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First name: Chris

Home state: New York

Current Hdcp: 9

Hybrid/Long iron: 17.5* Tm Rbz stage 2 TP/ Diamana D+ 102x

                             3/4 irons/ Px 6.0 + 1" 3* upright or Adams pro black 22*/ HB6 7.0

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First name- Bagger Vince

Home state- New Jersey

Current Hdcp- 16ish

Longest iron/hybrid- Adams Pro Mini 24° Aldila Blue R flex... Also play Callaway X Utility Prototype Hybrid 24° KBS S flex


I also play Adams Pro Mini 27° Aldila Blue R flex

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13.8 Index

Ping G LSTEC Driver, Stretch 3 wood, 4 iron through PW

4 Iron Bridgestone J15DF Nippon Modus 120 Stiff

I am looking for something to fit the gap between my 3 wood and 4 iron but whatever I buy I end up getting rid of and selling to my friends.  I don't need a 4 or 5 wood for my home course and all of the hybrids that I buy I end up hooking.  I literally have a desert club as one of my 14 clubs.



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You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. There's a signpost up ahead – your next stop?

The Crossover Zone.

PING Golf is many things, but satisfied with the status quo isn't one of them. PING offers some of the easiest to hit long irons and hybrids on the market, and with every new offering they always have a compelling story to tell. This year's G line, from driver to pitching wedge, is loaded with technology PING believes will make the game a boatload easier and more fun to play.



The Crossover

You first read about PING's new Crossover on MyGolfSpy back in January. PING says it combines the precision, workability and control of an iron with the speed and forgiveness of a hybrid, but you can't quite call it a “hybrid-iron.” Oh, and don't go thinking it's a driving iron because according to PING it's NOT – it says so on their website and they've told us so many times – they say it launches higher, is way more forgiving and way more versatile than a driving iron.

Is this a club you need in your bag? Are you one of the unfortunates who can hook virtually any hybrid made off the face of the planet? Do long irons scare you to the point that you want to curl up in the fetal position in the middle of the 8th fairway and cry “Mommy?”

Or would you just like something that's easier to hit and more accurate?

If you're any one of those listed above, we might be able to help.



MyGolfSpy Wants You!

We want to put PING's Crossover clubs to the test, and we need your help to do it. We're looking for four intrepid and energetic golfers to test and review PING's new creation and tell us if these things really are as precise, workable, controllable and forgiving as PING claims.

Are these the real deal?

Is the Crossover a reliable replacement for a long iron? Will it fit seamlessly between your longest iron and hybrid or fairway wood?

Are they just as easy to hit as a hybrid, but stay in the same zip code as your target?

Real golfers want to know.



How To Apply:

We need four folks to try out and review these new Crossovers, which PING will build to your specifications and to fit into your existing set. To apply, please tell us the following::

  • First name
  • Home state
  • Current handicap
  • Current long iron/hybrid, plus shaft and flex

This is an exciting opportunity for you to test out and review one of 2016's more unique niche products. Could it be the one that helps your long game? We want you to let us know!

For more information:

Visit the PING website

Like PING on Facebook

Follow PING on Twitter

Subscribe to PING on Instagram

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name:                     Chris

state:                      California

current handicap:   6

current hybrid:        TM M1 19* loft w/Fujikura 80h x-flex shaft


Driver:      Titleist 917D3 9.5, Fuji Speeder Pro Tour Spec 74 s-flex

Fairway:   Cobra Fly-z+ 15* x-flex
Irons:        Ping i25 4-PW (yellow dot), dynamic gold X100
Wedges:   Cleveland RTX 2.0 60*, TaylorMade TP EF 54*
Putter:       Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2, name stamped, II black oxide finish

Grips:        Golf Pride New Decade Midsize +2 wraps

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n farr


Handicap 18 (actually 14 - driver through putter)

Driver - Tour Edge Exotics

3 Wood - Callaway XR

Hybrids - 4 & 5

Irons - Titleist AP

Wedges - Titleist

Putter - old Cameron


A real senior who would love to test a cross-over club

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First Name: Henry

Home State: PA

Current Handicap: 26

Current Long Iron/Hybrid: I've just recently switched from using a Callaway Squareway FTi 7-wood to a Callaway 815 Big Bertha 3H set to 21 degrees, with regular flex Speedster shaft.

