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Hey Guys,


I've been playing the Mizuno MP 59's for the last few seasons.  Bought them right off the rack.  In fact, I've never been fitted.  My whole bag is Mizuno, expect my putter which is a Newport 2.0


Garret - Minneapolis

Handicap : 11.4

Current Irons:  Mizuno MP-59 (4-PW), DGS300

Custom Fit:   No..I never have been for anything.


I'd love to give these a chance.


Thanks, Garret

Driver: Mavrik SZ - Tour AD XC 7S

5W - Mavrik SZ - Tour AD XC 8S

3H - Titleist 816 H2 - Speeder 8.8X

4-PW - MP20 MMC KBS $ X

50-54-58 - T20 Raw KBS $ X

Seemore Nashville Putter

2021 Pro V1

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Hi Golfspy!!!! Pick me because I'm a loyal Mizuno fan with extensive experience playing Mizunos. I'm on my fourth set of Mizuno irons. From my first set MP 30 to my current set MP 15.

Name and Home town: Carlos Arroyave, Coral Springs Florida

Handicap: 10

Current irons/ shaft: Mizuno MP 15 with KBS C Taper lite R

Custom fit: yes

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steve Willow Grove, PA

Handicap 20 (but playing to make it 15 this year)

Current irons/shafts Taylormade Speedbladeg Matrix 55 gram graphite shafts

Custom Fit – yes

In my bag

Drivers: Grenade II, Standard flex!

FW Woods:  Cobra Fly-Z set 14.5* w/VLCT-Sp Stiff graphite shaft

Irons:  Taylor Made Speed Blades tweeked 1* w/graphite Matrix 55 gram  M shafts

Wedges:   Taylor Made Speed Blade P & A w/Matrix 55 gram M shaft, 56* SCOR V sole w/Genius 9 graphite shaft, Cleveland 60* w/steel Stiff shaft.
Putter:   SeeMore X2 custom

Balls: Snell

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I've never bee custom fit for clubs. I have always respected the Mizuno Line of products but felt they were only for very low handicap players. Would love to see if these clubs and fitting would benefit my game (and all others so situated). Thanks



Aiken, SC

14.9 Handicap

Adams Super S

Kuro Kage Graphite

Not custom fit.

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First name - Matt

home town - Birminham, AL

Handicap - 4

Current -714 mb - C-taper 130 x flex shaft

Custom Fit – yes



Yes I have been custom fit on all my clubs including putter and wedges. I play titleist 714 mb and m1 woods. I am a 2-8 handicap depends on how much I'm playing. Played multiple sets of Mizuno irons and wedges. I have full access top track man and facilities to record data.


Thanks for the giveaway!!

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What an awesome opportunity! Thank you Mizuno and MyGolfSpy!


  1. First name and home town: Ryan, Los Altos, CA
  2. Handicap: 17
  3. Current irons/shafts: Romaro Ray V Type R / UST Recoil Prototype 110 F4
  4. Custom Fit: Yes



D: Ping G400 Max, MRC Tensei Pro Orange 60 TX

3+w: Callaway Rogue, Aldila Synergy 60 S

3H, 4H: TBD

5i: MP18 Fli-hi, 6i-8i: MP18 SC, 9i-PW: MP18, MRC OTi 100 S

50, 55, 60: Edel 

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I would love the chance to try these irons. I am in the market for a new set.


1. Keith Lux, crestview Florida

2. Handicap 17

3. Current clubs ping g15 blue dot plus 1/2 inch regular flex stock steel shafts.

4. Custom fit yes.

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  1. Thomas Murphy, Redmond, WA

  2. 15.3
  3. Mizuno MP64, up 1* and .5 long, dynamic gold R - Note, I am a Lefty
  4. Custom Fit – yes 

Would love to put these into the compare matrix.  I like MP25 but found that JPX 850 forged did not have the Mizuno feel.  Handicap is heading towards 10-12 and these are what I "should" play vs. the MP25 which is the look, feel, etc. I like.  


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Amarillo TX

13 Hndcp for now

Apex reg flex graphite

custom fit 3 yrs ago


At that time Mizuno was a very close 2nd. Would be interesting to see the difference now.

Richard father of 7 and ex army enlisted then officer. Love outdoors 

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Brett, Mandurah, Western Australia

Hcp: 5.6

Irons: Callaway X-20 Tour

Custom: No

Driver: Callay Rogue Sub Zero 9.0° Aldila Synergy 50-R
Fairway: TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Tour TS 13.5° Matrix Rocketfuel 70 Stiff
Driving Iron: Titleist 503H 19° Aldila NV Hybrid 85.S
Irons: Cobra Fly-Z 4-PW, stock steel stiff
Wedges: Cleveland 588 RTX 50°, 54°, Titleist Vokey SM4 58°
Putter: TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs 35"

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I was lucky enough to test the Accra FX shaft for you. I still have the shaft in my R15 which is a great combination. I would love to test the JPX EZ irons. I had a lot of the fun the first time and would love a second chance to test golf clubs for you again.


Name - Dan

Home - Euharlee, Georgia

Handicap - 12

Irons - Cleveland 588 MT  3-SW

Custom Fit - 1* upright

Driver  - Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo 10.5 * Miyazaki Kua 5 / R Flex

FW - Sub70 Pro 4 wood 16.5 * Project X HL / R Flex

Irons - Cleveland Launcher CBX 4-PW Miyazaki Kua 6 / R Flex

Wedges - Cleveland Launcher CBX 50* & 54* Rolex Wedge Flex

Putter - Cleveland Frontline Elevado 35 "

Ball - On Core Elixer

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...From Highland,Ca      

....Currently playing both (1) Ping i-20's ...and

...(2) JPX 800 Pros(Project  x 5.0 shafts)

 ...  Hdc. 12

... Unfitted


 Both great clubs,800's little softer feel, not sure why(Age 77, play min couple X's wk)





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Ross, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Ping S58/ KBS C Taper R+



Have always enjoyed trialling Mizuno irons at demo nights, but just haven't been able to afford to purchase a set. Would look forward to the opportunity to trial a full set oncourse and give feedback.

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