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I found out today how important your individual grip works for you.   I hit the ball (especially with my driver) much straighter with a ten finger grip.   Not sure how that works however I know the club face stays on the ball longer so it's all good. I tried an overlap today and was hooking the pants off the ball.  In fact they called in the arrest squad to make sure my arse stayed on the course.  :blink: Soooooo go with what feels natural to you and stay with it.  That's a fact, Jack.     


Jumbo size grip with ten finger placement gives me some serious find it time.

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I started out with the interlocking, because that is what my dad said to do. About 5 years ago, I switched to the Overlapping (Vardon) because I read it gave more distance, and was trying to get rid o

I found out today how important your individual grip works for you.   I hit the ball (especially with my driver) much straighter with a ten finger grip.   Not sure how that works however I know the cl

When I started golfing, I played with the ten finger grip, or baseball grip as I knew it. After a few years, I started using an overlap, then to an interlock grip. I've played an interlock for years n

Alan Shepard hit a one hander on the moon, otherwise two hands on the grip in whatever manner works for you. There are three accepted grips but no where in the rules does it say that you have to use any of them. Time and doctrine has established the big three as accepted.


We use two arms to establish the swing plane and maintain directional control. The right hand and fingers are really what deliver the club to the ball if you are right handed. I like a really loose grip, ideally only the minimal grip to keep the club from flying. When I start my down swing, I want a natural and free release of my wrists towards the ball, for me this happens without thinking and should be like a whip action. I am left handed and when I think in terms of my hands I am more focused on having a sense of my three fingers in my left hand, starting at ring finger towards thumb delivering the club head to the ball.


I prefer interlocking, some of this is about the relationship between your arms shoulders and hands. Interlocking for me promotes a good release with club head control. I like it much better than overlapping. I think I played around once or twice with 10 finger grip and did not like it but I don't remember now. I really value the sensation in the fingers more so than the precise grip.


I really think if you are not confident in your grip you should get some qualified coaching or teaching advice, practice with what you establish and see if it helps.

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I recently estarted using the ten-finger grip only with my driver. I was struggling with hitting fairways so I figured it might help straighten out my drives. It seems to have helped some. I'm reluctant to change over with my irons until after I had some range time to fine tune.

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I play with the 10 finger grip and it helps with my ball striking.


Have a great callus on my right pinkie though from it.


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Worked for Scott Piercy this week!

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Thanks PJ for starting this thread about 2 1/2 years ago.  Shows there is no one right way to hold and swing a club.  Although as per most of the suggestion on MGS it goes back to professional instructions and guidance.  Going back to my days playing Hockey.  I played left handed even though I am right handed, because that is how I learned to play.  It was getting out on the frozen pond and whacking at the puck the way it felt most comfortable.  Key word, most comfortable.

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Not sure about 10 finger.But why is it whenever I practice using a split hockey grip my swing looks perfect?Can one play with a split grip


Heck yes you can.  It's your club, your game, swing it how you want to.  

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