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10 Testers Wanted!!! Snell Get Sum/My Tour Golf Balls   Of the direct-to-consumer golf ball companies out there, all  have cool logos, many have interesting stories, and a few have near Tour-level

Congrats to all of my fellow golf spies!! I'm holding out to reload my supply of balls because I definitely want to give these a try. Heard a lot of good reviews so far, so I'll be waiting to read al

Ball is not sold in Europe yet, so this would be a great opportunity!   1. Steven / Germany 2. 15 3. TaylorMade TP5 4. 12-16

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Bob Hart, California

Current Handicap = 5

Current ball = Pro V1

3 - 4 rounds/month


I've heard that the My tour Ball is equal to or better than Pro V1 - I can't wait to be a testerto find out!


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Mike Risinger




12 to 15 rounds per month.

Irons Taylormade Rocketballz Max std length and lie Stiff flexDriver Taylormade R15 10.5* Regular FlexDexterity = Right HandCentral TexasHandicap 22 and going down.Returned to playing golf after retirement. Play 3 times a week almost year round.

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Denell from Minnesota


Snell-Get Sum

15 rounds a month


I ordered the GET SUMs earlier and the results were markedly better, so much so that I asked several friends to try them to see if they got the same kind of results.  They all agreed the results were significant.  I think that all the women on my golf team are now fans of the GET SUM.  Now the only problem is keeping our balls straight out on the course.  One of the women ordered the yellow ones so that helps a bit.  I really do think the yellow ones have bright pop of color that make them stand out.

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