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Irons question. Looking for irons in between game improvements and blades..


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I switched from my AP2s to Bridgestone unintentionally this season.


My dad won the Bridgestone irons at an event and looked down and said I can't hit these. So I played a round with them and was hooked. I picked up 10-12yds without compensating trajectory or spin. It took me almost a month before I started to trust the yardages.


The top line looks similar to the AP2s I played most of my college career so other than distance control and trusting new yardages it was a simple mid season switch.


I wasn't a fan of Bridgestone before, but am now after my experience this summer



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... IMHO 'irons' are multiple components but 3 stand out to me.  





Grip is all personal preference and 'feel' and can easily be swapped out.  However, it is important and shouldn't be overlooked.  A proper fitting grip can eliminate certain things; I was able to minimize a pull hook with a different grip.


Shaft - I think this is just as important as the clubhead.  A lot of choices out there beyond just the flex (R/S/XS).  Take a close look here as the best clubs on the market won't perform very well unless you get the shaft that works for YOUR swing


Clubhead - you look at this on each swing; if you don't like what you're looking down at or it doesn't instill confidence then move on.  For me, the thick Ping irons (admittedly a fantastic club) just don't look right to me. However, the Callaway Apex fit my eye.  This is something I didn't realize until after I had bought a couple of sets (Ping g10, Mizuno JPX-EZ). 


Just a couple of thoughts as you look around.  Have fun!  New irons are great!!

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I got something to say then I'm gonna say it. 

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I spent three days looking and there wasn't a Srixon iron set to be found in town.  Really would have liked to have tried them before pulling the trigger.

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3 Wood: Titliest 917
Hybrid: Titleist 818

Irons: Mizuno JPX 850 Forged w/ True Temper XP 115

Wedges: Volkey SM5 M Grind 54° & 58°; 8° bounce

Putter: 2016 Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Notchback

Grips: Golf Pride MCCPlus4 midsized

Preferred ball: Bridgestone Tour B-RX, ProV 1X

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I went through a similar search a little over a year ago. A few that I think would meet your criteria that I looked into: Srixon 545, ping i, mizuno jpx 850 forged and mp h5, Bridgestone J15DF, Titleist ap2, callaway apex. Of course there are newer versions of some of these models now. I see this post started several weeks ago. Curious if you have settled on something.



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I'm biased but my vote is MP54's. I play to about a 18 right now and use these without much issue. I game from GI's and I don't notice a massive distance loss outside of the little bit I expected due to weaker lofts. They are pretty easy to hit if your strike is half way decent, and they sound and feel incredible.


If that's not your style Apex 16 are also pretty easy to hit and feel pretty good. For some reason I feel like the Pro's feel and look even better.


FWIW most of my HC comes from lack of accuracy on approaches which I think if more of a swing path issue than pure strike. I suck at putting, too.

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Make sure to take a look at the Hogan PTx. Really like them and Hogan is still around as barbajo has advised! But certainly hit all

Models to make sure and spend more time on shaft selection



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I say test out the clubs new JPX 900 forged are nice, and i would check out the cobra king CB's small head but unreal feel. MP25 is good too, lots of options I agree go hit and see whats best for you.




Driver: Nike Vapor Flex, 9.5 Degrees

FW: Cobra F7, 14.5 Degrees

Hybrid: Callaway X2Hot 19 Degrees

UT Iron: Callaway Apex UT 18 Degrees

Irons: 4-6i King Cobra LTD Pro CB

Irons: 7-PW King Cobra LTD Pro MB

Wedges: Cleveland RTX 3 50 MG, 58 FG

Putter: Nike Method

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900 Forged, Cobra forged tec, Apex CF16, Srixon 765, Wilson V6, new Tour Edge CB, Ping i200,



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:wilson_staff_small:  Cortex w/MGS Motore X F1 7X tipped 1"

