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OGIO - No Chatter Golf Bag


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Genius idea but how many people will actually but into it? I think its great but I know I won't ever buy it, I'd rather spend my money on new club technology vs. a new clatter proof bag for $200. (and thats a guess on the price)

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Great concept but isn't the clanking (or chatter) of the clubs the music of golf?


Absolutely! I don't want my sticks dinged (that's why I play Ping), but the sounds of metal spikes on the cartpaths has gone by the wayside.....now clubs "clinking" together to the rhythm of the walker.


Like metal baseball cleats in a dugout......there are certain sounds that evoke memories of good times.


Maybe better for bags on carts?

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I've managed to get a little bit more information in this. It's called the Silencer and it will be built into a few of OGIO's 2011 bags. I'm digging into whether it will be a stand bag only, cart bag only, or both.

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