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David Gilbreath

Los Angeles, California

1.2 index

100+ rounds per year

Typically buy balls in bulk on line.


Switched from a ProV1 to Callaway's Chrome Soft.

Everything I've read however (including this site), seem to indicate that these balls are the real deal.  Would love to test them!



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So basically there will 12 golfers, and 3 to 4 of each of their buddies along with them that will be soon switching and playing the Snell Ball, I guess we will have to start marking them in the near future, to whoever is chosen for the test, i want to apologize in advance, because any ball you currently have will be kicked out of the bag. You will be utterly shocked at what you have been missing, this ball outperforms any out there, long off the tee, soft around the greens, and rolls very well with the putter. You will enjoy this test.

Lefties are always in their Right Mind

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Gratton Stephens in Quinton, VA.


HC is currently 9.7


I play anywhere from 50-80 rounds per years.


I usually buy golf balls via the internet.


I would be very interested in trying Snell's My Tour Ball!  It is good to see new companies getting into the market.

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Name and home state Brian Smith Ohio

· Handicap 7.7

· Rounds per year 30-40

· How you typically puchase golf balls (online, pro shops, big box golf retailers, department stores, etc. Typically buy at big box golf store.


Currently playing Srixon Q Star

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