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TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Snell Get Sum/My Tour Balls

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1.  Robert Harper, California

2. 17.8 and moving down.

3. I'm not really married to a particular ball right now.  I like the Wilson Duo, but I also like ProV1s.

4. I try to play 9 holes a week and at least one 18 hole round a month when its dry.

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Golf Spy -- Steve F - from sunny Florida.  Thanks for the shot at some testers.  Been wanting to try these golfballs for a while (after your review of them and other golf balls).  I currently use Titelist PRO V1 or V1x (depending on the length of the hole)... I'm about a 20 handica --  playing 4 to 6 rounds a month.

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Peter, Maryland.  Currently 24 index but have been 18-24 last year.

I a senior and retired but currently play 4 times a week in season (when temps 50-90).

I currently play the Noodle and, when it counts, a Callaway Supersoft or Titleist DT-Solo.

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HC: 6

Titleist Prov1X or Taylormade TP X


right now 4 but when weather gets better 10-12

The Bag:

Right handed

Cobra King FLYZ+ 10.5* w/ Aldila Rogue 125 R 44.5"

Tour Issued TM M2 10.5 w/ Mitsubishi Tensi CK Pro Blue 60S

Tour Issued TM M2 15* w/ GD Tour AD 7S 43"

TM R7 17.5 HFS w/ Tour AD 7S Stiff 42"

Cobra S3 Pro's 4-pw w/ Aldila RIP Tours SLT 115 Reg. 5i 38.5"

Titleist Vokey Proto's

52*,54*,58* all TTDG S-400


Scotty Cameron SSS Tiffany 009 350 34.5" or Bettinardi BB1 DASS Proto

GHIN # 5144472

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