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Do you "Steal" golf souvenirs?


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I "stole" this from The Golf Vacation Insider email today and wanted to share it with you......





I have a confession to make:

I steal ball markers, tees, and divot tools from the golf courses I play.

And I'm guessing you have done this at least once, too.

I'm going to tell you my reason, and then I'd love to hear yours.

Of course, “steal” probably isn't the right word, because I'm talking about the stuff golf courses and resorts offer on the pro shop counter or outside the starter's shack.

Again, pencils, tees, ball makers, divot tools…the kind of stuff they WANT you to take.

I only take one or two…but I always take them IF they include the course's name or logo.

No, I'm a collector.

Not of “stuff,” anyway.

But of happy golf trip memories; and these freebies are great at triggering them long after you return home.

Want to get a nice dose of happiness when you least expect it?

Just throw these things in your golf bag and forget about them.

The next time you're fishing around for a ball marker or divot tool, you'll randomly pull out one of these mementos…and smile.

You can do the same when you stay at “special” resorts or hotels.

For example, take home your little bottles of shampoo and mini soaps and you'll be reminded of your stay when you're in your own shower.

Or you could take your room's keycard and use it as a bookmark (people still read physical books, right?).

Or sign up for the email newsletter; whether you read it or not, you'll be reminded of your stay each time it arrives in you inbox.

If you fly, don't take the baggage stickers off your luggage when you get home; instead leave them on. The next time you pull out those bags, you'll be reminded of your last destination.

I know all this sounds corny, but these “happiness triggers” really do work in my experience.

Do you do anything like this to trigger fond memories of your golf trips long after they're over?


Last week while vacationing at Hilton Head Island, I took the scoring pencil from Port Royal and Shipyard courses.  They had their names embossed and had erasers.....love erasers on golf pencils....

Please share your thoughts below.


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Fairways:  Cobra King F8 3-4W(16*), 5-6W(20*) both w/Mitsubishi ck Blue regular shaft and Patriot 7W w/AccuLaunch 60 by Accuflex

Hybrid: Cobra F8 3 Hybrid(19*) w/Recoil ES regular shaft 

Irons: Wilson D7 5-PW w/Recoil 460 Regular graphite shafts 

Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore(50*/54*/58*) w/True Temper Spinner Wedge steel shaft  

Putter: 33" Evnroll ER2 w/Evnroll Gravity Grip 

Bag: Vice cart bag(Black).  

Pushcart:  Caddytek 3.0 from Costco

Ball: Maxfli Tour CG & Titleist Pro V1x.


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I have 4 golf carts in my garage.


Not really but that was what I thought of when I first read the title. My wife bought me one of those golf ball collecting racks but I have only collected about 5 balls.

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                     :ping-small:  G425MAX  7  Flat on Fujikura VENTUS Blue 6s

                     :ping-small:  G425MAX  9  Flat on :ping-small: Alta CB 65R

Hybrid:     :ping-small:  G425MAX  6 H Flat on :ping-small: Alta CB 65R

Irons:     :ping-small:  i 500 7-P on True Temper Dynamic Gold

Wedges: :vokey-small: SM8 50°, 54° & 60° on True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge

Putter:    :cameron-small: Studio Style Newport 1.5

Balls:      :titelist-small: Pro V1X :taylormade-small: TP5x 

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All grips are BestGrips Micro-Perforated


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Some peeps collect balls, some collect pencils, some collect other items. I don't collect anything, but I do have a few pencils in my collection.......until I use them and forget them somewhere....LOL

Driver: PXG 0211 w/Evenflo Riptide CB Regular shaft 

Fairways:  Cobra King F8 3-4W(16*), 5-6W(20*) both w/Mitsubishi ck Blue regular shaft and Patriot 7W w/AccuLaunch 60 by Accuflex

Hybrid: Cobra F8 3 Hybrid(19*) w/Recoil ES regular shaft 

Irons: Wilson D7 5-PW w/Recoil 460 Regular graphite shafts 

Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore(50*/54*/58*) w/True Temper Spinner Wedge steel shaft  

Putter: 33" Evnroll ER2 w/Evnroll Gravity Grip 

Bag: Vice cart bag(Black).  

Pushcart:  Caddytek 3.0 from Costco

Ball: Maxfli Tour CG & Titleist Pro V1x.


