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(newish) Tour Edge Exotics EX-1 4-PW $165 !

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Tour Edge Exotics EX-1 Tungsten irons.  4-PW, with bonus 2 iron!

-  Nippon NS Pro 950GH Stiff shafts.
-  Golf Pride New Decade MC grips.
-  Only the 7 iron and PW show any signs of use.  The rest of the set looks like it's never been hit (see photos).  Just minor marks from storage.
-  Standard length, loft, lie.  These play off of a 38" 5 iron, D2 swing weight, and the offset is progressive, similar to a Ping i25.

Not sure how to price these, since 6 of the 8 irons are brand new.

How about  $165 for a quick sale.  (The shafts and grips are worth more than that alone.)


exotics ex-1 001.JPG

exotics ex-1 003.JPG

exotics ex-1 004.JPG

exotics ex-1 005.JPG

exotics ex-1 006.JPG

exotics ex-1 007.JPG

exotics ex-1 008.JPG

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