on an effective wedge set based on what type of shots you're the most successful with. Don't be surprised if you only end up adding one more wedge to your PW and 56 since you may already be adept at - and comfortable with - making various types of shots with just those 2 wedges already.

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I just switched from Vokey to the Cleveland GG15 56 and 60 degree wedges, and the CG 15 is the best wedge ever. I like the Mizuno wedges as well, but the Clevelands are like throwing darts at the green. Like others have said, I suggest you go to a demo day or see if your course has any demo clubs you can try.


Happy club hunting.

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I play the AP2 irons also and I played a set of Ping Tours and then moved over to my vokeys. Clevelands are nice wedges but I got my 2 vokeys for $60 a piece brand new so I couldnt complain about price. I have always carried a 52&58 along with my regular Pitching Wedge.

Titleist 905R 9.5* w/ RIP Beta 60x

Adams 4060 16* w/ Matrix F7M2s

Maltby KE4 Tour 19* w/ AXE Xcaliber Tour Hybrid TS

Adams CB1 3-PW w/ KBS Tour S Hardstepped 1x

Scratch 8620 DS TNC grind 53* & DS EGG grind 58* w/ Dynamic Gold S300

Ping Redwood D66 w/ KBS Tour Black Nickel

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try the new taylormade XFT wedges, they are beautiful

Scotty Cameron Tour P330 Fastback (A015066),

Scotty Cameron Tour P330 Squareback,

Scotty Cameron Inspired By Brad Faxon,

More just cant write them all in here :)

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I think you should give the Vokeys a try since you already play with Titleist irons. If you have room for 3 wedges I would suggest a 52, 56, and a 60. That gives you a nice even 4 degree difference between all you wedges (assuming you PW is around 48). If you only have room for 2 wedges I would suggest a 53 and a 58 or a 54 and a 60. The key is to find what feels best for you so that when you are over the ball with a wedge in your hand you feel confident that you can stick it close. As for spinning the ball, it might be how you make contact with the ball or even the ball itself. Maybe try a sleeve of higher spinning balls like the Pro-V1, Bridgestone B330-RXS, or Callaway Tour i(s).

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I use the Woods Bros 60 and 56 deg wedges, just great, I practice with a Callaway 56 deg - 14 wedge which I also like, I also use a crappy Paradise Black Chrome, with all the "chrome" rubbed off! but it does allow me to open the club by having 2 x sole angles and fits nicely between the PW and the 52 deg. It's what you like and what works for you.

Post theft of my clubs and gear, I have all new:In the bags:

ClicGear cart bag; Mizuno Carry Bag.

Clic Gear 2.0 cart.

Lamkin mid size grips on all.

KZG VC-420 Driver 10.5 deg with 38 lb flex black NovaTech 6000 shaft.

KZG Q 3 Wood 15 deg with 37 lb Fierce Full Force shaft silver

KZG Q 5 Wood, 19 deg with 37 lb Fierce Full Force shaft silver

KZG H370 Tour hybrid 22 deg with Silver NovaTech shaft 38 lbs

KZG forged cavity back CBIII wedges AW -5 iron, bent 3 deg up, with silver 38lb graphite NovaTech shafts

KZG 60 degree forged wedge NS shaft.

Callaway X Jaw 64 degree wedge

Odyssey Putter.

Vision Golf Balls Test Pilot, Titleist ProV1x

Open for sponsorship

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