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TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Snell Get Sum/My Tour Balls

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Bryan Sheehan


25 handicap

I generally play what is cheap but in the market for a consistent ball

2-3 rounds per month pending weather.

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Ground Hog here,

Olathe, KS

5.1 GHIN  Pro V!X

Mizuno MP 53 irons    Titliest driver


Would love to try the Snell "My Tour Ball".  I read here that it is as good or better than the Pro V1X in all categories.  I have played the Pro V1X since it came out.  Why not pay less for the same playability. 

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Wayne NSW Australia

Hcp: 12

Ball: Vision Pro

4-5 rounds monthly

Mizuno JPX 825 4-G

Ping G25 Driver

Ping G400 Crossover 19*

Seemore Putter

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I would love to test them, But I am playing the worst golf I have played in years, so I will only test floating balls for now....  :ph34r:   8 iron and in I am on fire everything else I am totally lost have no idea what happened to my swing Testers please let us know how they are off the short irons. I like a soft feel and the new Chrome soft is really nice. Maybe a few seconds could come my way Ill drop em in play during a round.  :o

By the way really want to give my compliments to the staff of mygolfspy I spread the word often on the course about stuff I read here. 

WITB... never ending tinkerer so ya there's that.

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