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Kenny B

.355 Taper Graphite Shafts

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Hi Robin,

Thanks for the answer about bigger wood shafts; makes sense.  As far as tapered senior iron shafts, I may be needing some in the near future.  It seems like .355 tapered irons are becoming more common again, but not many shaft choices for us old guys.  I am still using regular flex, but my problem is senior flex shafts are usually very light, and I like a heavier feel in my clubs.  I love the UST ProForce 95 iron shaft in my SCORs but sadly, they don't make that shaft anymore.  I am looking for something close that will fit a .355 head, and I may end up soft stepping a regular to get a softer flex.


Glad to see SoCal finally get some rain!!

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Greetings from a rainy San Diego -
To answer Huntington and others re: larger diameter tip sizes in woods, the OEMs did that first to make the shafts more durable as they got lighter, and they didn't have to use higher strength graphite fibers (more expensive) to do so.   
I take to heart the discussions I have with club makers, fitters and golfers of ALL abilities.  A LOT of my designs have been born out of what I've seen as a need for a specific group.  
So I was wondering, there seems to be no Senior Flex taper tip graphite iron shafts out there.  Do y'all ...> there's a need for one?
Let me know.





Funny thing, there is a steel iron shaft with R2 flex:



R2 the same as A flex.   I have this on my 4 iron (R flex), feels like noodle.... 


And your Axe Caliber fairway wood is the only fairway wood shaft with 70g weight with an A flex?

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