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I do not go out of my way to collect stuff like that but if I end up with a pencil or divot tool that they give away so be it. I can be Mr Cheapo any how. Like I do not buy golf towels even the super scrubber ones. Last week I bought a bunch of motel grade used towels at the Starvation oops Salvation Army store cheap 20 for 3 bucks. I will wash them over and over and when worn out use them in the shop. But whatever someone likes to do so be it I have absolutely no problem with it

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Driver ---- TM M-6 Evenflow 65 G R flex---- 3 wood TM V-Steel Aldila 65G R Flex--- 7 Wood TM V-Steel UST Pro Force 65 R flex---  Irons 5 thru PW 2016 TM TP CBs Steelfiber 95 R--- GW Callaway Mack Daddy2 52* Stock regular shaft--- SW Callaway Mack Daddy PM grind modified to 10* bounce KBS wedge shaft R---- Putter Scotty Sante Fe fluted Bulls Eye shaft you seriously think it was going anywhere? Bag Old School Burton Mini Staff non demontional no advertising





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I usually grab an extra scorecard. Maybe some pencils and tees if they have logos. I like to collect other stuff. I have a collection of flags from 5-6 courses that have significance. I also collect bag tags, poker chips, and balls. When my group takes our annual golf trip I'm usually the one that pretty much puts the thing together. Therefore I have a folder of information from each trip. If we should decide to go to the same place again I've already assembled all the necessary information and don't have to reinvent the wheel.

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My Sun Mountain bag currently includes:   TWGTLogo2.png.06c802075f4d211691d88895b3f34b75.png 771CSI 5i - PW and TWGTLogo2.png.06c802075f4d211691d88895b3f34b75.png PFC Micro Tour-c 52°, 56°, 60 wedges

                                                                               :755178188_TourEdge: EXS 10.5*, TWGTLogo2.png.06c802075f4d211691d88895b3f34b75.png 929-HS FW4 16.5* 

                                                                                :edel-golf-1: Willimette w/GolfPride Contour


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Score cards and yardage books for me but I always buy the book if they aren't free.  I have a box full of score cards and yardage books - drives my wife crazy but she knows not to mess with them.  It comes in handy when you can have the Whistling Straits score card out during the PGA. :)

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Taylor Made Sim2  10.5 (Opened 1 click) Ventus Blue 5  R flex

Ping G410 5-9 wood  Alta 65 R flex

Wilson D7 forged 6-GW -  Mamiya recoil 460 R flex

Edison Wedges 54 and 59 KBS Tour Graphite 80's

EVNRoll ER 5

Titleist Pro VIx optic yellow with revkev stamped on them

Tour Exotics 3 wood is in the bag because we are allowed 14 clubs.  It's a great club for pulling balls out of the water or from bushes - you never want to put your hand into anything in Florida unless you are absolutely certain that it's safe.  There are rare wind conditions when I might hit it off the tee on a few holes that I play.  

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:callaway-small: Rouge Draw 13.5 Lite Flex
:titelist-small: 913H 24 degree Diamana Lite Flex
:adams-small:  Idea Pro a12 20 degree Aldila VS Proto Regular Flex
:mizuno-small:   MP 100 4 - PW Stiff DGS 300
:callaway-small: Mack Daddy 2  TG 52/10, RG 56/10 and TG 60/10
:cameron-small: 2014 Select Newport 2  33 "

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I collect pencils from every course I play. Started when I was young and didn't want to buy a logo ball. Have a nice display for it to (that isn't currently hanging up). I think everyone should take a memento.



Knoxville, TN. 6HDCP, TM R11S driver. G25 3 wood, burner Rescue. Ping I irons, Rac 52,56,60 & 2ball odyssey putter

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<p>Knoxville, TN 8 Hdcp PXG 0811  10.59deg loft Ping G25 3 wood Titleist 2i rescue Ping I irons +1 upright Vokey Sm5 52, 56, OdysseyRed 2Ball Fang with 1.0 super stroke</p>

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I'm not a collector, but I do keep my score cards after each round (only when I play good). If I don't, well that score card is going to be ripped up into pieces and thrown in the trash...lol [emoji23]


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Hybrids:  :taylormade-small: Sim2 Max 3 Hybrid & :nike-small: Vapor Flex 4 hybrid  

Irons:  :srixon-small: Z565 - 7 thru PW & ZU85 - 5 thru 6 with Recoil ZT9 F4 shafts                                            

Wedges:   :cleveland-small: RTX4 52*, 56*, 60* 

Putter:  Scotty Cameron M2 Newport

Ball:  :Snell: Black & :titelist-small: Pro V1

Bag: 2018 MyGolfSpy stand Bag & 2021 Greenside Golf stand bag



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I collect yardage books. That's my thing. Ball wise I don't collect them like most people. I have my hole in one ball and that's about it. 