In my  :callaway-small: 2018 Org14 Cart Bag I have:

:callaway-small: Custom Big Bertha 2014 10.5°, Mitsubishi Rayon FUBUKI zt 60-R

:callaway-small: Epic Flash Fairway 3W 15° & 5W 18°, Project X Even Flow 65-R

:callaway-small: Big Bertha Alpha 815 Hybrid 20° (-1° set to 19°), Fujikura Speeder 865 R

:callaway-small: 2019 Big Bertha 4-PW, UST Mamiya Recoil ZT9 460 Graphite

:callaway-small: 2019 PM Grind Tour Grey 56/14, JAWS MD5 52/10

:odyssey-small: 330M Metal X Milled, weighted steel shaft, cut down to 30 inches, GP Tour SNSR grip/Triple Track DoubleWide, Stroke Lab 32in shaft, Oversized Grip

:callaway-small: Chrome Soft Yellow, Triple Track, Truvis or Supersoft

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First Name: Dan

Home State: New Jersey

Current Handicap: 14

Current Long Iron: Wilson Staff D100 4-iron, SL-85 regular flex shaft

Current Hybrid: Taylormade SLDR 3 19 degree, Fujikura Speeder 82h regular flex shaft

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Handicap 10.1

Current hybrid: #2 & 3 new Callaway Apex, Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage 80HY R-Flex graphite shafts.


I prefer long irons, but especially difficult to hit out of rough; Hybrids are great for flight but consistent distance doesn't compare to long irons from fairway. Retired and play 3-4 times a week and would like to solve the above issues.

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Been really intrigued by these.

First Name - John
Home state - Minnesota

Current Handicap - 4.5

Current long iron/hybrid, plus shaft and flex - 19 deg Titleist 816 H2 w/ RIP Phenom 80 Tx, 3 iron TM Rsi TP w/ Project X 6.5

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  • Marvin
  • From the state of Missouri
  • +18
  • I go between a Ping 2 iron Rapture regular flex with stock graphite TFC 949

​     and a Ping G30 3 wood (set at 14.5) regular flex with a graphite TFC 419F 

     And to be honest i can't hit either very well. I struggle really bad with hybrids but with my 3 wood and driving iron I'm      

     only 50/50. My Ping Karsten irons only go to a 5 iron (which i hit my irons very solid) and i have been eyeing the Ping          Crossover since they came out. I am very excited to see the results from your test whether you pick me or not. 




Driver - Ping G425 MAX

3W - Ping G410 STF

3 iron - Ping G410 Crossover

4-PW - Ping GMAX iron shaft

52. 56, 60 - Ping Glide 2.0 stealth 

Putter - EVNROLL ER7 


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I would love to demo these. I have always been a big fan of PING. Back when the hybrid craze started PING came out with a HI-loft iron. I bought the 3 & 4 iron and loved them. The only reason I gave them up was the extra distance I could get out of the Adams I currently have.


I love the this new crossover concept from PING. I have hit the new clubs but only into a net at the winter indoor golf show. Point of contact felt awesome! I love the idea of looking down and see what looks like an iron, but performs like a hybrid.


Name: Ted (nickname: kiz)

Home: Minneapolis, MN ( just got a foot of snow)

Handi: 6

Current Hybrid: Adams Idea Pro - Tour Prototype 20*(200-210 yards) and 23*(190-200 yards), Aldila hybrid shaft (r flex). -- (my father had a contract with Adams for a year as a teaching pro. These hybrids were laying around the house so I added them to the bag. Good club but I think I could do a lot better with the Crossovers)

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