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Pennsauken NJ.

18 handicap. ( it is coming down)

Currently playing Cobra S3 Irons with stock graphite shafts in regular flex.


No, I am not custom fit.


I have never been professionally fit for clubs in the past, everything is off the rack, I would love to try it though.



I play on average at least 1 round a week at this point, even in the winter, and it will be minimum of 2x a week come April.

I have many friends that play Mizuno's and swear by them.

Not really a new member, but I couldn't log in with my old email... Been reading MGS for years.

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Posted Images





- Andy, San Angelo, Texas





- 5






- Vega XP115 true Temper






- Yes



I am a certified clubfitter and repair expert.

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They look great, would love to give them a try...


Name and Hometown: Bill, San Diego, CA

Handicap: 20

Current Irons & Shafts: XXIO8 irons with XXIO MP800 graphite shafts regular flex shafts

Custom fit: No

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Great Timing. I've played 800 Pros for 4 years and Im thinking about a new set of irons. EZ forged are on my list for consideration.


First Name and Home Town: Alan Mahwah NJ

Handicap: 14 

Current Irons/shafts: JPX 800 Pro Project X 6.0

Custom fit: Yes

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  1. First name and home town:  Kevin – North Pole, Alaska
  2. Handicap: 20
  3. Current irons/shafts: Mizuno MP-62 (EXSAR / S2  -  stiff flex)
  4. Custom Fit – NO (had modified by recommendation to  +2 upright)

Have been looking at custom fit JPX-850, but this would be a great opportunity; I was always a Callaway fan, until I was introduced to Mizuno.  Definitely sold on Mizuno. Have not mastered the MP-62, but definitely looking to improve on that 20 handicap this year. Good luck to all

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Curious to know how different these are from the GFF Boron in the 850s... 

  1. First name and home town: Caleb - Memphis, TN
  2. Handicap: 2.5 
  3. Current irons/shafts: Mizuno JPX 850 Pro (Forged) with KBS Tour 120 Stiff Shafts 
  4. Custom Fit: Yes they were 


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  1. Dave, Lincoln, NE

  2. 6
  3. Callaway X-Forged (2013)  Project X PXi 6.0
  4. Custom Fit – yes

Mizuno JPX 900, Speeder 595 stff, 8.5 degrees

Callaway Steelhead pro, 1degree up, half inch over standard

Vokey SM4 raw Wedges 50, 54, 56

Scotty Cameron Futura X

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1. Olin from Chicago, IL

2. 11.9

3. MP-53 with Project X 6.5

4. Yes they were custom fit


Proud owner of 2 Mizuno iron sets: MP-53 and MP 58 and MP T-5 wedges (50, 54, 58). Feel is the cornerstone of Mizuno irons and wedges and am very interested to see how Boron fits into the Mizuno "Feel" while offering vastly improved forgiveness.

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  1. First name and home town - Michael - Virginia Beach, VA

  2. Handicap - 16
  3. Current irons/shafts - Gigagolf TRX v.11 irons w/ true temper shafts
  4. Custom Fit – yes or no - yes


Nice irons.  Always wanted to try some Mizuno clubs.  But all the sales people say that they are for the low handicappers.  So I'm looking forward to seeing if these could help me lower my handicap.


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Scott     Puyallup Washington

Index 14.2

Ap2's  Project x 6.0

Yes Custom fitted




50-54-58 SUGAR DADDY


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I would love to test these out.  I still have my Mizuno Mx-23 irons and I would love to compare the two.  The lofts, lengths and lie angles are very similar so it would be a good test of whether or not the new technology produces any performance improvement.


My current data:

  1. First name and home town: Geoff Wattoff, Centereach, NY (Long Island)
  2. Handicap: 15
  3. Current irons/shafts: Cobra Amp Cell with stock graphite
  4. Custom Fit – yes or no: no
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