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10 Testers Wanted!!! Snell Get Sum/My Tour Golf Balls   Of the direct-to-consumer golf ball companies out there, all  have cool logos, many have interesting stories, and a few have near Tour-level

Congrats to all of my fellow golf spies!! I'm holding out to reload my supply of balls because I definitely want to give these a try. Heard a lot of good reviews so far, so I'll be waiting to read al

Ball is not sold in Europe yet, so this would be a great opportunity!   1. Steven / Germany 2. 15 3. TaylorMade TP5 4. 12-16

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Tell you why I'm a good candidate - because I have tried other balls, from smaller manufacturers, and have yet to find one that performs as my Pro V1 does... I'm looking for something to convert me!!!


I play to about an 6 handicap, and would give you real feedback, with real world comparisons, in an unbiased form.


Daymon in Denver

5-8 rounds a month

Pro V1, Callaway Chrome Soft


I've tried:

Vice - Vice Pro, Vice Pro Plus, Vice Tour

MG - C4

3 Up - 3F12



So, as someone looking for a cheaper, tour level option, I would be a good candidate! Thanks in advance!

In the bag:

Driver: Titleist TS3 - Mitsubishi Tensei Orange Pro 7x

Fairways/Hybrids: Sub70 939x 3H & 4H w/ Pro Force V2 X 

Irons: Sub70 639 CB 4i-6i, 639 MB 7i-PW - Modus Tour 120S

Wedges: Sub70 Wedges - 52*, 56* 60*

Putter: Taylormade Spider Tour Black - 34.5" 3* flat

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