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 Driver:   :callaway-small:  Epic Flash 12 Degree

Wood: :callaway-small:  GBB 3 Wood
Hybrid: :callaway-small: Razr 4 hybriid stiff stock shaft.
Irons: :callaway-small: X2 Hot 4 iron (pro version) 5 iron - Gap Wedge (non pro version).  KBS 120g Shaft stiff cut 1/2  inch bent 1°upright
Wedges: :vokey-small: 52° 56° and 60°.
All grips are Golf pride grips midsized
Putter (lefty):  Odyssey Metal-X #8 34", stock shaft bent 2° Superstroke grip
Golf Balls:   :titelist-small: 2018-9 Pro-V1x and Prov1s
Shoes:  :footjoy-small:  Dryjoy tours

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The courses I play do such a good job of stealing all my golf balls during the round that I feel it's only fair that I take a few things from them.

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Titleist TS3 9.5* w/Accra TZ5 65 X-Stiff
Titleist TS3 15* w/Fujikura Ventus 7X
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Callaway Apex19 Hybrid 23* w/Accra TZ5 95X
Titleist 718 CB 5 iron w/KBS $Taper X-Stiff
Titleist 718 MB 6-PW w/KBS $Taper X-Stiff
Titleist SM7 Wedges 50*, 54*, 58* w/KBS $Taper X-Stiff
Bettinardi Queen B 10 34.5"
Titleist Pro V1 or Snell MTB-X

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I have a friend that I us to play with in Virginia that use to "Take" a small clipping of a divot on courses he played.  He took it home and planted it in his back yard with a nice display on his outside deck of the courses the grass came from.  Pretty cool idea.

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3-Metal:: :callaway-small: GBB EPIC, FujiKura Pro Green

5-Metal:  :cobra-small: F-7, FujiKura Pro

Irons:   :mizuno-small: MP-18 SC, KBS Tour 120

Wedges:  :cleveland-small:   RTX-3  52 - 56 - 60
Putter:  EVN-Roll ER-5

Ball :  :bridgestone-small: Tour B XS

Range Finder:  Busnnell Tour-X,  Garmin S20 


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I will usually get a ball mark from the course I play.  Most of the time now they aren't free so I buy.  If the course has a yardage book I will get that as well and usually take an extra scorecard from a course if I am on  a trip that way I have a clean one to remember the course and maybe not my score.  

Bag: :ping-small:  Hoofer Vantage

Driver: :ping-small:  G25 10.5 Aldila NV 65 S

3 Wood:   :cobra-small:  Fly Z+ 3 Wood 13.5*

Rescue: :adams-small:  XTD ti 18* set to 17* or  :adams-small: Pro 23* 

Irons: :callaway-small:  Apex Pro 4-PW, KBS Tour S, Standard Length and Loft, 2* flat, 

Wedges: :callaway-small: Mack Daddy 2 50* bent to 51*, KBS Tour S

:vokey-small: Spin Milled 56* bent to 55*

:callaway-small: Mack Daddy 2 60* U grind KBS Tour S

Putter: :cameron-small: Futura X5 MOTO

Grips: PURE DTX Green


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I'll take pencils occasionally. But I only keep things from really nice courses I'll likely only ever play once.


I was actually really surprised and excited that Whistling Straits gave you a metal bag tag right before you head out to the course. It's a really nice "free" souvenir. I also managed to obtain a paper Whisting Straits coaster from the Irish Pub in the clubhouse. To be fair, I did buy a yardage book from the pro shop, too. And donated 4 balls to the course during my round!

