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Simulators at the PGA Show


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There was a place near my house called Red-e-golf which used the Trugolf E6 equipment. Overall the equipment worked well except for putting. The overall business concept struggled because they wanted a minimum $40 per hour to use the monitors. If you have 4 guys, no problem, but that did not happen often for them as they were placed right outside a golf course and we're in Texas where you can play golf year round. The place was empty more than it was busy.They would not discount prices for single users. No one is going to pay $40 to hit balls for an hour. Especially with a round of golf (18 holes) at  the golf course they were located near costing you less than $40 most of the time. If it were not for their bar, the place would have closed shortly after opening instead of making it 2 years. I would have priced usage differently to get people in the place and using the machines. I guess they were just too hard headed to realize this aspect of business 101. If you're going to open one of these places commercially, you need to be smart and understand your location, market and customers. 


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