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10 Finger Grip. Is it for you?

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On 8/4/2021 at 12:35 PM, Jonkarn said:

Any update on your 10 finger grip change? Stick with it?

I’m an interlocking long but wild 16 handicap who is very inconsistent. I can shoot a 38/48 split easy.  I started experimenting with 10 finger grip at the range today. I watched a Moe Norman clip this week and he was saying how much he loved the 10 finger grip. Ive always been right hand dominant in my swing and feel like I always have grip issues and my right fights to win out over left. So I tried it at the range today and really hit the ball well with my irons. It allows my right hand to do the thing it wants to do and hit through the ball. It also sits my right hand a tad bit lower, influencing me to keep my spine angle on downswing and not extend early(hump the goat). I think I will keep my regular grip for Driver and hybrids for now, as it was making me pull the ball(not hook, more of a straight pull). I think I will even use this grip for chipping and pitching! 

tomorrow will be my first round playing with 10 finger, and I will have a better idea of it will work for me. 

How did it go?  I’m interlocker.  I did go back to 10 finger for one round but I feel I don’t have as good coordination and went back to interlocking. I will practice with 10 finger on the range sometimes 

For iron shots I prefer to have a stronger left hand hold , the higher the loft , the stronger the lefty hand grip 

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I have played for 39 years, all but maybe 3 months of it with a 10 finger grip. The pro I worked with when I was 11 and 12 taught it to me and we had every intention of changing later. I experimented with overlapping and interlocking grips (for 3 months) over the years. I have small hands and just didn't have a secure feeling with the others. 

I have been a low single digit guy most of those 39 years and it hasn't been ball striking that has held me back. So, use what works. 

Titleist TSI3 8°, Xcaliber Avalon 6 tour stiff, tipped 1", C3 surefit and H2 for backweight, D1 SW, 45 3/8", 40g counterbalance weight;

PING G425 LST 3 wood, set at 13.5° Xcaliber T6* tour stiff, tipped 1 1/4" 43 1/2", D1, 20g counterbalance weight;

Snake Eyes 19° Quick Strike Tour, Xcaliber T6+ Tour Stiff, 20g counterbalance weight;

Maltby TS-1 irons, Modus 120x soft stepped once, D5, 2° flat;

Cleveland RTX Zipcore wedges, black satin, 50°, 54°, 58°, all 2° flat;

Ping TR series Anser 5, 33", 2° flat, 1.5° strong, 75g optivibe at 2" down the shaft and a 12g tourlock pro+ counterweight

Srixon Z Star XV, TP5X, or Maxfli Tour X

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Just recently started using the 10 finger grip due to arthritis in my fingers and hands. I was using an overlap with some success but with too thin of a grip, it resulted in waking up in the morning being unable to close my left middle finger and increased pain.Had issues with the right hand in the past.

I have to say, it has been very helpful in alleviating discomfort but the bonus is more solid contact and increased distance. What I also did was go to at least midsize and jumbo grips. Hands relax more. I am not squeezing the crap out of the club, which is my tendency. I don’t have really large hands. 

Oh by the way, two very good golfers I know, use it and feel it’s natural to them and have never considered changing. So as others have said, use it if it works no matter what others say and do.


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I'm not sure if I replied to this in the past or not. But I use a 10 finger grip on my woods and interlocking on everything else. It's all about what works for you. 

:titleist-small: Driver, TSi 1 S Flex

:cobra-small: 3 wood, Aerojet Max UST Helium Nanocore R Flex

:cobra-small: 5 wood, Aerojet Max UST Helium Nanocore R Flex 

:cobra-small: 7 Wood, Aerojet Max UST Helium Nanocore R Flex 

:cobra-small: 5 Hybrid King Tec MMT R Flex

:cobra-small: Irons, Tour UST Recoil 95 R Flex (6 - Gap)

:cobra-small: Wedges, Snakebite KBS Hi- Rev2.0 54* & 60*

:cobra-small: Agera 35"

image.png Ultralight 14-way Cart Bag

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I’m interlocker.  I tried to use the full finger grip for a round , seems like I get more power but my shots were all over the place and can’t seem to get comfortable   I regrip to midsize/jumbo grips and thought that might make it easier for full finger grip 

Today at the range I tried the overlap and it seems like it worked well. My feeling is that I don’t want my index finger of my top hand and the little finger of my bottom hand having any pressure on the handle 

In the past my left forefinger was to tight around the grip but I find if I turn my left hand more stronger and flex my wrist more radially I the grip feels perfect 

I’ll see if this will work on the course 

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