:wilson_staff_small: F5 17 degree hybrid w/Rogue Black 85X

:wilson_staff_small:C300 Forged 3-5 w/C-Taper 130X

:wilson_staff_small: FG Tour V6 5-6 w/C-Taper 130X

:wilson_staff_small: Staff Model Blade 7-PW w/C-Taper 130X

:cleveland-small: RTX4 52, 56, 60 w/S400 Tour Issue


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Got to echo what every one else has said, go test what you like the look of. I would say that don't worry what type of club it blade/GI or muscle back. It's about what you find comfortable and like the look of and feel of that's important. Nothing saying a 16 shouldn't use a blade. I find my mizuno mp57s beautiful and I'm playing off 24. I think they make me swing better cause they aren't the most forgiving

Driver : ping g

3 wood : Wilson

Hybrid : mizuno jpx ez 4

Irons : mizuno mp57s 5 - w

Wedges : 52° Cleveland rtx 2.0, 60 mizuno cg

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I've heard GREAT things about the Srixon Z series 545's.


I've been playing Ping since about 5 years ago (G20's and G30's) and I feel like I'm ready to jump to something like the 545's.


Just haven't had the chance to hit them yet!

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There are so many great irons right now. A lot of them are blending blade like looks with cavity back level forgiveness. A lot of these irons have already been mentioned but I'll reiterate a few again..


Callaway Apex CF16

Cobra F7

Mizuno JPX 900 forged/hot metal

Srixon 565

Titleist AP1


As said prior, go test these clubs out and see which one looks the best to you and more importantly you can hit consistently.



What's In This Lefty's Bag?

Driver: :cobra-small: F8 9.5° Project X Even Flow Blue 65g shaft 

Fairway Woods: :cobra-small: F8 3W Project X Even Flow Blue 75g shaft

Fairway Woods: :cobra-small: F8 5W Project X Even Flow Blue 75g shaft

Hybrid: :titelist-small: 816H2 19°

Irons: :titelist-small: 2021 T200's 4-GW AMT RED shafts Regular Flex

Wedge: :cleveland-small: Tour Satin RTX 4 Wedges in 52° and 56° 2 Dot

Putter: :nevercompromise-small: Gray Matter TDP 2.2 32.75"

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There are definitely a lot of great suggestion on here and I am assuming by now you have bought yourself a new set, but for what its worth I recently picked up a set of Srixon Z 545's at the end of last season and I am really looking forward to getting out this year and settling in with them. I had some different grips put on and got them fitted for my swing so they feel great.  From what I have heard the new model is slightly better, but the older one can be had for a really good price. 


It can be quite daunting when looking for equipment because there is so much great stuff out on the market.  My process was to gather information from sites like this and narrow down to 5-6 clubs.  I then went to a local dealer and demoed them all.  I actually ended up throwing a couple of additional models in as well.  Then based on feel and monitor feedback I narrowed it down a bit.  Went back another time and tried out the remaining 2 -3. I even had the opportunity to use the srixons on the course a bit, which sold me on them.  The funny thing was that they were not one of the clubs that I even considered in my original list, but decided to add in because of the positive feedback I had heard/read.


I guess that point of all my rambling is that you absolutely need to swing the clubs, multiple times on different days if possible.  Especially if you aren't golfing regularly as your swing is likely to produce different results depending on the day.  If you can do that then you should be able to confidently grab a new set.


Good luck!



:mizuno-small: ST180 w/Tensei CK Series Blue 60 Stiff
:callaway-small: Epic Flash 3w w/Project X HZRDUS Smoke 70 Stiff
:callaway-small: Epic Flash 5w w/Project X HZRDUS Smoke 70 Stiff

:titelist-small: 818 h2 w/Tensei Pro Series White 90 Stiff
:srixon-small: z545 (5-PW) w/ KBS C taper 120

:cleveland-small: RTX-3 CB 50/54/58 degrees

:seemore-small: FGP Original

 :taylormade-small: Project a

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