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Oversize Putter Grip


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So anyone that tends to open and close the face and just has an overall inconsistent backswing with their putter and is looking for a fix, maybe try a jumbo or midsize grip.


Agreed! Or anyone in general who is struggling with their putting. No matter what grip style you use (personally the claw) I believe that larger grips just make putting so much easier!


My personal choice of grip is the 2thumb putter grip:

2thumb Putter Grip


Increased my distance control and now I am confident standing over 10ft putts! If only I could put it to 10ft more often...

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Alrigh, I have found the ONE downside: it is really really annoying to get in and out of my bad. It sticks to my driver headcover and the other grips when it is in. Also on my bag the dividers are covered with cloth that is velcroed onto the dividers, and the putter grip sticks to them and undoes the velcro sometimes. But that is the ONLY downside.

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I found two negatives when I went to an oversized putter grip for a period of time last season: 1) Most of the grips (other than maybe the Lamkin 2TEN) change the balance of the putter because the grips weigh so much, and 2) For me, it took away some of my feel.


The loss of feel should tell me something. I'm definitely too hands oriented in my stroke. But, it will have to be something that I will work on. I'd rather burn the edges a few times than run stuff four feet past.

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I tried an oversize grip and my swing went womky! I just couldn;t get used to is and kept pulling the club. :D

It's not enough just to swing at the ball.

You've got to loosen your girdle and let 'er fly.

Babe Zaharias

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