What's In My  :nike-small: Xtreme Sport IV Carry Stand Bag:

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:cobra-small: Baffler XL 3 Wood

:taylormade-small: Burner Rescue 3 Hybrid

:cobra-small: F8 5 Hybrid

:taylormade-small: Burner Plus Irons (5-SW)

:cobra-small: Trusty Rusty 51* Wedge

:wilson_staff_small: 8862 Putter

:srixon-small: Q Star Tour Ball


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I will quaff those pencils and ball markers like there is no tomorrow!!!!!! Even bought back a piece of gravel I found on the fairway at ANGC ,

just recently.

Superintendent Caboolture Golf Club Qld, Aust

25 years experience warm season grasses

Met Karrie Webb doing apprenticeship South Molle Island, Whitsunday Islands,

Reacquainted with Karrie Webb ANA Inspirational Rancho Mirage Palm Springs, CA


TM M1 Driver ; Alda Rogue Silver 110 stiff

TM M2 3 wood

R11 irons 3-Sw

Scotty Cameron putter

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I keep a "research journal" of all the courses I have played. Others may refer to this as a "scrapbook" but trust me, it's a journal!

Overtime I play a new course, I add a new page. I add a scorecard and write notes about the course; memorable holes, tips for myself the next time I play, my score, even things like parking tips and good food at bar. I update the pages with new scores if I replay the course. 

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Fairway Woods:  :cobra-small:  Cobra F6 13.5*, F6 Baffler 16*  

Irons: Split Set-  :ping-small: i200 3i - 7i ,  :benhogan-small: Ft Worth 15s, 8 (36), 9 (40), PW (44) 

Wedges: :benhogan-small:  TK, 52* & 56*

Putter:  :ping-small: Sigma G Kushin 

Bag:  :ping-small: Hoofer 5way

Balls:  :taylormade-small: TP5/X



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Love seeing old topics resurrected, gives those of us who weren't around back then a chance to join in.


I think pencils, plastic divot tools, tees etc are fine and we (speaking for courses) expect players to take those and have no problem with it.   I personally like to keep scorecards or yardage books from courses I've been to. 


On a related note, before golf I was a Hotel General Manager.  My OWN mother came to stay in my hotel for a week to visit.  The morning she was leaving, i went up to help her with her luggage.   In the bathroom I saw her makeup kit stuffed with at least 10 to 12 bottles of lotion and mouthwash each.    I said "MOM...WTH?"    She said, oh those are the things you tell want guests to take, because it's free advertising!!    I laughed and asked her exactly what TV Channel or Magazine was she going to be promoting my hotel on?    I was of course giving  her a hard time, but she completely thought nothing of stocking up the whole week and taking them all home....I had to shake my head.  

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:titelist-small: TSi1 Aldila Ascent 40G shaft

:titelist-small: TSi2 18 FW with GD AD IZ 6 Shaft

:titelist-small: TSi1 20 and 23 degree hybrids Aldila Ascent Shafts R

:titelist-small: T300 5-P Tensei  R flex shaft 1/4 long 

:titelist-small: SM8 48F/54/58 D Grinds 

:ping-small: Tyne 4 

:titelist-small: ProV1X Play number 12



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I'm normally a scorecard/pencil guy. I generally have 3 or 4 pencils in my bag. Always good reminder of a different course when I tee off or am scoring the first hole of the day at my home course.



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2020 MGS Hard Rock Challenge


SkyCaddie SX400
OGIO Silencer:  Followed by Arccos
:ping-small: G410+, Tensei Orange
:callaway-small:  Mavrik 3w, Evenflow Riptide
:nike-small: Covert 2.0 3H, Kuro Kage Black
Wilson D7 Irons 4-GW,  Dynamic Gold AMT
:ping-small: Glide  52, 56 ES
:titelist-small: -ProV1x (left dash)

Romans 10:9

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Hope a lot of people contribute to this topic - I'm looking for ideas [emoji3]



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Left Hand orientation

:ping-small: G410 SFT driver 

Cobra King F-9  5 wood
:ping-small:  410  Hybrids 22*, 26*

Cobra Speed Zone 6-GP/Recoil ESX 460 F3 Shafts 

:titelist-small: SM7 54* Wedge

:ping-small: Glide 3.0  60* Wedge

:odyssey-small: O Works putter

:CaddyTek: - 4 Wheel 
:footjoy-small: - too many shoes to list and so many to buy

:1590477705_SunMountain: And  BAG Boy

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2019 Official Tester :ping-small:  410 Driver

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