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Letter from TaylorMade CEO about "Continuously Misinformed" MyGolfSpy

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Speculation can equate to misinformation. Maybe GolfSpy underestimates the ripples it causes but if GolfSpy is being cited, communicated to, and is the subject of internal emails then it can create ripples and actually create the results of it's own speculation.


I guess that is a testament to the power of blogging. The edginess off the blog is what gives GS it's uniqueness but that is a double edged sword.


You're absolutely right, but I did want to make one point: There's speculation, and then there's sourced information.


Consider that Crystal Ball/Things to Look For we published last week. I'd call a good bit of that well-informed speculation. That is to say, I know a good bit about what's happening in the industry, and so we speculate about what that could mean. It doesn't become fact until it actually happens. Short of saying each of us will die (and even then I'd like to leave the door open just a crack for immortality), there are no future facts. 


TMaG Sale rumors...actually, we should just call them TaylorMade sale rumors because adidas Golf won't be part of any deal, that's sourced info. Is adidas giving consideration to selling TaylorMade. Well yes, we've have specific info from a very good source for a month, and now we have info from both an annual report and a quarterly report that substantiates what we've been hearing all along. We have actual facts, things that have transpired, but until a deal either happens or doesn't, sale or no sale cannot be factually stated. All things to come are speculative, but there are huge differences between having info from inside sources and just making stuff up.


The other part...that thing about ripples. It's tough. There are contrasting responsibilities. Using the TM situation as an example...it is disruptive. It's disconcerting information for people who work there...and that's not lost on me, but at the same time it is legitimate industry news, and we shouldn't ignore stories because they make people uncomfortable. I don't think they should be ignored because of advertising entanglements either, but that's the nature of this beast.


In many cases we're singled out, not for what we say, or how we say, but for the fact that we say it all. Everybody has a beast...this is the nature of ours.

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Not taking a side on the article either way as I have no issue with the reporting.  However, I have recently gone through the sale of a business unit that was so buried in secrecy that it was scary and maybe four people in the entire company knew about it.  That is a strong maybe on the four people, but an analyst took a WAG that we would sell the asset and let's just say a sh!tstorm ensued.  I ended up taking the same route as TM to the employees and was able to transfer a lot of them to other business lines prior to the sale being announced.  The analyst actually caused a lot of issues for me in the public markets as well, but that seemed to blow over in a few weeks.  I can understand TM's position, may not agree but I understand.

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Maybe it's just me, but I give s***. I'm no golf expert but I do care about the way companies do business. Turns out that it's a pretty big factor when it comes down to where and when I'll spend my money.

I care about whether a product works & the price. Nothing more. Nobody else I know cares in the least about their sales volumes, how often the release etc. In fact Tm is the best to buy 6 months down the road when prices drop & new comes out.


For anyone to use how or not a OEM operates as a significant reason to buy from or not is beyond me (and all my golfing buddies).

I think misrepresenting stories are unfair if wrong. But mistakes happen.


However outlining how the people misquoted should react (ie don't go to datatech or whatever they are called to top is directly) is not fair it's their choice how to handle their affairs.


I myself own a business. Had someone said wrong information about a sale of my company I wouldn't call them them about issues I wouldn't deal with them at all.

If I put myself in the shoes of the one with wrong information I wouldn't complain later about how the company chose to bypass me to follow up on the error.


Anyhow ... Good product good price? That's it... Not accounting records of their sales or how frequent their release cycles are...

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I enjoyed reading the Taylormade articles.I also appreciate the fact that in the face of the anger from Taylormade you ran the story you did today. 

I agree with numberone here. I like that you trust your source way more than TM public denial.

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I agree with numberone here. I like that you trust your source way more than TM public denial.


Thanks for the support guys. There's always a calculated risk in these situations, and the decision to publish always boils down to the degree of trust one has in his sources. In this case it's a flood of similar info backed up by a highly credible source.


The equipment industry is an interesting place. Media outlets are driven by ad dollars, and so this sort of things usually stays in the shadows. Since we don't take ads from big golf companies, as heavy-handed as this gets is that TaylorMade stops providing equipment for review/testing (requests for product for driver test unanswered) they close off the information loop, and in one recent case, bailed out of product testing in this forum.  


Big picture, we'll continue to cover TaylorMade and its products fairly and without bias (and I've said some pretty nice things about the actual product lately). Doing otherwise would, in addition to lacking integrity, would also be personally disrespectful to the good people I still know over there.


Basically it's not that we don't understand its position given the circumstances, but we think that by looking for ways to actively punish us, TaylorMade ultimately hurts its business as it means fewer TaylorMade products are put in front of our readers.


Certainly, as Sharkhark pointed out, TaylorMade is free to conduct its business in any way it chooses, and whatever manner it believes is in the best interest of its brand. Basically, it doesn't appreciate how we cover certain things. Cool. We don't appreciate aspects of TaylorMade's business (the same is true of every other company we cover). The difference is that we've never suggested to anyone that they should change how they operate to better accommodate us.

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